40k: Various Project Updates

Here are a few miniature projects I've started and/or finished in the last few months.


Tin Can Landing Pad

Made from an old biscuit tin, some pipes, and some 40k terrain bits. Note the Xenos heads on plaques. Texture added using cut-up zip ties; an old greebling trick.
And painted. The hazard stripes really make the building stand out. It's large enough to accommodate most small landing craft.

Observation Tower

It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores. This tower was made from a broken toy starmap projector. If you're building terrain, always keep an eye out for interestingly shaped bits of plastic.

Train Segments

I've made a bunch of 1'x1' MDF segments. Here are 3 completed ones, with a mobile (and detachable) 40k-ified train. They're all modular.


Cargo Hauler

This project is complete, but I don't have photos of the painted tractor and crates yet.

Rogue Trader Landing Craft

Converted from a Stormhawk Interceptor kit, some plasticard, and a lot of gap-filling compound. It's designed to look Imperial but fancy; a flying brick to show off a Rogue Trader's wealth.

Rogue Trader Ground Transport

And once you land on some inhospitable world, it's important to have proper transport. This is just a Taurox with the suspension lowered and widened. Nothing fancy, but it looks better.


A test of the new Contrast paint line. They turned out OK, if a little candy-coloured. 2 are old metal models, 2 are converted from Goliath gangers and some leftover parts.


  1. That landing pad is brilliant!

  2. That's some great conversion work, I love it all, but the train and landing craft are my favourites!

  3. Hello. Beautiful pieces! If I can ask, how did you cut the entrance out of the side of the landing pad tin?

    1. Nothing fancy. I just drilled holes in the corner and scored the outline with the tip of a sacrificial hobby knife blade. Eventually, the metal got thin enough I could cut it with the edge of the blade.