OSR: 100 Entities You Can Summon


Some cults worship them as gods, intercessors, or oracles. They are as varied and as wondrous as Creation. Entities have 10 Attack, unarmoured defense, and 10 HP unless otherwise noted. They automatically Save against magic and magic-like effects unless the caster knows their true name, in which case they automatically fail. If an Entity is reduced to 0 HP it vanishes, but it takes no permanent harm.

The names listed are not their true names. Their true names are very difficult to write and pronounce.

To summon Entities, Summoners invest Summoning Dice (SD). SD are d6s. At level 1, a Summoner has 1 SD, and gets a maximum of 4 SD at level 4. The [sum] of the dice invested, as well as the number of [dice], may affect the result. Entities are summoned for [sum] hours.

Scrolls of Summoning

Contain a true name and a few scraps of ritual instruction. If interpreted by a Summoner, the summoner can permanently call on the Entity. If interpreted by anyone else, the scroll is one use, cast with 1d4 [dice].

System Notes

10 Attack is equivalent to a first-level magic-user. Effectively, no attack bonus.
Defense is given as armour types: unarmoured, leather, chain, plate.
Saves are given in a generic format. "Save" is a general luck-based roll. Saves vs. a Stat are, in the system I use, roll-under the stat. Adapt as needed.
Chenthooran Nambiarooran

99 Entities

1. Melchior, of Eyes Unblinded
Enters from somewhere not observed by the summoner. Appears as a withered old man in fine robes, or a beautiful young woman with no hair. In either form, Melchior will mutter constantly, repeating meaningless phrases or snippets of conversation. As long as Melchior can see the tongue of a creature, it can tell if the creature is lying. It will hiss and lunge at anyone who lies for purely selfish reasons, and will seek to remove their tongue. Melchior will carry items for you and will provide banal and useless advice if asked. Believed to be one of the most powerful Entities. Armour as plate, at least 30 HP.

2. Cantopas, the Grey Mirage
Enters and moves like smoke. Appears as a rippling cloud of grey-white fabric. Sheds light like a candle. An object smaller than an apple given to Cantopas will vanish. Cantopas moves as quickly as an arrow (150 miles per hour), and will bring the object to the location or person you designate, provided it can reach them before vanishing. If it cannot, it will try and drop the item somewhere along the quickest path. If Cantopas descends onto the head of a living creature, the creature must Save or be deafened and blinded for 1 round. Cantopas has 1 HP.

3. Thoriel, who Demands Reverence
Enters with a thunderclap. Appears as two rotating rings of white light, one inside the other, tumbling through the air. The size of a clenched fist. Shakes, as if enraged. Speaks in high-pitched monotone. Up to [dice] times per summon, can demand a single creature it can see "PRAY". The creature must make the sign of the Authority or, the next round, by struck by a 4d6 lightning bolt. Animals of Creation will kneel or bow instead. Can sense the presence of those who have consciously rejected the Church within 100', but cannot sense mindless creatures, undead, or those who were never converted.

4. Rone, the Blade of Love
Enters silently, in the summoner's hand. Appears as a black dagger of stone and grey leather. Cannot speak or see, but can hear very, very well. Creatures injured by Rone feel no pain, only a curious sensation of pressure. If you hold it like a pen and use blood as ink, Rone will write the answers to any questions you ask, provided it has overheard the answers since you summoned it. It could transcribe a conversation in perfect detail or tell you how many people entered a room, what they said, and when they left. If anyone holds Rone against the summoner's will, they must Save or take 1d6 damage, and Rone vanishes. If anyone holds Rone with the summoner's permission, they must Save. If they fail, each morning they must Save against the desire to hold Rone again.

5. Gornim, Lord of Vermin
Enters on a cloud of flies and biting insects. Appears as statue of a child made of clay. Crude. Gluttonous. Can command vermin to move, assemble, or bring tribute (food). Any other requests are met with suspicion and peevish demands. If provided with sufficient food (a larder or storeroom), Gormin will call all vermin within [dice] miles to him for a grand feast.

6. Malrane, the Scholar's Aide
Enters from somewhere not observed by the summoner. Appears as a thin, tired young man or woman with wiry hair. Can speak and translate any language, living or dead. Will not speak or translate blasphemies, or prayers to any god but the Authority. Can only offer a literal translation unless reading by the light of the noonday sun, in which case, a full allegorical and contextual translation is prepared. Cannot, or refuses to, write.

