OSR: 1d500 Supernatural Mutations

Every good D&D game needs a huge mutation table. Mine is finally done. This post complements my 1d500 Biological Mutations. These mutations are designed to be mostly supernatural rather than biological. There's an approximately even mix of benefits, penalties, and cosmetic changes. It's not exactly balanced... but who cares?
Pavee Keawmafai

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1d500 Supernatural Mutations
1 Horns. You can make a noise like a brass band tuning by holding your breath for 1 minute.
2 Fearful Blood. If you drop below half HP, Save or become melancholy and depressed until you heal.
3 Linguist. You believe you can speak with anything or anyone. You can't. 
4 Malleable Sleep. While asleep or unconscious you transform into a boneless liquid sack.
5 Narcolepsy. 1-in-10 chance of falling asleep just before a combat encounter or stressful situation.
6 Vulnerable Soul. Double all magic damage taken.
7 Letterpress. Anything you read moves across your forehead in lines of text.
8 Shadowless. You cast no shadow.
9 Cat Friend. Cats will not harm you and will rub their faces on you. You smell faintly minty.
10 Duplication. An evil twin with all your abilities pops out of your body and runs away cackling.
11 Imperial Sneer. You cannot conceal your contempt for peasants, beggars, etc.
12 Pampered Sleep. While asleep or unconscious your hair is combed and perfumed.
13 Delusion. You must prominently ornament your verbal communications with excess vocabulary.
14 Arrow Eater. You are immune to non-magical projectile damage. Arrows, slings, bolts, cannonballs.
15 Mystical Reformation. Reroll all your stats and take the higher result.
16 Ghost Movement. Your soul moves slightly before your body. -2 Defense. 
17 Wizard Rage. When angry, you temporarily grow fangs and a red frilly neck crest.
18 Delusion. You are repulsed by the sight of holy symbols.
19 Gemstone Eyes. Like cut sapphires. Actual sapphires, worth 10gp each.
20 Dense Bones. You cannot swim and you sink in most liquids. +2 Strength.
21 Incredibly Quick. You can act twice each initiative round. You still only get 1 attack. Andyoutalklikethis.
22 Memorial. When you die, an elaborate stone memorial with statues will grow on top of your body.
23 Useless Legs. They turn into little noodles. You weigh nothing, can be carried easily. 
24 Indigo Sparks. Whenever you step, faint indigo sparks mark your footprints.
25 Thumb Lamp. Hold your breath and your thumb becomes a light as bright as a candle.
26 Transcendent Trunks. Your legs (and only your legs) are immune to magic damage.
27 Delusion. You must wear a revealing or provocative costume to use magic items or cast spells.
28 Stupendous Eyebrows. They glow with strong emotions and sometimes shoot sparks.
29 Palsied. Flesh twitches, fingers tap, legs bend. Dexterity becomes 2.
30 Gemstone Eyes. Like cut rubies. Actual rubies, worth 10gp each.
31 Immortal Leg. One of your legs is completely immune to all damage. +2 Defense.
32 Remarkably Unlucky. Save becomes 1.
33 Winning Smile. If you smile, your teeth briefly flash as brightly as a candle. Hard to read or navigate by.
34 Delusion. You believe the Beige Dragon Gomsband will protect you if you call out her name.
35 Feeble Muscles. Like earthworms under your skin. Strength becomes 2.
36 Phase. If you run at a wall or door at full speed, 1-in-6 chance of phasing through. If not, 1d6 damage.
37 Spell Finger. Whenever you cast a spell, a copy also targets one of your fingers (even if detached).
38 Second Sight. Can see curses and enchantments as faint glows.
39 Coiled Hair. Like a tightly wound spring. Lies close to your head, dense, tightly wound.
40 Mystic Eyes. Opals reflecting the moon. No pupils.
41 Delusion. Pick a type of inanimate object (stairs, windows, hats, etc). You utterly loath them.
42 Strange Voice. Wandering accent. The stranger the better.
43 Eggshell Skin. Splinters and bleeds. -2 to Constitution, -4 to Save vs Poison.
44 Warrior Teeth. They fall out. 32 of them. You can plant them to create a skeleton that lasts 1 hour.
45 The Darkest Magic. Needle teeth. Cast hateful or damage-dealing spells at +1 MD/ Caster Level. 
46 Dead Asleep. While asleep or unconscious you appear to be a rotting corpse.
47 Cannibal Desires. You can only eat the dead flesh of intelligent creatures.
