OSR: 1d50 Goblin Warlords

Apparently these are supposed to be action figure names, but they are much better as goblin warlords. Post in the comments how far you made it without laughing. These might also work as post-apocalyptic warlords... but the goblin mental images are much funnier to me.

Goblins by Scrap Princess.
1. Stanker
2. Action Bun
3. Sanesaur
4. Bull-Bat
5. Stenky
6. Slorp
7. Stan Bad
8. Bluck-ing Ding Tark
9. Slimetrat
10. Princess Backing Punch
11. Flarg
12. Princess Pow
13. Shy Moat
14. Stank Spenker
15. Pumble Cat
16. Catrain
17. Fracken
18. Narkle
19. Alter Pant
20. Danky
21. Stalking Spanking Narlo-tie Dere
22. Shark Troll
23. Storm Shrek
24. Treed Trooper
25. Arnon Prombot
26. Rotercomming Pingaling
27. Mama
28. Mindlick
29. Claw Wind
30. Strong Boot
31. Potter Stank
32. Sharkstorm
33. Head Snarp
34. Blue Man
35. Casthean Cuttlebat
36. Disky Thik Topping Toth Ottamus Prime
37. Sewer Man with Slagg Light
38. Battle Command Master Cramp
39. Viperlord
40. Crustillar
41. Blaster with Man Dreads
42. Rench Beast
43. Cobra Funk
44. Headstank
45. Burble Beast
46. Battle Battle Action Master Growl Teom
47. Strawberry Shorttake with Burdball
48. Battle Bong
49. Snack Blast
50. Spocky Man

I considered writing little descriptions and even doing art, but the names alone are enough., 


  1. I broke down between "Alter Pant" and "Danky."

  2. I made it all the way to " Disky Thik Topping Toth Ottamus Prime"

  3. I started smiling at your introduction. Also 'Princess Pow' is an awesome name and well worthy of a PC.

  4. I was waiting for "Taser Face" to make an appearance on the list...