40k: Building a Space Hulk, Part 3

Despite some unexpected gravity-based weathering, the first 2 sections of my modular space hulk board are complete.

Will the forces of Rogue Traders Barabbas and Barnabus Cadrel survive their venture aboard the Space Hulk?
Or will Magos Clarity Urksa obtain the hulk's treasures?

Painting technique (if you really want to know):
-prime flat black
-fix all the spots you missed with black acrylic (lamp black)
-daub on splotches of ochre, burnt umber, and burnt sienna.
-overbrush white acrylic (titanium deep buff)
-airbrush white acrylic to even out the layers
-paint all metal with burnt umber
-lightly drybrush with silver
-overbrush with burnt sienna
-outline panels in diluted black acrylic, black ink, brown ink, blue ink, and anything else you feel like diluting and using.
-add texture (1:1:1:1 mixture of PVA glue, water, acrylic paint, and fine sand)
-overbrush texture with mixes of burnt umber and burnt sienna
-call it a day

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  1. Here to post a real comment. It's looking good! The rusty orange colour gives it a very Blanche vibe.