48 Feature Slosh. Your facial features move slower than the rest of your head. They smear and blur.
49 Blowtorch Thumb. Sheds light as a candle. Deals 1d6 damage (as a dagger). Hisses faintly.
50 Muscle Bound. Covered in clams, oysters, and barnacles. Cannot wear armour. Defense as Chain.
51 Cross Eyed. They roll constantly, pointing in random directions. -2 Attack and Defense.
52 Second Life. The first time you die, you will return to life in a column of flame in 1 round, with full HP.
53 Indigestible. Skin is rubbery. You are immune to acid damage.
54 Hunchseat. Your back grows a chair. Any person riding in it doesn't burden you. Cannot carry cargo.
55 Boiling Blood. Comes out as sticky red steam. 
56 Unusual Nose. Can stretch up to 30. Functions as a rope.
57 Shifting Form. Randomize your race each morning.
58 Homunculi. If you die,  your head grows spider legs and runs away to commit terrible crimes.
59 Disagreeable. If anyone expresses a strong opinion, Save or openly disagree with them. 
60 Selective Invisibility. You are invisible while seated in a chair. Has to be a chair (no benches, logs, etc.)
61 The Darkest Magic. Eyes like white orbs. Damage-dealing spells you cast inflict +2 damage.
62 Delusion. Any time someone you hear someone say your name you give a little scream of terror.
63 Delusion. You believe a pebble you found contains the entire world. You must protect it.
64 Firemind. Fire will not harm you, but it will harm things around you.
65 Mercury Arm. Arm replaced with liquid metal. Can squeeze through gaps.
66 Disentangled Legs. Projected slightly forward in time. +2 Movement and Dexterity.
67 Roiling Mind. Immune to mind control and charm effects. Sounds like a boiling pot.
68 Head Hinge. Your brain vanishes. Your head is hollow and has a hinged top. 
69 Painted Features. Face is flat and smooth. Features painted on.
70 Spell Eater. After you are affected by a spell, heal 1d6 HP.
71 Curse Palm. Marked in silver. If you pour blood on it, the blood foams and bubbles ominously. 
72 Lock Hatred. Doors and chests have a 1-in-6 chance of relocking behind you.
73 Eldritch Marks. Names of any people you kill appear on your back in black letters.
74 Glass Sweat. You sweat small gritty glass beads. 
75 Enormous Underbite. Lower jaw sticks out 10".
76 Thropy. You become a deranged one-eyed swan by the light of the full moon.
77 Light Sleeper. While asleep or unconscious you weigh next to nothing. You float like a balloon
78 Wizard Speed. You gain a +4 to Wisdom for Initiative. If you act first, you must Save or show off.
79 Sorcerer Head. Clear glass windows to show off your brain. -2 HP.
80 Moth Flesh. Your skin is wrinkled, grey, and dusty. -2 Charisma.
81 Cat Nap.  While asleep or unconscious you transform into a scruffy-looking cat.
82 Scorecard. Your age, diseases, and marital status are displayed on your forehead in black letters.
83 Metal Mask. Like your face, but frozen in a deeply concerned expression.
84 Megamind. Gain 1d6 Int and Wis. Become insufferably smug.
85 Eldritch Marks. Glowing red circle on your forehead.
86 Meditation. Cross legs and concentrate fully to hover 1' off the ground. 
87 Cloud Skin. Become a skeleton coated in thick mist. Can drink water as rations. HP becomes 6. 
88 Wizard Rage. When angry, you temporarily grow a 5' long white beard.
89 Ear Fronds. Like two ferns or peacock tails made of glass. +4 Wisdom.
90 Coldfinger. One finger is freezing cold. Can freeze a 6" radius of water in 1hr.
91 Fearful Blood. If you drop below half HP, Save vs Fear.
92 Wizard Rage. If you are wronged, Save or rant loudly for at least 10 minutes.
93 Fear Teleport. If you fail a Save vs Fear, teleport 2d10'x10' in a random direction.
94 Terror Blood. If you take a Fatal Wound, you make an ominous ticking sound and vibrate like a drum.
95 Fizzbody. If you hold your breath, you weigh as much as a feather.
96 Eldritch Marks. Blue stripes. They glow faintly under moonlight.
97 Bulging Eyes. Like two apples nailed to your face. -2 Charisma. Cannot blink or deliberately look away.
98 Eldritch Marks. Your chest is covered in black symbols, deeply and intricately carved or burned.
99 Spell Effects. When a spell damages you, you shoot sparks and jets of smoke in all directions.
100 Wandering Mind. You never remember marching or long-distance travel. You seem to just arrive.

