40k: Kill Team Update 1

I've caught the Kill Team bug. It's too late for me. Get out while you still can! Save yourselves and your wallets!

Since this is mostly an RPG blog, here's a brief introduction to a few terms and concepts.


John Blanche is an iconic artist. His work more-or-less defines Warhammer and Warhammer 40k for some people. Messy, detailed, medieval, incongruous
There's a group of bloggers, modelers, and painters who build Warhammer models in this style. It's like nothing you've seen before. If conventional Warhammer is 5E, these folks are the OSR. Their stuff is absolutely mental.
Not mine!
Secrets of the Void
Blogs To Check Out
Ex Profundis

Echoes of the Imperium

Gardens of Hecate

Iron Sleet

Secrets of the Void

They're even working on a magazine.

Kill Team

Is a skirmish wargame. 3-20 models, ~45 minute games. It's not quite a campaign-type game like Mordheim or Necromunda (or the popular homebrewed Inquisimunda / Inq28), but it does have long-term play elements.

Skirmish games work best when there's lots of terrain. Here's what I'm working on.

Each segment is a 1'x1' MDF board covered in plasticard tiles, sand, and some moulded terrain. All of the buildings are removable. The "bridge" is glued to the tiles, but since each tile lines up with all the others I've got tons of options for how to assemble the board. Only 6 the tiles are shown in the photo.

Kits Used

About 1/3rd of the terrain is painted. Buildings and walls will eventually be the tan colour seen in the upper half of the photo.

I'm also working on some industrial terrain to add to the mix (in case there wasn't enough terrain on the board).

See no evil, speak no evil, refine no evil.

Adeptus Mechanicus Extermination Detachment Kappa Nine

Sorry for the quality. I'm hoping to get a better lightbox set up soon. Not pictured: several plasma drones and servo-hunters.

I've tried to create a proper mix of horrible mechanical creatures.


  1. ++++ Thought for the day: The Emperor shall suffer his enemies to be in no form higher than that of superheated ash. ++++

  2. I bought it wanting another long player and am brutally disappointed. The focus is on competitive play over narrative progression...I know Necromunda fills this slot...but I want, what I want. As it stands, the D&D 5e background bits, stand out like chronically sore thumbs. I aim to address: it might end up being one of my epochal blog posts. What are your thoughts? Surely you feel the itch to explore this avenue? ;-)

    1. If you can get a good group together, the Inq28/Inquisimunda stuff seems to have it well covered.

  3. I do see what you mean. That said I'm more concerned with embedding what's already in the Core Book, with a little more meaning.