OSR: 1d50 Neural Network Races and Classes

Janelle Shane's neural network took a bunch of D&D names, classes, and races and spat out some output. The names are great, but there are way too many to tabulate. If you need 20,000 D&Dish names in a hurry, grab her output files.

First, I went through the original data set provided by internet humans. A lot of the races and classes turned out to be "canonical", which was a bit surprising. Here are some actual classes people submitted. Roll 3 times. This is your new game's Wizard - Thief - Fighter trio.

1d50 Actual Classes Snide Comments
1 Ambiguous Potato
2 Asshole
3 Assistant Beast-Keeper
4 Blubberman
5 Businesswoman
6 Butt Wizard
7 Chameleon 
8 Couatl
9 Dandy
10 Dave Hooray!
11 Diaper Pup I don't want to know, do I?
12 Dread Pirate
13 Exotist Fighter Martial Rogue
14 Flip Wizard
15 Football Star
16 Fruit-O-mancer
17 Gatekeeper You want to play D&D and you don't even own dice?
18 Giant Psionic Spider Fuck yes.
19 Gleaner
20 GOO Warlock
21 Lady of War
22 Legendary (Homebrew) All homebrews are legendary. Not all legends are good.
23 Magical Girl
24 Master Professional Your game has the Specialist? Well, in my game…
25 Mustache
26 Noodlemancer
27 Nothing
28 Palidan Palidan!
29 Paradox
30 Rogue / Nasty Boy Nasty boy! Such a nasty boy!
31 Rouge Shadow Dancer See: Stripper
32 Service Industry You play the entire industry. 
33 Sexy Bard
34 Sorcerous Thruster
35 Sorclock
36 Stripper See: Rogue Shadow Dancer
37 Substitute Teacher
38 The World's Greatest Boy Detective
39 Typhoon You play the weather!
40 Ultimate Magus
41 Walrock Made a badly spelled deal with the devil. Stuck in the walls.
42 Warlock Space Marine Sorceress
43 Weaver Combat tapestries!
44 Webslinger
45 Weird Musician Bard Cage on the lute.
46 Wilder
47 Wizard King
48 Wiznerd
49 Wizzard Slayer
50 Wrestler King

Anyway, here are some of the Neural Networks' attempts at unique races and classes. I've checked to ensure these don't appear in the original data (or as one-letter substitutes or spelling mistakes).

1d50 Neural Network Races Neural Network Classes
1 Akumir Arcane Night Assassin
2 Asher Tolemenaster Butch of The Mage Archtee of the Undersimen Hunter
3 Blucket A Coll Astert
4 Catkolin Fighter, Cleric, (Silver Doul Knight)
5 Copper Knight Tomen Thinight Kych Sorcerer Way
6 Drow Human Wizard, Personic Blood
7 Elf (Warper) Aberation Wildringer
8 Elf, Half-Dwarf (Damaya) Ailante
9 Faester Alandre Oakh
10 Farishthu Amara Fierde
11 Fetchbatter Bobotti
12 Fetchling Cherative
13 Fey Ragny Cleric of Baster Bard
14 Hagan Cleric of Dancer
15 Half Elf, Genn, Healer Cleric of Monk 
16 Half Elf, Half-Masion Demon Dedon mark
17 Half-Ang Demon Demon
18 Half-Elf, Half Helf Human Demon War Brighter
19 Human (Codrose) Dissater
20 Human (Collie), Cleric Duscalour
21 Human (Nelditide) Eldrimith
22 Human (O-Damancer) Grubwe
23 Human (Turple) Handler
24 Jorn Human Healer (Blood) Thief
25 Lastibal Hildo
26 Lightfoot Giant Imadiator
27 Lrsant Bear Inquisitoust
28 Manker Inquisitover
29 Mantor Inventor Necromancer - Done!
30 Mermous Ken
31 Monotai Lightning
32 Necropolion Mechanipal
33 Opch Medust
34 Orcane Militicle
35 Pobotohan  Ommolator
36 Poreborn Oyalle
37 Ratsher Red Ader Cleric
38 Rogotaud Rogue (Nightnoot Warrior)
39 Short Dwarf Samagin
40 Smangelyn Tamation
41 Syl Tancer
42 Tabra Tei lifer
43 Tauriant Urchorn
44 Tireling War Priestestist
45 Triester War War Warrior
46 Trotan WaraBot
47 Ugeridatr Warf
48 Vanara Warphinger
49 Vempla Wizard (Gord of Cleric Izzwist)
50 Wordzing Wizard (Kinger) (Pire)

Vote on your favorite Races and Classes here.

I'll write up the winners.


  1. Where is Noodlemancer in the voting register?

    1. I wasn't originally going to add the non-neural net classes, but I suppose I should.

  2. 'Wilder' is a canonical 3.5e class. 'Fetchling' and 'Varana' are canonical Pathfinder races, too.

    Wrestler King, Sorcerous Thruster, Sexy Bard, and The World's Greatest Boy Detective would be the greatest fighter / mage / cleric / thief substitutes ever.

    1. See, I never know with these things. Oh well, leaving them in. I'm sure my take on them will be very different (if they win in the polls).

  3. Half-Elf, Half Helf Human is like 2/3 elf, very gilgamesh