101 Telescope Eye. Can see 3x as far. Sticks out of your head, clicks and buzzes.
102 Gold Metabolism. Eat 1gp to heal 1hp. Skin becomes faintly golden.
103 Wizard Beard. Many coloured, like a fan. Waves in the wind.
104 Magpie. You must Save or touch any shiny object you see. Your fingers grow long and bird-like.
105 Delusion. You believe you can hear the thoughts of others. You cannot.
106 Silver Fingernails. Can harm some creatures by poking them.
107 Silver Tongue. Literally. +2 Charisma. Can't  help but lie sometimes.
108 Linguist. You can eat one of your own fingers (they detach) to learn any one language you hear.
109 Salt Sweat. You sweat small gritty nodules of salt. 
110 Powerful Name. Whenever you say it, it echoes and reverberates.
111 Wiggling Nose. Like a finger. Can pick up small objects, flick things.
112 Night Terrors. You scream while asleep. You still sleep normally and do not remember your dreams.
113 Eldritch Marks. Brass stars all over your body. 
114 Strange Voice. Sounds like it's coming from an old radio at the bottom of a well.
115 Musical Flesh. When you fail a Save vs Fear or vs Magic, you make a siren-like alarm noise for 1 min.
116 Stage Magician. Once per day you swirl your cloak dramatically and appear 20' away.
117 Flaming Skull Face. Impressive but frightening. 
118 Strange Voice. Can shout loud enough to flap flags and ripple water. Proper wizard reverb.
119 Acid Spit. One per day, you can spit a glob of acid (as a thrown dagger dealing 1d6 acid damage)
120 Mystical Reformation. Reroll all your stats and take the lower result. 
121 Impressive Thoughts. Your head sparks and fizzes when you think deeply or study something.
122 Musical Flesh. You make a loud siren-like noise whenever you have a Fatal Wound.
123 Bristled. All your hair becomes as thick as a pencil and as brittle as chalk.
124 Adjusted Humour. You think most statements are jokes, hidden puns, or innuendo.
125 Autobiography. Your life story written in minute black letters in a spiral tattoo on your back. Grows daily.
126 Flame Hair. All your hair turns into fire on a failed a Save vs Fear or a Fatal Wound. Doesn't burn you.
127 Oil Spray. If you take any fire damage, you spray flammable oil in a 10' radius.
128 Adjusted Humour. Blood, death, pain, and misery are absolutely hilarious to you. 
129 Wizard Toe. One toe is 1' long with five extra joints.
130 Spell Effects. When a spell damages you, 10' radius around you sprouts flowers.
131 Cloud Flesh. Soft, white, and damp. Can drink water as rations. HP becomes 2. 
132 Ratchet Joints. Only move in 10 degree increments. Clicky and mechanical.
133 Skin Buttons. You can unbutton your chest and open up the skin flaps. Makes surgery easy.
134 Milky Eyes. Cannot see further than 10'. Need to squint to read.
135 Assistants. Unless closely watched, your hands will detach and try to help you. They are incompetent.
136 Strange Voice. Sounds like you're singing all the time.
137 Sun-Sail Ears. Like large copper plates. You can hear spells being cast even if you can't see them.
138 Pea Brain. The size of a marble. Rattles inside your head. 
139 Flame Hair. Your facial hair becomes fire. It doesn't burn you. Casts light as a candle.
140 Wheels. Your legs are replaced with iron cart wheels. +4 Movement.
141 Immortal Arm. One of your arms is completely immune to all damage. +2 Defense.
142 Soul Eviction. Body is taken over by a spirit, spell, or ghost. Reroll Wis, Int, Cha. Become weirder.
143 Powerful Name. Whenever you say it, an unseen chorus repeats it.
144 Second Life. The first time you die, you will lurch into undead life for 6hrs. 10 HP, cannot heal.
145 Miser. Must Save to spend money. Can try again in 6hrs.
146 Zombie Curse. Any people you kill have a 1-in-6 chance of rising as hostile zombies in 1 round.
147 Wart Faces. Grow dozens of horrible little warts, each one with your face. 
148 Mystic Sight. Your eyes become glowing balls of flame. Casts light as a candle.
149 Second Sight. Can see disguised creatures, illusions, and doppelgangers as their true forms.
150 Crispy. Your skin is paper thin and dry. You take 2x damage from fire.
151 Eldritch Marks. Gold flecks, as if you were made of quartz.
152 Strange Voice. Before you speak, there's a brief burst of buzzing and a small wisp of smoke.
153 Meditation. Cross legs and concentrate intently for 1hr to hear thoughts of people within 30'.
154 Eldritch Marks. Your face is covered in diagonal bands of white and black.
155 Soul Eater. Your eyes are black orbs. Every person you kill heals you for 1d6 HP. 
156 Long Nails. 4" long, curved, black as coal. Very menacing.
157 Cold Feet. Feet are like ice. Can walk on snow barefoot.
158 Mystic Eyes. Pupils rearrange to black intricate runes. 
159 Hypnosis Eyes. White orbs, rotating black spirals. Disconcerting but cannot actually hypnotize people.
160 Steady Hands. You will never spill a drink. Any glass or flask held will not tip or dribble. 
161 Recumbent Hover. If you lounge on your side in a casual manner you float 2' off the ground.
162 Skull Head. Head becomes a rat's skull. Still functions normally.
163 Winning Smile. If you smile, a floating after-image of your teeth hovers in the air for 10 minutes.
164 Linguist. You can speak with water.
165 Magic Deflection. Any spell targeting you has a 1-in-6 chance of hitting a random nearby target instead.
166 Map Blindness. You cannot read a map or give directions.
167 Sorcerer Hair. Made from lead coins with your face on them. Fits close to your skin.
168 Wizard Whistle. Once per day, you can whistle loud enough to deal 1 damage in a 50' radius.
169 Linguist. You can speak with any food you cook.
170 Magnetic Hands. Iron sticks to them. 
171 Glowing Heart. Like a glowing coal in your chest. Casts light as a match.
172 Fingerwalk. Fingers become 5' long, legs shrivel away. Walk on your fingers now, spider-like. 
173 Ratbody. You are fifty rats in a skin suit. When you die, the rats scatter.
174 Thunder Guts. After each meal, you make a noise like a thunderstorm for 1d10 minutes.
175 Unstable Shimmer. Constant microteleportation makes it difficult to tell where you are. +4 to Defense. 
176 Eyeless Sight. Eyes fall out and fly away. You are blind, but are convinced you can still see just a little.
177 The Darkest Magic. Long stringy hair. Any time you kill a creature with a spell, heal +1 HP.
178 Water Walking. You can walk on water as long as you hold your breath. (Con bonus minutes).
179 Powerful Gaze. You can lock eyes with a small creature. It must Save or be hypnotized.
180 Crown of Spikes. Long metal spikes poke through your scalp. They rust. 
181 Yellow Sparks. Whenever you gesture, faint yellow sparks float in the air.
182 Lightning Breath. 10' cone, 1d6 lightning damage, once per day. 
183 Autobiography. Important scenes or events grow into full colour tattoos.
184 Musical Flesh. Your heartbeat sounds like a faint bell.
185 Seawater Sleep. You drool 3d10 litres of seawater while asleep.
186 Chronologically Detached. Take 1d6 damage to disappear and reappear 1d6 hours in the future.
187 Powerful Gaze. If you lock eyes with a person, they must Save or continue locking eyes with you.
188 Broadcast Brain. Everyone in 30' can sense your location as a mental noise, glow, or smell.
189 Wizard Stains. Your fingers are coated in yellow grease. It marks everything you touch.
190 Raincloud Friend. Follows you around outside. If inside, wanders off, returns after 1d6 hours outside.
191 Filthy. Permanently matted hair, greasy fingers, and spotty complexion. -2 Charisma.
192 Flickering Shadow. Like a roaring torch.
193 Spores. If you die, you turn into spores. 30' radius, opaque, choking cloud. 
194 Cannonball Guts. Once per day, must vomit up a 2" diameter stone ball.
195 Split Body. You are neatly bisected with a 1" gap between your left and right sides. No other effect. 
196 Eldritch Marks. Silver branched lines around your eyes.
197 Lauch Legs. Once per day, raise both arms in the air to slowly rise 20' upwards on a column of fire.
198 Sand Paddler. You can swim through sand as if it were water. 
199 Wizard Speed. You can run 4x as fast, but must Save vs Dex or smack into a wall each round your run.
200 Wizard Whistle. Once per day, you can whistle to summon your hat or weapon to your hand.

