OSR: Class: Many Goblins

So you want to play a goblin. Here are the rules for playing one goblin.

But what if you want to play many goblins?

This can happen because you Get Good (i.e. level) as a Goblan and recruit a Goblin Friend and then you meet more Goblins, or because you just met and recruited a bunch of goblins.
Cory Trego Erdner

Class: Many Goblins

Based on

Starting Item: many daggers, filthy rags, fleas, etc. 1 random item

Starting Skill: goblan

aries encounter to encounter and even round to round. When performing basic unskilled labour, like digging a trench or carrying buckets, Many Goblins count as 10 people for the first hour, 5 people the next hour, and give up after the third hour. They occupy an area 20' square whenever possible, spreading as needed (a 5' wide 80' long line, etc.)

Goblin Warlord
One goblin in the swarm has earned a name. Once per encounter, for one round, the named goblin can do something different than the other Many Goblins. They could run to warn the PCs while the rest of the Many Goblins fight something. At the end of the round, the Goblin Warlord is absorbed back into the swarm. Goblin Warlords get a name (here are some examples) and a very short description like, "has a horned helmet" or "smells of cheese."

If the Many Goblins die, each Goblin Warlord becomes a Level 1 Goblan with no bonuses, the stats of the Many Goblans, and 2 HP. If the Goblin Warlords find some more goblins, or spend some time in an area where goblins are likely to be found, they can recombine to form a new Level 2 Many Goblans. Only 1 Goblin Warlord survives this process. You can use orphans, urchins, drunkards, wastrels, and particularly cunning feral dogs to fill out the ranks. Goblinism is contagious.

Use Thing
Many Goblins can now be given magic items or special tools. They can use them once per encounter, collectively. This could be a Goblin Warlord action. The goblin with the magic wand fires it, the goblin with the serrated weasel-thrower uses it, then steps back into the crowd.

New Thing
Many Goblins gain a special 6th inventory slot that contains a random item rolled on this table (or another table of junk). Roll the item randomly each encounter. If the Many Goblins run into another room or out of sight (one round at least) and then run back (a second round) they can reroll the item.

Mark Facey



  1. Nice. As I mentioned in the original post, the Extras themselves were originally inspired by someone else's class for playing a whole bunch of imps balancing on each other's shoulders as a single character, so this feels rather like coming full circle...

    1. Yeah, the Imp class thing was a bunch of imps pretending to be a person. This one is a bunch of goblins pretending to be a functional part of a group.

  2. Oh hell yes, I love your goblins. Splitting into Two Many Goblins blew me away with the sheer pun power.

  3. Even more interesting than being many goblins and multiclassing into something else is starting as something else and multiclassing into many goblins.

    The charade has finally been revealed! Our Book Exorcist was actually many goblins!

  4. I am using this idea to play 'Many Kowakian Monkey-Lizards' in a Star Wars game, thank you.