The Monster Overhaul - Kickstarter Is Now Live

It's finally here!

What’s a Sphinx without a riddle, or a Minotaur without a labyrinth? What’s a Dragon without a hoard, or a Peasant without a grievance?

The Monster Overhaul is an old-school utility-focused bestiary that I've been working on for the past few years. It's a ludicrously ambitious project. 200+ monsters. Tons of original art. Random encounters. Useful tools. Indexes. Variants. Maps. Everything I could think of to improve its at-table utility.

And now, finally, you can pledge money to make it exist. Check out the campaign for more information, or follow this tag back to see the project's origins.

Assorted pages from the book. Note: pages are not in order.

Praise and Hype

This looks like just the thing I've hoped RPG bestiaries would transition towards: no fuss, gameable material, no bloated 'ecology' fluff, lots of options for distinguishing and reskinning different monsters, emphasising GM choice and creativity over a unified authorial 'canon'. 


The Monster Overhaul (Skerples): From art to organization, this is shaping up to be to monster manuals as Tomb of the Serpent Kings is to dungeon adventures - the sort of thing that takes the fundamentals and applies long-needed functionality updates.
-Dan, throneofsalt.blogspot.com. The Monster Overhaul won three Salty Awards for “Best Book That Is Not In Book Form Yet”.

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