201 Second Sight. Can see ghosts, spells, and spirits as faint outlines.
202 Thropy. You become a swarm of bees by the light of the full moon.
203 Bubbles. You constantly emit a stream of floating soap bubbles as you speak.
204 Liar's Nose. Glows like a candle if you tell a lie. 
205 Magic Trick. Produce 1 copper piece from behind your ear once per day.
206 Bird Friend. Sparrows or small birds will bring you worms and beetles and expect you to be impressed.
207 Delusion. You believe you cannot go outside without wearing your special hat.
208 Agreeable. You must always verbally agree to any request or plan. You don't actually have to do it.
209 Emergency Teleport. If you are reduced to 0 HP, you teleport 2d10x10' in a random direction.
210 Glass Hair. Can shatter it with a hammer or dagger.
211 Zero Buoyancy. You cannot swim. You sink instantly in water as if it wasn't there.
212 Magical Odour. You constantly smell of ozone and boiled frogs.
213 Soul Bargain. Can cut deals to gain people's souls once they die. You'll need to put them in jars.
214 Completely Hollow. Like a sack. -2 HP, +10 inventory slots (inside your body). Mouth opens really wide.
215 Terror Blood. If you take a Fatal Wound, you bleed light, fire, sparks, and screams. 
216 Delusion. You believe you are the race of the first person you see when you wake up each day.
217 Glass Step. You can bounce off an invisible plate of force mid leap. Double distance jumped.
218 Noisy Hands. Your fingerbones click and squeak like iron on slate. -4 Stealth.
219 Mystic Eyes. Portals into a vast starscape. 
220 Wizard Hat. Your hat cannot be removed by any means. 
221 Ghost Genitals. Semi-visible. Immune to non-magical damage, can only interact with magical things.
222 Skeleton Assistant. Your skeleton steps behind your flesh and skin. It holds up your new boneless form.
223 Red Sparks. Whenever you speak, faint red sparks fly from your mouth.
224 Finger Orbit. They fly around your body. No change to grip strength, carrying capacity, etc.
225 Flame Hair. The hair on the top of your head becomes fire. It doesn't burn you. Casts light as a torch.
226 Expressive Eyebrows. You become mute, but your eyebrows spell out everything you want to say.
227 Thropy. You become a random creature by the light of the full moon.
228 Delusion. You believe you can speak with birds. You cannot.
229 Skull Head. Head becomes a skull with lidless eyes. -2 HP and Charisma.
230 Glowing Mind. Whenver you have a really good idea your head glows like a torch for 1d10 mintues.
231 Healing Touch. Can lose 1d6 HP to heal a person for the same amount once per day.
232 Linguist. You can speak with plants. 
233 Violet Sparks. Whenever you experience a strong emotion, faint violet sparks fly from your teeth.
234 Ghost Arm. Semi-visible. Immune to non-magical damage, can only interact with magical things.
235 Eyeless Sight. Eyes fall out and evaporate. You can still see.
236 Adjusted Figure. Legs shorten, waist broadens. Pear-shaped, ungainly, long neck. -2 Dexterity.
237 Wax Body. Flammable. 2x damage from fire. Soft. -2 Strength and HP.
238 Thunderbolt Hair. You are immune to lightning damage. You will be struck by lightning if possible.
239 Cat Fingers. Fingers are the front halves of kittens. Hard to control. -2 Dex and Stealth.
240 Snorkel. If underwater, can extend a 2' breathing tube from your left ear.
241 Catastrophic Mutation. Roll on this table 2d4 more times. 
242 Atrophy. Your body withers and is pulled around by your normal-sized floating head. -6 Str, Dex, Con.
243 Magic Trick. Pull a 10' long string of ribbons from your ear once per day.
244 Orange Sparks. Whenever you move your fingers, faint orange sparks fall from your fingertips.
245 Crystal Body. Quartz limbs, faceted eyes. No other effect.
246 Unconvincing Body. You become a humanoid stack of twigs, rope, dirt, and cloth. No change to stats.
247 Yarn Body. You are crochet. Button eyes, yarn teeth. Can be unraveled (painfully). 
248 Metal Mask. Neutral, genderless, nearly featureless.
249 Adjusted Figure. Legs lengthen, waist shrinks. Like a stick, ungainly, tottering. -2 Dexterity.
250 Wood Body. Flammable. 2x damage from fire, +2 Strength and HP.
251 Slithering Sinews. Veins and arteries move like worms. Immune to piercing damage.
252 Crystal Brain. Inside your skull, brain becomes a crystal ball. Can cast scry once per day.
253 Thropy. You become a wolf by the light of the full moon.
254 Mechanical Guts. Horrible grinding and buzzing sounds for 1hr after every meal. 
255 Strength-Draining Grip. As long as you touch someone, they must Save or count their Strength as 5.
256 Planetary Ring. A halo of dust and ice orbits your head. Tiny comets sometimes pass by.
257 Incense Breath. Your chest has holes in it and you breathe wisps of spicy smoke.
258 Goldfinger. One finger becomes solid gold. Does not bend. Worth 5gp.
259 Shadow Magic. Your shadow is hideously mutated and distorted.
260 Pine Needles. Your hair becomes small, dense, green, and faintly mint flavoured. 
261 Lightning Finger. Once per day, you can poke someone to deal 2d6 lightning damage.
262 Oldfinger. One of your index fingers becomes twice as long, wrinkly, and mottled with liver spots.
263 Missing Torso. Arms, legs, head in their usual spots, but nothing between. -6 Inventory slots.
264 Stuck. You can only speak one word. You can change the intonation but not the word.
265 Wandering Hands. If left to their own devices, they untie knots and make rude gestures. 
266 Heavy Sleeper. While asleep or unconscious you weigh 500lbs.
267 Soluble. Your skin is grey and chalky. You take 2x damage from acid.
268 Twirling. You constantly flip head over heels about once every two minutes. -2 Movement.
269 Moron. Head caves in. Intelligence becomes 2.
270 Corpse Bomb. Any creatures you kill have a 1-in-6 chance of exploding. 20' radius, HDxd6 damage.
271 Wizard Rage. When woken, you scream as loud as you can for 1 minute.
272 Ladderguts. Once per day, you can vomit up a 20' ladder made from bone. It crumbles in 6 hrs.
273 Narrator. You hear a voice in your head inaccurately narrating all your actions. -2 Wisdom.
274 Root Legs. They want to burrow. No longer need to drink. -4 Movement.
275 Ink Cloud. If you fail a Save vs Fear, you spray ink 10' in all directions. 
276 Delusion. Any plan you come up with is the best plan; all other plans are inferior.
277 Sadim Curse. Any gold you touch turns to clay.
278 Entangled Legs. Projected slightly backwards in time. -2 Movement and Dexterity.
279 Frenzied Flesh. You gain +1 Attack per round if you attack without hesitation, fear, or tactics.
280 Lava Walking. You can walk on molten rock as long as you hold your breath. (Con bonus minutes).
281 Adjusted Humour. You find the number 5 hilarious. Nothing else makes you laugh unless it's got 5 in it.
282 Delusion. You believe spiders are your spies and bring you secrets. They are not and do not.
283 Cleaned. Permanently smooth skin, clean and combed hair, and shining teeth. +2 Charisma.
284 Chain Limb. A random limb is replaced with a lifeless steel chain. Hand/foot on the end still works.
285 Spell Effects. When a spell damages you, heal 1d6 HP.
286 Delusion. You believe you are invisible. People just keep making lucky guesses as to your location.
287 Adaptable. In water, transform into a fish with 2 HP. If you are falling, transform into a bird with 2 HP.
288 Snake Guts. Your intestines are a colony of snakes. 
289 Adjusted. You adopt the sex and gender of the first person you see when you wake up each day.
290 Smokestack. Flesh tube sticks off your back. Emits puffs of grey smoke.
291 Soluble. Take 1 damage per round you spend in water or in rain.
292 Wizard Thumb. One thumb is 1' long with five extra joints.
293 Suction Fingers. Each one ends in a round moist disc. Cannot accidentally drop any items held. 
294 Smoke Feet. Must wear special tightly sealed leather boots to walk. 
295 Steady Hands. Take 1d6 damage for one hand to act as an immobile rod for 1d6 rounds.
296 Mind Beams. Each day, pick a person you can see. You can hear them speak no matter the distance.
297 Crater Eyes. They sink into your face. Your pupils are white hateful pinpricks.
298 Four Eyes. In a grid, on the front of your face. 
299 Treesprout. A 2' tall pine tree grows from your back. Sheds needles constantly.
300 Butterfly Spit. At any time, you can spit out an orange-red butterfly. It has no nutritional value.

