OSR: One Page Dungeon: Sutter Cane's Perilous Peninsula

Here's a quick little trope-filled adventure location. Happy Halloween!

Sutter Cane's Perilous Peninsula

I think this adventure works best as a funnel or as a place the PCs collide with on a cold fall night. There's no overarching plot. Just listen to the wild speculations of your players, nod, and make notes. 

Isaac Williams turned up to save the day with some excellent art. The old version is still available. Go check out his website. It has flash games.

Fonts are Creepy Crawlers and Insomnia.


  1. Watched my first proper horror movie today. Confirmed the fact that I am a *complete* wimp. Is there room for a list of dark secrets in there somewhere, or do i just go with what the players accidentally suggest?

  2. Thank you, Skerples, as this post seems to have been made made for Gary vs. Monsters. I will be using this, in some form or another.

  3. So it's basically every Stephen King novel at once? Or a super-compressed Ravenloft (setting, not module)? I could dig that.