40k: HamWarmer 24.5 - Tau

HamWarmer 24.5 is my wobbly homebrew ruleset for Warhammer 40k games. Here's my take on the Tau faction.

Adrian Smith

Tau PDF (v.0.1)

The goal of this project, aside from simplifying the rules, is to make every army feel "right". Space Marines should feel like armoured posthuman warrior-knights. Tyranids should feel like a horde of ravening space bugs. Tau should feel like a combined arms force that bends (or outright breaks) conventions.

With HamWarmer 24.5, I'd like armies to rely on positioning and tactics to mitigate weaknesses. Screen. Redeploy. Use allies to tie up advancing units. Or, if that fails, just shoot everything before it gets to your lines.

As usual, testing is ongoing. Alternating activations makes Markerlights (and Tau shooting in general) much more interesting for everyone. Markerlight-heavy units tend to fire first (but can't benefit from their own Markerlights), followed by heavy weapons and seeker missiles, followed by everything else. 

I've also integrated some long-forgotten Kroot units into this list. Daniel Cockersell's sculpts deserve better.

If you spot any errors or omissions in the rules, let me know.


  1. GW's complete disinterest in giving the other auxillaries more than a single sentence of description frustrates me to no end. Like you can't even homebrew anything for them, it's just a name!

    1. Another problem is the lack of decent unfilled niches in the Tau army. A stealthy assassin-type unit? Sniper Drones or Stealth Suits already do that. Melee units? Kroot. Even better melee units? Sort of defeats the whole purpose of the army. Etc, etc.

    2. We can vaguely infer from Battlefleet Gothic that the deimurge build their ships like star destroyers and also like mining