301 Reformed Flesh. All your visible mutations are concealed as long as you are at full HP.
302 Laser Blood. If you take a Fatal Wound, you die and deal 3d6 damage in a 30' radius, Save to dodge.
303 Rose Head. Face becomes wrinkled. At night, it unfolds to reveal fleshy flower parts. Bees like you.
304 Mirror Face. Your face appears to be the face of any person looking at it. Very unsettling.
305 Glowing Tongue. If you yell as loud as you can, your tongue glows as brightly as a torch.
306 Stupendous Eyebrows. Gold and scaled, like majestic snakes.
307 Borrowed Senses. Can use the senses of any creature you touch as long as you maintain contact.
308 Curse Palm. If you slap someone very hard in the face, they must Save or get a permanent runic mark.
309 Compressible. Take 1/2 fall damage, but collapse into a 3" high disc, 1hr to return to former height.
310 Curse Palm. Has a tiny black arrowhead on it. Lick it to experience weird visions for 1d10 minutes.
311 Unseen Chorus. When you roll a critical success or do something amazing a huge chorus cheers.
312 Skull Head. Head becomes a cat's skull. Still functions normally.
313 Magic Deflection. Any spell targeting a nearby person has a 1-in-6 chance of hitting you instead.
314 Aurovore. You can eat 5gp instead of a ration.
315 Gyroscope Neck. Your head stays perfectly level as you walk. You can balance anything on top of it.
316 Round Head. Like a perfect sphere with your features painted on.
317 Tongue Fingers. Can taste anything you touch. Only 1d10 fingers affected.
318 Musical Flesh. You make a pleasant bell-like tone whenever you take damage. 
319 Copper Metabolism. Eat 100cp to heal 1gp. Skin becomes faintly blue.
320 Watercolour Skin. You look like a living impressionist painting. 
321 Smoothed. You are airbrushed, tidied, and polished. +2 Charisma.
322 Forgetful. Save each morning to remember details from previous day.
323 Flytrap Sprouts. Little green plate-like plants sprout from your head. They eat flies. 
324 Metal Mask. Like your face, but frozen in a neutral expression. 
325 Delusion. You cannot remember anyone's name and your guesses are wildly inaccurate.
326 Wizard Wobble. When idle, stand on one foot and constantly sway from side to side.
327 Wizard Rage. When angry, your skin glows an ominous red.
328 Linguist. You can speak with fire.
329 Skeleton Frame. You become unnaturally emaciated, literally only skin and bones and eyeballs.
330 Sturdy Soul. Reduce all incoming magical damage by 2.
331 Compulsive Eater. Consume 2 rations per meal. Save or try new foods, meats, spices.
332 Foam Spray. If you take any fire damage, you spray white foam in a 10' radius. Extinguishes all fires.
333 Thropy. You become a badger by the light of the full moon.
334 Spell Effects. When a spell damages you, heal everyone in a 10' radius 1d6 HP (except for you).
335 Upset Stomach. Must Save to eat any spiced or novel food. Constantly queasy.
336 Strange Voice. Incredibly sarcastic. Like a teenager on a road trip to the National Shoe Museum.
337 Prismatic Breath. 10' cone, 1d6 magic damage, once per day. 
338 Broadcast Brain. Everyone in 30' can hear your thoughts as faint murmuring. You can't hear theirs.
339 Ice Hatred. Snowflakes weigh 5lbs each to you. Double damage from cold and ice.
340 Shimmerskin. Faint pearl patterns. You are invisible if viewed through glass.
341 High Voice. Like a whistling flute, musical and sharp.
342 Smokebomb. Once per day you can vanish in a puff of smoke and appear 20' away.
343 Arrow Magnet. Non-magical projectiles get a +4 to hit you and deal an extra 1d6 damage.
344 Wizard Rage. When you are angry, you froth. It's blue and sparkly.
345 Lead Skin. +2 Defense, but cannot swim or run. Lead takes up 2 Inventory Slots.
346 Secret Eater. Tongue becomes 1' long, thin, blue. Can dip into peoples ears to eat their secrets. 
347 Starfish Body. Flaps of flesh connect your ankles, wrists, etc. -4 Dexterity.
348 Name Vision. If you know a person's name, you can see it over their head in glowing yellow letters.
349 Powerful Name. Whenever you say it, it appears in smoky letters above your head.
350 Time Lock. Take 1d6 damage to stop time for 2 rounds. Cannot affect anything but can move freely.
351 Evil Eye. Red and pulsing. Can stare at a target to deal 1d6 damage to it once per day. 
352 Cruel Fingers. Unarmed attacks count as daggers. You cannot deal non-lethal damage.
353 Permanent Politeness. Cannot willingly enter an occupied building without being invited.
354 Ghost Leg. Semi-invisible. Immune to non-magical damage, can only interact with magical things.
355 Uncertain Flesh. Each morning, Save or mutate.
356 Hero of the Beach. Once a day, shout a catchphrase or your name to gain +4 Strength for 1d6 rounds.
357 Cyclops. Your head becomes one giant eyeball. You eat by putting food in the pupil. 
358 Wizard Wisdom. Your brain sizzles like a hot stove. +4 Intelligence. Save to not offer an opinion.
359 Frozen Skin. Your skin is like ice. You take 1/2 cold but 2x fire damage.
360 Skull Head. Head becomes a bull's skull. Still functions normally.
361 Cracked. You are peeling apart. Spend 1hr each morning tying yourself together or lose half HP.
362 Eldritch Marks. Moons and sickles all over in red scars.
363 Blue Sparks. Whenever you take damage, faint blue sparks fall from your ears.
364 Pearl Skin. Like a giant polished shell or a tooth.
365 Future Sight. Can see very slightly into the future. When a disaster happens you can shout "I knew it!".
366 Skin Cloak. The back of your neck forms a large pink cloak. 
367 Honeycomb Chest. Bees nest in it. They buzz all the time, but they provide a small amount of honey.
368 Fire Finger. Once per day, you can poke someone to deal 2d6 fire damage.
369 Assistants. Tiny homunculi grow from your shoulders. One is revoltingly evil, the other is pious and dull.
370 Copyist Mind. You can accurately and quickly sketch anything you see.
371 Eldritch Marks. Fish tattoos that swim all over your skin.
372 Extremely Mellow. Immune to fear, mind-altering effects, panic. Cannot be hurried.
373 Hollow Guts. Your intestines, stomach, etc. fall out. Your chest is an empty ribcage. -1d6 HP.
374 Chronologically Detached. Take 1d6 damage to disappear and reappear 1d6 rounds in the future.
375 Enormous Overbite. Upper jaw sticks out 10". Dribbly.
376 Green Sparks. Whenever you jump or run, faint green sparks float in the air behind you.
377 Checkered Shadow. Squares cut out of it like a checkerboard.
378 Mercury Vomit. You can throw up 1L of mercury once per day. 
379 Wobbled. You can only cast spells, use magic items, read, write, or sing while drunk.
380 Powerful Name. Whenever you say it, it dogs bark and cats hiss.
381 Sorcerer's Arrogance. +4 to Save vs Fear. Utterly convinced of your own magical powers. Egotistical.
382 Delusion. You believe evil powers watch you from the moon. Conceal yourself from its gaze.
383 Cross Eyed. Point away from your nose.
384 Evil Eye. Blue and watery. Once per day, a target you stare at must Save or age 1d10 years.
385 Sorcerer Hair. Long and wild. Reacts to your emotions. Dramatic and flashy.
386 Shingles. You are covered in thick grey sheets of sandpaper. +2 HP and Constitution, -2 Dex.
387 Strange Voice. Slowly rises and falls like you're doing scales.
388 Insubstantial Flesh. In sunlight, appear as a rotting corpse. No effect on stats.
389 Eldritch Marks. Jet black eyeliner.
390 Silver Metabolism. Eat 10sp to heal 1gp. Skin becomes faintly silver.
391 Delusion. You believe any person you injure is dead. Any further movements are rigor mortis.
392 Wizard Ears. 2' tall, pointed, tufts of bristles on the end and in the ear-holes.
393 Curse Magnet. Any curse inflicted within 30' of you also affects you.
394 Falsetto. You can sing indefinitely without breathing in. Can Save vs Con. to attempt to shatter glass.
395 Polymorph. Reroll your race.
396 Labeled. Your veins and freckles rearrange to label all your body parts and organs.
397 Unusual Nose. Grows 1" whenever you lie, shrinks to normal at midnight. Bendy like a finger.
398 Polymorph. Become a random creature of 2HD or less. This may make you non-sentient.
399 Counting Sheep. Livestock and simple-minded animals are fascinated by your sleeping form.
400 Ghost Finger. Semi-visible. Immune to non-magical damage, can only interact with magical things.