7. Esilan, the Keeper of Hours
Enters in a shower of feathers. Appears as a floating hourglass orbited by wings. Can accurately and precisely measure any time interval it sees. Up to [dice] times per summon, can demand a single creature it can see "AGE". Target creature's age mirrors for [sum] rounds. A 20-year-old creature becomes 2 years old. A 92-year-old creature becomes 29. A 106 year old dragon becomes 601. This cannot directly cause a creature to die or suffer any damage, but it may affect HP or stats. If confronted by blasphemies, glows as bright as a torch.

8. Simpulex, Carnal Bookkeeper
Enters from just behind the summoner. Appears as an androgynous humanoid wrapped in a silk ribbon. Is extremely beautiful. If Simpulex touches a creature, it learns the creature's entire sexual history in graphic detail. Will attempt to seduce a suitable target it if not directly observed by the summoner. Uses poetry and flattery. If the target willingly kisses Simpulex, both the target and Simpulex vanish. The target never returns.

9. Bantos, Life-Leech
Enters by squirming up from cracks in the ground. Appears as a smiling man who vaguely resembles the summoner. Creatures touched by Bantos take 1d4 damage per round. Bantos heals 1d4 HP per round. Bantos has a Strength of 16 and does not need to breathe.

10. Hisbic, the Coin Counter
Enters in a puff of greasy smoke. Appears as a squashed and twisted humanoid, with a huge mouth and gut, no neck or eyes, and tiny limbs. Floats and tumbles through the air like a leaf. Will devour any coins given to it. Will regurgitate the coins at the summoner's request, at any point, even if summoned years later. Loves the taste of rare or unusual coins. Will only swallow metal coins, not jewelry, shells, or promissory notes. Can accurately guess the amount of currency a person is carrying at any given time. Can convert 10 gp per hour from one currency to another, in any format. Loathes counterfeiters.

11. Raspalan, the Urgent Guide
Enters by running in via a door or window. Appears as a thin human with a scraggly beard and no clothes other than sandals. Cannot stop running. Will lead the summoner to any destination they name, provided it can be reached by running at a breakneck pace and leaping over obstacles. Will attempt to warn the summoner of traps, monsters, jumps, spikes, and other hazards in time to allow a Save. If the summoner does not follow or falls behind, Raspalan will still run to the destination and then vanish when not observed. If trapped, manacled, or cornered, will come up with some means of escape that may also benefit the summoner. Cannot be persuaded to run into a battle, but often runs through them accidentally.

12. Gemwick, Spell Tutor
Enters in a shower of sparks. Appears as a red humanoid the size of an acorn. Has a wizard's robe, hat, and staff. If a wizard sacrifices a limb or eye (of their choice), Gemwick will either teach them a new spell or improve (mutate) a spell they already know. Is respectful, but slightly bored of the summoner. Once per day, can summon 1d6 Limb Homonculi (as Apes, with 1HP), which are made from the fused limbs and eyes of wizards he has assisted in the past. The homunculi obey only Gemwick. Gemwick desires magical items, spells, and the shapely limbs of wizards.

13. Banzatoul, the Morphing Chain
Enters with a musical clang. Appears as a floating ring of chain the size of a barrel, spinning slowly. If a living creature passes through the centre of the chain, it is temporarily randomized. Roll for a random gender, appearance, and new stats (3d6 in order). The creature's species does not change. A creature can only be changed once per day. When Banzatoul vanishes, the effects end. Arrows fired through Banzatoul have a 50% chance to catch on fire. Spells with an elemental damage type that pass completely through Banzatoul on the way to their target have a 50% chance of changing elemental damage types.

14. Quen, the Truculent Goat
Enters with a clatter of hooves. Appears as a six-legged grey goat. Attack 14, armour as chain. Loves to charge things. If Quen charges and hits an enemy of 2 HD or less, the enemy is automatically knocked prone. Any gate or door less than 20' tall or wide and not protected by magic that is charged and hit by Quen bursts open. Quen prefers to charge targets taller than it, targets with horns, or targets that look cheerful. If no targets are designated by the summoner, it has a 50% chance of charging a random target each hour.

