OSR: GLOG Pirates Megapost

Whew! Finally done!

Main Rulebook

The classes and main rules are based on Arnold K's GLOG, mutated and altered as usual. The sailing, exploration, and cargo rules don't use the GLOG directly. If you want more GLOG content, check out the G+ group here.

Settings and Islands

All files are included in this Google Drive folder. If I add any more, I'll update the maps and post them here. Adding more islands to this setting is trivial.

1. The "Core" region - The Merabaha Islands

2. Golden Isles

3. Chult

4. Yoon-Suin and the Ape Archipelago

5. Isle of Dread

Originally, Hot Springs Island was going to be added to this chain, but I decided to go with a more low-magic setting. HSI is excellent but it's got lots of planar politics and magic all over the place. The Lapis Observatory made its way onto the Isle of Dread, and I'll definitely use bits and pieces of the book in other locations.

Further Reading

Richard G's Countercolonial Heistcrawl notes (this post and others) is the best place to start. It covers everything I could possibly cover in an introductions and more: why pirates work, how to disrupt or manipulate nations, what a pirate state might look like, etc.

Dunkey Halton's Comache Hexcrawl notes for similar ideas and approaches.

Jeff Russel's "The Sages Say" monster generator is good for sea monsters and other weird beasts.

Dunkey Halton's 1d100 Island Encounters in the Islands.

Sheep and Sorcery pirate tables and sea monster tables.

Unlawful Games' Barrier Island Generator

Cacklecharm's Ship Name Generator

Playtest Status

As per Lungfungus' request.
The classes have been tested. Not all the Weather Witch Workings have seen play. Ship combat has been tested, though I may still fiddle with the numbers. Pirate Democracy rules were tested in a completely different game with plenty of interesting consequences.

I'll probably put up a separate PDF of ships, upgrades, and magic items at some point.


  1. Great stuff Skerples! my players are sold on the setting already. Just one thing that came up while reading: I didn't find any rules about the Marines specifically, how to aquire them, how they act when not in combat ant the likes. I did a quick read over and could have missed something but I didn't seem to find any of theese informations.

  2. Hey! This is some great stuff, it's been several years but I'm finally getting around to running it for a group. Yarhar! Thanks for all your hard work, your setting notes are surprisingly easy to use and make the process of improvisation supa easy

    1. Update: Game is still going, we're on session 20. I stapled on Joseph Manola's condensation of skulls and shackles, and WhatwedoforXP's Maelstrom Islands. Players have smuggled magical weapons to Mzulo Sradi and assisted in sparking a war between Tarracon and Wexland, which has in turn led to slave rebellions and the establishment of a "Free Kingdom"- for now. We'll see how they do if/when the Old World gets their shit together. They also visited Chult where they got drawn into politics (badly) with the Hand of the Crown.