401 Weather Curse. You are afflicted with rain, storms, hail, and sleet at unseasonable times.
402 Insubstantial Flesh. In moonlight, appear as a rotting corpse. No effect on stats.
403 Fragile Composition. Each point of damage you take also temporarily decreases all stats by 1.
404 Ripple Skin. Wiggles like water during a storm. Constantly churning, shimmering.
405 Uncertain Flesh. Each time you are struck by a spell, Save or mutate.
406 Wizard Wobble. Most of your mass moves to your head. Any attack that hits you knocks you prone.
407 Sadim Curse. Any gold you touch turns to very angry poisonous spiders.
408 Lozenge Head. Flat and oblong. Eyes migrate to edges of mouth, nose becomes blowhole.
409 Dream Teleport. When you sleep, Save. If failed, teleport 2d10'x10' in a random direction.
410 Coral Body. Brittle, tiny feelers, crunchy movements. -4 Stealth, +2 HP. 
411 Wizard Rage. When angry, the top of your head rattles like a boiling kettle.
412 Orbiting Eyes. You can see in all directions, but you must Save vs Dizziness when running.
413 Bewildered. Eyes roll, ears flap. Wisdom becomes 2.
414 Cooling Tower Head. Like an inverted bell. Intense thoughts produce a column of steam. 
415 Spring Legs. Metal coils ending in feet. 1/2 fall damage, can jump twice as high.
416 Wizard  Hat. Remove your hat to reveal a new, identical hat. Removed hats vanish in 5 minutes.
417 Ropeguts. Once per day, you can vomit up 100' of rope made from sinew. It rots in 6 hrs.
418 Hat Summoning. You can call and store your hat elsewhere. It appears and disappears nosily.
419 Wizard Stains. Your hair is constantly moist and drips with bright blue fluid.
420 Alcoholic Drool. Very strong. You cannot get drunk.
421 Hollow. You are an empty sack of skin. Still need to eat, etc, but it falls into your hollow legs.
422 Powerful Name. If anyone in 10 miles says your true name, you hear them say it.
423 Unseen Chorus. When you roll a critical failure or botch something a huge chorus laughs at you.
424 Shadow Magic. Your shadow acts out your hidden desires.
425 Delusion. If you take 6 damage in 1 round, you fall to prone and believe you are dead for 1d6 rounds.
426 Spell Finger. You can cast a random spell once per day from one finger, using 2 MD.
427 Spores. You constantly shed spores. Produces white fungus, grows into mushrooms with your face.
428 Stupendous Eyebrows. Butterfly iridescence. 
429 Detachable Head. Pops off if you take 3 damage to the head. Unlimited range. 
430 Dark Halo. A circle or triangle of black fire hovers over you. Looks ominous and possibly daemonic.
431 Flattened. 1" thick, all other dimensions normal. -2 Constitution and HP.
432 Convenienced. Your bodily waste is shunted 2 miles away, appearing with a faint magical glow.
433 Snail Shell. 1'x1'x1', on your back. You can retreat inside of it leaving only 1 hand exposed.
434 Eldritch Marks. Glowing blue star on your forehead.
435 Cross Eyed. Point towards your nose.
436 Fizzbody. You hover 6" off the ground as long as you are conscious.
437 Turbulent Hair. Flies around as if in a violent storm. Gets in your eyes. -2 Wisdom. 
438 Evil Eye. Black and glassy. Weeps grease. Once per day, target must Save or drop all held objects.
439 Assistants. Each morning, local wildlife (sparrows, centipedes, etc.) bring you 1d10cp and a ration.
440 Milk Duct. Nutritious nozzle. Produces 1 pint of milk per day.
441 Raving. You don't need to sleep, but you do need to pace and rave, doing nothing else, for 6hrs a day.
442 Delusion. You believe you can sense lies. You cannot.
443 Incredibly Slow. You always act last in each initiative round. And... You... Talk.... Like... This...
444 Sorcerer Hair. Reaches the floor. Curly and unruly.
445 Sneer. Your face is locked in a permanent expression of disdain. -2 Charisma.
446 Eldritch Marks. Bright blue eyeliner. 
447 Twirling. You constantly spin counterclockwise, about once every two minutes. -2 Movement.
448 Eldritch Marks. Grey spots and lines, like constellations.
449 Floating Hands. Arms no longer exist, but hands still do. No extra range of movement.
450 Eldritch Marks. Black spirals all over your body. 
451 Sadim Curse. Any gold you touch turns to water.
