OSR: Mercenary Stats & Tables

Here's part of the Monster Overhaul project. These handy stats and tables overlap nicely with my GLOG Mercenaries posts.


Providing tools to make "mundane" encounters interesting is tricky. It'd be easy to expand the tables, but would that really help a GM running a game? What tools are immediately useful, and what could be folded into other sections of the book?

Basically, if I'm going to take up 3 pages on Mercenaries, are the ideas present worth the page space?

I think so. Full-page statblocks aren't usually my thing, but I'd like to provide useful tools that most other Monster Manuals ignore or stick in an appendix, without filling a page with excruciating and difficult to parse details.


  1. The reasons for not fighting are very amusing yet plausible :)

  2. This is excellent. When I add a faction to a game I need a name, a flavor, what they want, and what they are doing. When i anticipate an encounter I need a name if applicable, veeerrryyy simple stats, and what they are doing. You gave me all I need for both, plus it's funny. No extra crap.