OSR: Ultraviolet Grasslands GM-Facing Maps

I've made 3 GM-facing maps for Ultraviolet Grasslands (reviewed here). Spoilers abound.

1. UVG Only Locations

Main locations are coded. Bar for a wasteland-ish location, circle for an urban-ish location. Trade goods are in <brackets>. Some terrain around the Glass Bridge - Three Sticks region was moved around to make slightly more sense to me.

2. UVG Locations + Trilemma Adventures

Trilemma locations are squares. Not all Trilemma adventures found homes on the map. Some were just too thematically difficult to integrate. Flesh-sculpting, necromancy, ghost-magic, poison water, and crystal technology permeate the adventures; with a bit of purple prose they'll fit UVG nicely.

All the Trilemma adventures are free, but the compendium is very nice and well worth buying.


3. UVG Locations + Trilemma Adventures + Other Adventures

New adventure locations are hourglasses. For when you really want to go overboard, this map includes:
-Operation Unfathomable

-Anomalous Subsurface Environment
-Deep in the Purple Worm
-Purple Worm Graveyard
-Temple of the Blood Moth
-Gem Prison of Zardax
-The Roving Wheel

I might revise, update, alter, etc. these maps as time goes on, but for now, they might be helpful to anyone running a game in the purple haze.


  1. I think that also misty islands of the eld would be a great fit for the setting, if maybe a bit to expansive (it could be a floating island peraphs)

    1. Misty Isles is great, but part of what makes it great is sticking it next to "Normal" D&D. In the UVG, I feel some of the weirdness would be lost or blend in with the background radiation.

  2. I've been very impressed by Trilema, so thanks for that recommendation!

    I'm waiting for the paper version to come out to order UVG. What system will you use? (I'm planning on Troika!) Will you post a list of play reports? (they have been entertaining)

  3. Amazing work, only downside is that a lot of the Trilemma spots you add closer to Violet City are the same ones you rated poor. Odd to have the group start off with the weaker offerings.

  4. Now that the new Grand Long Map has been released with UVG 2e do you have an update? Anything added to the north of the Violet City?