40k: Building a Space Hulk, Part 4

Earlier this year, I started working on a Space Hulk board using Hirst Arts plaster molds (Part 1, 2, 3).

I finished another section, and, with the plastic Zone Mortalis kits (briefly shown here), I feel like I finally have a proper Space Hulk modular board and photo backdrop.

I used the Zone Mortalis tiles for a "Select Thy Own Disaster" game on Patreon. It was a lot of fun, but I'm still figuring out how to make that sort of game engaging and full of interesting choices (give the limited board size, amount of terrain, camera angles, miniatures, etc.).

I'm happy with the Hirst Arts plaster results, but it took a lot longer than expected and produced a lot of leftover parts. I'll probably use them one day for corridors and small terrain features, but it wasn't the most practical method of building giant terrain pieces.


  1. i didnt know you were a model maker too - great stuff
    i have a few hirst moulds and just starting - love their site
    ive just been using air dry clay for bricks and caves but dental plaster is next step
    amazing inspiring stuff

    1. Hah, if you click the "40k" tag you'll see that I've been busy. I've been using Hydrostone plaster with pretty good results.