OSR: GLOG Book of Spells

Here's a 13-page PDF of spells for the GLOG (or at least the version I use).


I normally put spell lists in the wizard subclass, and print them on the same page as cantrips, dooms, etc. It makes it easy for the players to use, lets readers compare thematically related spells, and suggests spell combinations. Looking up spells in an alphabetized list is less useful, but people requested a spellbook, so here it is.


The list should include most of the spells from my wizard classes, spell tables, and hacks, plus a few entirely new spells. If you need more spells, check out Attnam's 1d100 Wizards list.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like it could make for an amazing book combined with your GLOG version (and mayyyybe containing 1 page of "How to adapt" to B/X, OSE, 5e). A Magic-Centric world is definitely a cool concept to go for. (random thought, but Varguy is an amazing artist, always happy to see their stuff)