40k: HamWarmer 24.5 Update - v0.4

Here's another round of updated HamWarmer 24.5 PDFs. Testing will continue until I lose interest, civilization collapses, or I achieve perfect balance.

I'm reasonably happy with the results so far. Alternating activation makes the game feel much more dynamic. It's trivial to put together a list.


  • Units no longer collide during the Fight Phase, then mutually decide to flee in the Morale phase.
  • Tau do more Tau Things for the Tau Empire.
  • Psykers made slightly less scary.
  • Units can now Infiltrate on Turn 1.
  • Carnifexes move at a sensible speed.
  • Synapse ranges tweaked.
  • Many points cost changes.

And finally, here are a few pics from a test game.

The scenario pit the Imperial Fists against a Tyranid invasion force. Four groups of civilians were trying to escape a doomed spaceport. The Imperial Fists scored points for each shuttle or vehicle that successfully launched, and the Tyranids scored points for each civilian devoured.

Sneaky Genestealers attempt to seize an objective, but the civilians escape just in time, exposing the Genestealers to devastating bolter fire.

Meanwhile, Spore Mines rain down on the battlefield, inflicting a few superficial injuries but ultimately doing little to deter the Astartes.

A Lictor destroys one shuttle, but it is a minor victory for the Hive Mind. The majority of the precious biomass in the spaceport escapes... for now.


  1. Looks pretty great. What are your plans for tackling the other factions?

    1. Imperial Guard are next, then I'll probably work on a scenario book. Someone on Discord vaguely mentioned writing the book for Necrons, so I might leave that one to them and work on Chaos next.

    2. personally excited for necrons as that's what's needed for me to test anything here.

  2. As a possibly unproductive but hopefully interesting aside, try the Epic Armageddon rules sometime as 28mm rules. Surprisingly fun and effective with minimal modification.

  3. Hello, I found a potential contradiction in your rules. But first I must say I greatly appreciate you making community rulebook! I haven't had the chance to play with it yet but my friends and I have always deviated a bit from the official rules, and I have my own miniature rulebook companion thing.

    Anyway, PAGE 2 of the Tau book describes the Multi-targeter wargear:
    The Battlesuit can fire 2 weapons during the
    Shooting Phase instead of 1.

    This made me panic and thought I've been cheating my friends and playing the game like Mechwarrior but I double checked and the official rules as well as yours state:
    Unless otherwise stated, a unit may fire all the
    Ranged Weapons it has at the same or at different

    I read this as a contradiction, or at least that your multitargeter has no purpose. I think GW's original gives a bonus when shooting flyers...
    Unless did you mean "can fire weapons TWICE during the Shooting Phase instead of ONCE", essentially giving them a double shooting phase?

    If I could put my own two cents... I would give it the ability to allow battlesuits in melee to fire at opponents at range (opponents other than the ones locking you in melee) since it's called a "multi-targeter", as in the targeting computer is tracking multiple enemies, not just the one in front of you.
    In the fluff, the great and wise Commander Farsight once pinned an Ultramarine apothecary at gunpoint, then shot a charging enemy with his other gun arm, and the apothecary noted that the cannon pointing at him never wavered. I know holding someone at gunpoint is different than bobbing and weaving in close combat, but maybe not to a targeting computer...

    Cheers from the Pacific Northwest! May you find strength and clarity within the Tau'va...

    1. Nevermind! I found your rule:
      Each Crisis Suit may only fire with one equipped weapon.

      I'm curious as to why you made this... I always felt that crisis suits were overpriced glass cannons. Oh well, I prefer stealth suits anyway.