OSR: Pirate Wavecrawl Maps, Part 1

Here are 3 PDFs for 3 regions in my piratical wavecrawl. General setting notes are here.

This map is just a draft. It will change. Hexes are 100 miles, but the darker blue gaps between islands and island chains are far larger.

1. The "Core" region - The Merabaha Islands

A generic island chain sketched in very brief notes. Ideal for improvising, adding new content, filling in sections, etc. Expect this document to change and grow. It includes several adventures by Michael Prescott.

2. AQ1: Golden Voyages

The adventures are really good. Adventure #1: You're in a semi-civilized fishing town. Oh no! Cannibal tribes show up! Except they're not cannibals. They're just people. And a giant enemy crab is attacking their village. You can play one side against the other, steal everything of value from the fishing village, sail away and never look back, etc, etc.

Also, compared to other modules, there's significantly less cultural appropriation to edit away. Everyone - even the ogres - has a motive. The world might be mythical and strange but it's alive! It's not just a setting. My notes are, therefore, very brief. Aside from a revised map, I've added a few useful tables nicked from other blogs.

3. Tomb of Annihilation

Significant edits. New random encounter tables, lots of name changes, lots of hints and plots seeds. I'd expect the PCs to mostly focus on the coastal region from Jahaka Bay to New Tarracon, but who knows? Includes notes for a module by Gabor Lux.


  1. Haven't went through the documents or got caught up yet, but are you still using Hot Springs Island?

    1. Yup. It's part of another island chain though. Requires significantly less work, so I'm saving it for later.

  2. What are you using to format the tables in the ToA notes? It looks much nicer than what I've managed to whip up in Latex.