The Monster Overhaul - Kickstarter Update 2

The Monster Overhaul's kickstarter campaign is going well. Just 11 days left to back and get a copy of a bestiary unlike any other.


We've passed some fun stretch goals, so some tiers will get sticker sheets, an art card, and an alarming die-cut Owlbear sticker.

If you're still not convinced, check out some example pages. Just two of the 200+ monsters and one of the 20+ generic locations in the book.

I've tried to design the Monster Overhaul for maximum utility. It's a toolbox that should, ideally, hand GMs the tools they need, as they need them, without slowing down a session or requiring a lot of page flipping.

Art by Luka Rejec

 On a completely unrelated note, this is your annual reminder to watch Over The Garden Wall.

Art by Erin Kubo


  1. I've been away from the OSR blogs for a while, but have been anticipating this for quite sometime. Somehow missed the kick starter. Is there going to be any other way to get this book?

  2. Ah frigg I missed it!! Is it going to be available anywhere else??