1d10,000 D&D Names

Yes, you read that right. 10,000 names.

Janelle Shane's neural network ate several thousand D&D characters and spat out an enormous stack of names. I've filtered them, manually cleaned them, removed duplicates and unsuitable names, and listed them in a few convenient formats.

Link to Spreadsheet

Tab 1 has 10,000 names in alphabetical order.
Tab 2 has 10,000 names in random order. Grab 100 or so, renumber them, and print them for your games. Or print the whole thing.
Tab 3 has 500 families. Well, 461, rounded up to 500 with a few random unpaired names. Families are very useful and tragically underrepresented in most generators. Roll to see who your character is related to, or which relatives are likely to seek revenge for real or perceived crimes.

The names feel very "D&D", if that makes any sense. Scan the list and you'll see what I mean. They aren't tied to any particular time period or setting, but if someone was writing a tabletop game episode for a sitcom, the names the neural network generated feel like names they'd invent.
Meeting of Thirty-Five Heads of Expression, Louis Léopold Boilly
The neural network did generate a few truly bizarre and wonderful names. Combine them the best races and classes generated by the neural network and you've got yourself a group.

1d200 Particularly Excellent Names
1    Laerra Deathwhispui
2    Duck the Bold
3    Le-Rax
4    Torstach Law
5    Red Moon do Reduck
6    Missmadin Radertoss
7    Spigan Shillheart
8    Dido Dushstrider
9    Pog Trump
10    Alfrag the Lempletringer
11    Sylsen the Swordsidest
12    Tevel BrambleNockle
13    Sin of Coman
14    Jack Dreadtooch
15    Lay the Orc
16    Tinker Shadowstruch
17    Rook IV
18    Bibble Draughter
19    Malchart the WoodIe
20    Merry Sparkater
21    Dadian Fethgreaker
22    Revelock T'Fuckletopple
23    Sid Nad Old Dorovai Hightower 
24    Face Fingledragon
25    Mane Lungs
26    Aasha the Apent Mantis 
27    Ailadia Wolf-Malas
28    Sormon the Bloak
29    Syra "The Hors" Garrel
30    Marcus the Widder
31    Josas (Doom Pite of Mongueler)
32    Maeg the Hard-t Stree
33    Digbyth Kright
34    Roschirin Swordy
35    "Shill Forest Ranger of the Deren of Bow" Gilliant "the Strong" Volkasington
36    Trisping
37    Male Vielada
38    Kerre the Inclock 
39    Q'ee The Bauguaker
40    Lula Bondywolf
41    Scarlett the Uncaller
42    Marcus the Sum Anose 
43    Marcus Dailsnaker
44    Squist
45    Bumble Tig
46    Chance Weesletopper
47    Speppi Dung
48    Count Fango Sorrow
49    Vint Free Swordtog
50    Ar'Rose Rose
51    Alvirael Hellsaver
52    Sarian Darkshit
53    Torva Half-Cart
54    Peeron Pink
55    Alfaya Cruck
56    The Mahader of the Swiftnare
57    Bunny Skinney
58    Arit the Magnificent Croud
59    Kik Gillian the Moon
60    Tanimir of the Sollybeard
61    Wastian Stormdrain
62    Scormy Stormwing
63    The Magnificent Aurelius the Buffing
64    Red Hazard House
65    The Forme
66    Con of Incher
67    Big K
68    Varia the Water Ander Maker
69    Hartworth Ketar Kasharurel Von Cuntinghat
70    Pristophordition the Light Johandar Rct'hild
71    Tidger
72    The Maed the Dew Tiger
73    Zatharis Alderstreak
74    Bully Elmstone
75    She Breaker
76    Luusimous Porson
77    Sorce "Dark" Burntress
78    Scharto Montooson
79    The Blackguble
80    Thumblebottom Mintshite
81    Aden Half-Kong
82    Marcus (Deeper Troggle)
83    Thease Man'Marakis
84    Jackalomoon Lorde McOthwin
85    Alliow Grims "Firebreaker" "Kinderstone Half of the Windscele"
86    Tuberius Rades
87    Captain Lothaera Ven Ear
88    Skadwick Spine
89    Berry Doom
90    Rubuth Humbledought Hunter
91    Poet Wikkwetch
92    Andromen Deathstar
93    Hrak the Plan S Horth
94    Fander Crown Hands
95    Hran the Beeper
96    L'Ren Forst-Deph Stonekust Moryn Gooden Way of the Tonger of the Goldsbane
97    Sharman the Shart
98    Rolandria Fathermash
99    Dragonet of the Mister
100    Andragar "The Magnificent Garfey For Vor"
101    Maldromigun from Sbarty
102    Drim High of the Apcaree of Amberbel
103    Ene Teat
104    Fox Bo Black
105    Vallus Ronkpane
106    Ailaelina Shadow-Tream
107    Ruber Half-human
108    Pollywinkrys
109    Ebel "Lord of Carn Eye Mist" Ade Aeesteine
110    Windril Floud 
111    Leathwatch IV Berk Ascant
112    Storm Oven of Weed
113    Aventa Leonard
114    Pondo Tutus
115    Aelbu Mordick
116    Leah Storm of the Pippers
117    Rade Don'eeker
118    Thorsan Rabblefarth
119    Yenok Crown Tattlemater Arlanodel
120    The Bearth the Elf
121    Freebeard Doublefocket Maris Afterd Tealer
122    Warthorne Sdolmhart Perhart the Mist
123    Aurith Free Hollys a Cher
124    Aedrica, Son of the Caver
125    Willow Trobable Son of Hay "The Gren"
126    Yassa the Tho Dog
127    Depah Half-Deep
128    Panwen Domstouch
129    Peren Axebutter
130    Finnitus
131    Anthe Tree Idge Clare Ebarian 
132    Barkson Fistfoot
133    Tikper the Snewt
134    Supul Sprob Dragon
135    Z'z Eye
136    Dargus Callowbough Spilltopple Doomer
137    Taritha Morningshart Stonevein
138    Toreis Halfbrother
139    Piney the Wolfs
140    Hopto Dog
141    Pronce Barbors
142    Jack Slapper
143    Bargus Marcus
144    Butterforder
145    The Shadow Thingingson
146    Rant Death
147    Bartholomasa 
148    Dess Lackle Morny Ny 
149    Perry Fuckett
150    Sparlah Wickstreath
151    Bellan Shifterfinger
152    Garlo Beardeaks
153    Torrim of the WoofZ
154    Thunter Donger
155    Solverren Everflarth
156    Ren the Bland
157    Caethan the Belter
158    Sperman II
159    Dockle-Good
160    Scorman "March" Spinter-Son of Barel
161    The Ranger Doole Shadowsward 
162    Barbario Master
163    Storm the Derox
164    Nin Spettlecopple
165    Caelo Man Haetor
166    Tala the Black Tope
167    Hendy Finker
168    Argolf Marth Hender "Stumbleduck Goldspear the Stone"
169    Raal Diego Red Hank
170    Dick Spring
171    Scrob Troke
172    Namen the Finger
173    Pal-shad Q A Ko
174    Ramer Son of Honestrom Korings
175    Ristoy the Disgoble Garken 
176    Viel Pepper
177    Silly Salamanter
178    Sebarastrix
179    Squrete
180    Magnus the Herd 
181    Tubos Nightbottom
182    Heart Cungletongue
183    Tingles
184    Sister Rodi Asmanth
185    Rooablard the Red Dote 
186    Tristopher the First
187    Sorcelettin Nightbrand
188    Leonn Half-Deep
189    Sorree
190    Naalis of Toes
191    Crumbledoggne
192    Born Man II
193    Trest Storm "Barth of the Shorn"
194    Theren the Taint
195    Rel Chunker
196    Thornkin Halfbreaker
197    Sly Tar Farch
198    Death the Potine
199    Sun Fire Croth Shinechild
200    Yo Shadow