452 Pin Legs. No feet. Legs end in needle-sharp points. Can use them as daggers.
453 Faint Breeze. No matter where you are, a faint wind tousles your hair and moves your clothes.
454 Wizard Wobble. Most of your mass moves to your feet. You cannot be knocked prone.
455 Deep Voice. Like the rumble of tectonic plates. 
456 Gravity Guts. Small objects will orbit you. +2 Defense. Your mass takes up 2 inventory slots.
457 Spell Effects. When a spell damages you, teleport 1d10x10' in a random direction.
458 Thunderclap Hands. You can clap your hands to make a noise audible for 1 mile in all directions.
459 Molten Flesh. It dribbles and drips. Lose 1 HP per day unless you wear a fully enclosed suit.
460 Blood Addiction. You need to drink a small amount of blood per day or take 1d6 damage at sunset.
461 Spindle Form. You grow 2' taller and much thinner. Your fingers are long and knobbly.
462 Unusual Nose. Turns bright red whenever you swear or curse.
463 Impressive Thoughts. Black smoke comes from your ears when you think deeply or study something.
464 Powerful Name. When you say it, everyone who heard it feels a cold shiver down their spine.
465 Twirling. You constantly cartwheel counterclockwise, about once every two minutes. -2 Movement.
466 Insubstantial Flesh. In darkness or dim light, appear as a rotting corpse. No effect on stats.
467 Sideways Step. Once per day, you can step through a gap of any width but at least your height.
468 Shadow Magic. Your shadow is perfectly normal, no matter how mutated you are.
469 Blasphemous Blubber. Capillaries form unholy runes. Immune to bludgeoning damage.
470 Spell Rebound. Any spell that strikes you rebounds to also strike an adjacent target.
471 Narrator. You hear a voice in your head narrating all your actions. +2 Wisdom.
472 Wizard Stains. You leave black greasy footprints even if you wear shoes.
473 Opalescent Shell. +2 Defense. Takes up 4 inventory slots. You can retreat inside it.
474 Draining Touch. Can drain 1d6 HP from a person to heal the same amount once per day.
475 Ghost Curse. Any people you kill have a 1-in-6 chance of rising as hostile ghosts in 1 round.
476 Broadcast Brain. Everyone in 30' must Save or experience any strong emotion you are experiencing.
477 Stupendous Eyebrows. Made of copper wire.
478 Temperamental Limbs. 10% chance each limb vanishes for 24hrs. Roll every morning.
479 Powerful Name. Whenever you say it, thunder rolls and horses whinny in fear.
480 Clamps. Your hands are replaced with iron clamps. Like having 2 metal fingers. +2 Strength.
481 Hyperbuoyancy. You float alarmingly well. You cannot drown but you cannot dive either.
482 Stupendous Eyebrows. Wiry, elongated, thick, and alarming.
483 Glass Limbs. Any time a limb takes 6 damage in 1 round it shatters. It grows back in a week.
484 Flame Belch. Once per day, spew a 10' cone of fire and oil. 1d6 damage, save for half.
485 Moth Flesh. You constantly shed small white dusty moths. They live in your pores. -2 Charisma.
486 Hover. 1" off the ground at all times. Still take fall damage but do not set off pressure plates.
487 Sealed Lips. They fuse shut while you sleep. Need to cut them open (1 damage) each morning.
488 Fruit Chest. You produce apples. 1 per week.
489 Relentless Positivity. You are always optimistic no matter how bad things are. Cannot curse or frown.
490 Wizard Beard. Grey and pointed, down to  your knees.
491 Amnesia. Save each morning for forget the previous day's events.
492 Wandering Mind. When you sleep, it pops out of your head and hops around. Brain has 1 HP.
493 Eldritch Marks. Shimmering flame tattoos all over your arms and legs.
494 Stupendous Eyebrows. Spiked and elaborate. 1" wider than your head.
495 Comically Promiscuous. You can't sleep with everyone but you will sleep with almost anyone.
496 Eyeless Sight. Eye sockets fuse over with flesh. You can still see.
497 Strange Voice. Forced to say a rhyming couplet before casting a spell or using a magic item.
498 Split Body. You split into 2 characters (half of each stat, half mass). Divide mutations evenly.
499 Fusion Hands. Any two mundane inanimate objects you hold at the same time will fuse together.
500 Flee! If you are startled, your head flies off and disappears. You grow a new head in 1d6 minutes.


