OSR: One Page Dungeon Contest 3rd Place Winner: The Roving Wheel V2

I put an updated version of The Roving Wheel into the 2019 One Page Dungeon contest. Apparently it got 3rd place!

Today is a good day.

It's a fun adventure for a slightly gonzo campaign. There's a huge iron wheel rolling across the landscape. Get inside and divert the wheel before it crushes a city.



Thanks to Abigail LaLonde (Twitter, Patreon) for the art. Be sure to check out the other entries.

Edit: Garbor Lux pointed out that Echoes From Formalhaut #3 also has a (smaller, non-hollow, ghost-raising) wheel. I can't deny reading the article, but I didn't remember it until Gabor pointed it out. Anyway, Echoes is well worth a read.