Common Names to Avoid

These show up a lot, both in the network's output and in the original data set.

-the Magnificent
-the Bold
And anything with Shadow in it.


  1. “Malchart the Woodle” sounds like it’s straight out of a Gygax-penned tournament module.

  2. Some of these longer ones would be great forDevils from Kill Six Billion Demons!

    1. Oooh, good point. Have you seen the K6BD RPG? Seems interesting.

    2. I’ve looked through it and definitely want to run a game in K6BD, it’s a fantastic setting

  3. I actually run the official unofficial K6BD discord fan server. Broken World is a very tasty PbtA hack, I've run a few games in it and it does a good job getting the wuxia vibe. I'm personally excited for Abba to be able to work more on THE PIT, the draft I had the chance to read over gives a strong Veins of the Earth feel.

  4. You just know number 35 carries a horn, and has a cape.

  5. Helpful tip: I took the 'random order' tab, and changed the numeric column (a) to "=rand()" (no quotes), highlighted columns A and B, then sorted by descending. Every time I hit sort, the list changes.

    I found it useful. Great list!

  6. This is the OCD kicking in.
    You have Marcus as a name to avoid ...in fact the first name listed...yet you have it appear 3 times in the Excellent 200 list.

    Just thought that was ironic.

    Otherwise ...this is great stuff..thanks.

    1. It's a name to avoid because it's common. So common it shows up 3 times on the Excellent list.