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  2. Fabulous stuff. When would you use this one over the other biological table?

    1. Most of the time I'll use them both as a d1000 table. Biomancer wizards tend to mutate using the Biological table. A spell mishap could cause a roll on the biological table (for, say, regenerate) or the supernatural table (for, say, magic missile) or both.

  3. Awesome. Using this from now on.

  4. I like it a lot. :)
    But I would have a hard time playing if I rolled 289.
    I don't mind sex transformations but having a mutation that say that my character gender is a delusion would be too much for me as there is a lot of people who say that about transgender persons in medias.
    I would prefer playing a character who change sex every morning after seeing someone.

    1. Yeah, I think the lists need to be adapted to campaign and game tone preferences. For 289, the intent was to create Boccaccio-type shenanigans (knights waking up next to ladies and radically altering their behavior, etc.).

      That being said, my OSR games, gender is a very minor character feature, and players aren't heavily invested in their characters. Setting-wise, it's important for feudalism... but there are also dual-identity slug people, agender Elves, and who knows what else. The setting is messy. In other types of games, the severity and scope of these mutations is probably unsuitable.

    2. Although, come to think of it, the reasons I had for making it change gender and not sex go away if it changes /both/... so I think I'll just do that. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

  5. With the Powerful Name effects, is that supposed to be the character's name?

  6. What RPG system is this for? I've only played D&D 5e and I've noticed that some of the terminology doesn't match up.

    1. Like a lot of my material, it's mostly system-less, or broadly compatible with any old-school system. Could easily use it with the GLOG, for example. https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2019/10/osr-glog-based-homebrew-v2-many-rats-on.html