OSR: Pirate Wavecrawl Maps, Part 2

Here's another PDF for 2 more regions in my piratical wavecrawl. General setting notes are here.

Part 1 contains notes for the centre of the map, Chult, and the Golden Isles.

This part contains notes for Yoon-Suin and the Ape Archipelago, separated by several thousand miles of ocean. Since neither section required a lot of notes, I combined them into one document.

Part 3 will cover the volcanic islands (Isle of Dread, Hot Springs Island, etc). And then that's it! For now.

Yoon-Suin and the Ape Archipelago

Dungeons and locations featured from other authors:
Misty Isles of the Eld
Houses of the Tyrant
Neither Man Nor Beast

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