OSR: 1d1000 Mutations

I've created a PDF of my 1d500 Biological and 1d500 Supernatural mutations. About a quarter of them were significantly edited, rewritten, or replaced. Most purely mental mutations are gone. Others were revised based on playtesting. Some are minor, some are major, and a rare few are deadly. All, I hope, are interesting.


The PDF also a condensed mutation table, guidance on applying mutations, and a few other useful tips. It's the biggest mutation table... in the world. Not really.
With thanks to:

Elf Maids & Octopi (indexed here).
Scrap Princess (Monster Manual Sewn From Pants) (table 1 and 2)

Arnold Kemp (Goblin Punch)

Arnold's post covers why mutations are great. This list is also suitable for creating degenerate quarter-lings for Ultraviolet Grasslands or the effects of thaumic fallout from Magical Industrial Revolution.If you like this sort of thing, try Red Box Vancouver's The Metamorphica. More mutations!


  1. Some of my favorite posts to begin with.

  2. I love your work but how are you rolling a d1000?

    I've seen tenfootpolemic suggest a 1d200 as rolling a d10 and a d20 but reading the number together starting with the d20. so a roll of a 19 and a 3 = 193.

    Would you suggest something similar but with 4d10 and using a different coloured die for each place value?

    1. You're overthinking it. A d100 is rolled using 2 d10s. So a d1000 can be rolled on 3 d10s.

  3. Do you have a list of all the changes you made?

    1. I guess a better question would've been, how much has stayed the same :D

  4. Skerples this is a wonderful list, ive been working on transforming it into something usable in another game system- Is your blogspot an acceptable place to credit or is there something preferable?