OSR: Tomb of the Serpent Kings v4

Good news! I've created a lightly revised version of Tomb of the Serpent Kings.
With many thanks to Jacob Hurst for insightful comments and David Shugars for extremely patient editing.

PDF Link
Print Link

There's also, for the first time ever, a Print On Demand version available through OBS. It's sold at cost. I don't make a cent off it.

This version doesn't differ significantly from past ones. References have been harmonized. There's a fancy quick reference map.

The entire dungeon is licensed under CC-BY-NC, so feel free to remix, adapt, and translate it. David's made up an Affinity Publisher file. Grab it and get hacking!


  1. Thanks for putting this in print so I, a poor printerless man-child, can finally get a hard copy of one of my favourite dungeons.

    You could always put it as a pay what you want above the floor of $2.70? I'm sure there are many of use who would gladly chip in extra.

    1. Eh, then people would feel guilty about getting it as cheaply as possible. If people want to pay more, I've got a Donate button on the sidebar. It's very dusty but it still works.

    2. I might have to poke the donate button again... :)

  2. I will have to take a good look at this - my Glog Campaign moves slowly, but it moves! Thank you for the update!

  3. This looks pretty cool, thinking of running my mid-level ASSH2E group through it.