OSR: 1d100 Actually Medieval Professions

Every OSR system needs a good table of professions. Arnold K's and James Young's tables are good, but (despite claims), they aren't terribly medieval. Examples: forceps (only widely used in the 1700s), astronomer (not really a profession separate from astrologer until the 1600s), chimney sweep (not a profession until the Industrial Revolution), icecutter (rare and very, very regional until the 1800s), etc.

The professions below aren't implausible for a European city or town between 1100 and 1400. I've found citations for all the Guilded professions listed.

1d100 Actually Medieval Professions

Roll Profession Guild? Item Weapon Weapon Type
1 Armourer  G helmet hammer  light, improvised
2 Astrologer
book of star tables  dagger  light
3 Bag-maker G leather bag club light
4 Baker G 2 loaves of bread dough paddle medium, improvised
5 Barber-Surgeon
needle and thread  scalpel  light, improvised
6 Basket-maker G 3 small baskets dagger  light
7 Belt-maker G 2 sturdy belts belt with heavy buckle  useless, improvised
8 Blacksmith G iron tongs  hammer  light, improvised
9 Brasiers G brass handle hammer  light, improvised
10 Brewer G tiny barrel of beer  mash paddle medium, improvised
11 Bridle-maker G leather bridle and saddle awl useless, improvised
12 Embroiderer G needle and thread  club  light
13 Broom-maker G broom sturdy broom  medium, improvised
14 Butcher G live lamb (0 slots)  cleaver light, improvised
15 Carder G comb and bundle of raw wool club  light
16 Carpenter G plumb line, 10 nails saw  light, improvised
17 Cartwright G handcart (0 slots) hammer  light, improvised
18 Chalk cutter G chalk, 5 pieces chisel (as dagger) light
19 Chandler G 3 candles  dagger  light
20 Charcoal Burner G torch axe medium
21 Cheese-maker G Wheel of cheese bucket useless, improvised
22 Clerk
paper, quill ink  dagger  light
23 Cobbler G bag of tacks  awl  useless, improvised
24 Cook
bag of salt  cleaver light, improvised
25 Cooper G barrel (0 slots) hammer  light, improvised
26 Dog breeder
clever  young dog whip  light
27 Drunkard
bottle of strong liquor broken bottle  useless, improvised
28 Dyer G 3 vials of dye  bag of snails  useless, improvised
29 Farrier G 3 horseshoes hammer  light, improvised
30 Felt-maker G fine cloak hammer  light, improvised
31 Fisherman G 10' net deboning knife (as dagger) light
32 Fletcher G 20 arrows, feathers bow ranged
33 Furbisher G wooden chair hammer  light, improvised
34 Gambler
loaded dice (0 slots) dagger  light
35 Glassblower G 3 glass bottles  iron pipe  light, improvised
36 Goatherd
live goat (0 slots) whip  light
37 Gongfarmer  G sack of nightsoil  shovel medium, improvised
38 Gravedigger
wooden grave marker shovel medium, improvised
39 Hunter
dead rabbit bow and 20 arrows  ranged
40 Jailer
Manacles club light
41 Jeweler G wire scraps, bending tools hammer  light, improvised
42 Leatherworker G leather helmet club  light
43 Link Boy
torch club  light
44 Mason G bag of mortar  hammer  light, improvised
45 Mercer G 3 fruits, vegitables, or nuts club light
46 Midwife
bundle of rags scalpel  light, improvised
47 Miller G bag of flour  club  light
48 Miner G lantern mining pick heavy, improvised
49 Minstrel G lute  rapier medium
50 Miracle Play Actor G disguise kit wooden sword (as club)  light
51 Needlemaker G 10 needles file useless, improvised
52 Pack Handler G donkey (0 slots) whip  light
53 Painter G 3 tubes of paint (R,W,B)  club light
54 Parchment maker G parchment, 3 pieces scraping knife (dagger) light
55 Parent 
3 rations  belt with heavy buckle  useless, improvised
56 Plasterer G bucket and brush club light
57 Porter G wheelbarrow (0 slots) club  light
58 Potter G clay  trowel  useless, improvised
59 Poultry-keeper
2 chickens bucket useless, improvised
60 Prostitute G makeup kit (disguise kit)  dagger  light
61 Rag Man 
bundle of rags bone dagger  light
62 Rat Catcher
small but vicious dog  club  light
63 Rope-maker G 30' rope dagger light
64 Salter G bag of salt rake useless, improvised
65 Scullion
clay jug, iron pot rolling pin  useless, improvised
66 Sculptor G 3 light chisels (iron spikes)  hammer  light, improvised
67 Servant (Domestic)
livery club  light
68 Servant (Military)
livery dagger  light
69 Shepherd
live sheep (0 slots) crook (as quarterstaff) medium
70 Shipwright G 10 sturdy nails hammer  light, improvised
71 Stonecutter G heavy chisel hammer  light, improvised
72 Swineherd
live pig (0 slots) quarterstaff medium
73 Tailor G two yards of linen  scissors  useless, improvised
74 Tanner G waterproof bag skinning knife (as dagger) light
75 Thatcher G bundle of reeds dagger light
76 Trumpeter
enormous trumpet  sword medium
77 Weaponsmith  G metal file  sword medium
78 Wet Nurse G 3 cloth diapers club light
79 Woodcarver G devotional statue chisel (as dagger) light
80 Woodcutter G bundle of wood  axe medium
81 Woolwinder G bundle of wound wool club  light


82 Alchemist
flask of glue  dagger  light
83 Apothecary G nightshade (1d6)   pestle  useless, improvised
84 Architect G measuring string (0 slots) staff (as quarterstaff) medium
85 Banker G set of scales  dagger  light
86 Bookbinder G defective book awl useless, improvised
87 Bureaucrat
paper, quill ink  club  light
88 Chirurgeon
Needle and thread bonesaw light, improvised
89 Clock-maker G screwdriver, file hammer  light, improvised
90 Engineer G jar of grease  lead pipe  light, improvised
91 Falconer
glove, trained hawk hawk (1d4, but startling) -
92 Goldsmith G set of scales  dagger  light
93 Herbalist
"healing" herbs dagger  light
94 Illustrator
paper, quill ink  club  light
95 Lead Servant
livery, club whip light
96 Locksmith G lockpick set  dagger  light
97 Poet
book of poetry  dagger  light
98 Sailor G 50' rope  club  light
99 Storyteller
hand puppets  quarterstaff medium
100 Tax Collector
lockbox (0 slots)  staff (as quarterstaff) medium

Guild Professions (marked with a G) require membership in a guild. There are lots of good articles online that discuss guilds, apprenticeships, and status.

High-Status Professions (82-100) earn double Income. You are also treated better, even as an apprentice, than most other professions.

Normally, you start with your Professions as a Skill and the item listed. You don't start with the weapon listed.

You can also use this table for hirelings, for figuring out the identity of a corpse or the contents of someone's pockets, or to generate Level 0 characters.

Light weapons deal 1d6 damage. Medium weapons deal 1d6 damage if you use one hand, 1d8 damage if you use two hands. Heavy weapons deal 1d8 damage and require two hands.

Improvised weapons deal half damage. Useless weapons deal 1 damage on a crit and no damage otherwise.


  1. If you don't start with the listed weapon than what is the purpose of listing it? Is it for the hirelings and the generation of level 0 characters?

    1. Correct, and to just have a random table of mundane weapons.