OSR: M.I.R Update

The Magical Industrial Revolution is steaming ahead at full speed.


The art is mostly done. There are still a few details that need to be worked out, but nothing significant. If you want to see the full cover, I've paywalled it on Patreon.
(Yes, that's very silly, because the moment the book goes up for sale the cover will be spammed all over the place, but maybe you're impatient. Or maybe you just want to sing the godawful Endonian National Anthem.)
Cover art and interior art by Luka Rejec. Map and more interior art by Jonathan Newell. Yet more interior art, including monsters, by Logan Stahl.


The document is currently at the upgrading stage, where David Shugars takes my mangled and laughably distorted output and turns it into something approaching a real RPG book. The first- and second-round playtesting is done. An initial copy-editing pass is also complete.

Once the document is more presentable, it will be sent to patrons (and a few other folks; whine at me on Discord if your really really really want to test it) to make sure I haven't missed anything.

The book is currently ~150 pages, making it my largest and most ambitious project to date.

Distribution, Printing, and Other Exciting Details

I'm going to be coy, but Big Things are in the works.

Hype, etc.


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