15. Fizby, Friend of the Stars
Enters with a faint hiss and crackle. Appears as a tiny blue sphere the size of a berry. Glows as brightly as a candle. Will move as you direct and follow people or objects. Each hour it is summoned, there is a 10% chance a falling star fragment will strike Fizby, or the area directly above Fizby if not exposed to the sky. Roll 1d6+[dice] for the type of stone summoned. 1. Tiny fragment of cold stone (no damage). 2-5. Minor stone fragment, 2d6 bludgeoning damage. 6. Minor iron fragment. 2d6 damage but worth [damage]x5gp to wizards or blacksmiths. 7-8. Major stone fragment. 4d6 bludgeoning damage, target must Save or be knocked prone. 9. Major iron fragment. 4d6 damage, target must Save or be knocked prone, worth [damage]x5gp to wizards or blacksmiths. 10. Star Core. Everything in a 1 mile radius takes 6d6 fire damage. Everything in a 100' radius is obliterated. The star core is the size of a fist and burns for 2d10 days while slowly evaporating into nothingness.

16. Doron, the Shield of the Righteous
Enters with a small thunderclap. Appears as a round shield of brass engraved with tightly packed combatants. Can be carried by anyone as a shield (+1 Defense). If you "sunder" the shield (reducing incoming damage by 1d12), Doron does not break, but instead reveals one of your sins or failings to all present in a disgusted tone. It will present your sins in the least charitable way possible. If you are attacked by an agent of the Authority (a paladin, an angel, etc.), Doron will still defend you but will reveal one sin every round.

17. Astokepolos, Diagnosticator
Enters in a stream of leaves and smoke. Appears as a gnarled walking stick with a serpent wrapped around it. Astokepolos can diagnose one illness per day, no matter how obscure or complex, and offer a cure. Roll 1d6+[dice]. 1. Cure is impossible (decapitation), 2-4. Cure is difficult but possible (the blood of an albino donkey, the tears of a virtuous raven, a stone from a lost temple), 5-6. Cure is possible to achieve shortly (a rare local plant, a particular ritual), 7-8. Cure is trivial (a common plant, a short ritual chant), 9. Cure is instant (a pressure point, a single word), 10. Cure is instant but the target will die in 1d6 days, target is not offered a choice. Any creatures cured with Astokepolos's advice owe their souls, or a portion of them, to him, and he will claim them at death unless prevented. He bears no ill will if prevented provided it is done politely. Astokepolos can also speak to and translate for serpents.

18. Orniel, the Ash Knight
Enters in a cloud of ash. Appears as a suit of charred plate armour, stacked neatly on the ground. Any humanoid who puts on the helmet will be compelled (Save once to immediately remove the helmet) to put on the rest of the armour. If they succeed, they immediately immolate, and the Ash Knight is created. The Ash Knight has Attack 14, armour as plate, and the HP of the person inside the armour. It wields a sword made of smoke and cinders (d8+2 damage, cannot be parried or blocked by shields). The creature inside the armour can be faintly heard screaming as they burn to death. The Ash Knight loses 1 HP per hour, and disappears when the summon ends. It does not speak, but will obey most commands without hesitation.

19. Weeblen, Blade Tamer
Enters from somewhere not observed by the summoner. Appears as a portly man with grey eyes and slightly stained traveling clothes. Can sharpen any blade. Up to [sum] times per summon, can (a) create a sword, dagger, arrow, or axe that lasts for the duration of the summon (b) sharpen a weapon to give it +1 slashing damage until the end of a combat, (c) identify who forged a blade and when or (d) identify when a blade was last used. Weeblen will not fight, but will assist with mundane tasks if given ale or rations.

20. Creston, who Adjudicates
Enters by floating down from above. Appears as a floating stone sphere the size of a cabbage, carved to resemble a stylized human head. Speaks in a booming tone. If two objects, items, values, or issues are presented to Creston, along with a criteria, Creston will judge them. For example, you could ask "Which of these gems is most valuable?", "Which of my friends is most cowardly?" or "Which of these two wines would I enjoy most?" Creston cannot answer questions that are not local and immediate. It cannot answer "Which country will win the war?" or "Which hallway did the King run down?". Creston enjoys finely made handicrafts and loathes cheats and pretenders.

21. Jalpirtan, the First Assassin
Enters from the shadows. A thin woman in black and grey, beautiful, but cold. Speaks in whispers. Once per day, Jalpartian can kill a single mortal target you name, provided you have a piece of the target's hair or flesh, and the target can be reached within the duration of the summon. Jalpirtan will demand an equal sacrifice: a lord for a lord, a peasant for a peasant, or the equivalent value in lives, calculated by some obscure process. Alternatively, she can offer advice in the arts of poison-making, stealth, burglary, and knife-fighting. If the advice is simple and the conversation is pleasant, she may not demand a price, but she might demand the summoner test their new-found knowledge on an arbitrary target. If the summoner provides her with a suitable apprentice (a child under 10 with no living family, who has killed at least one person), Jalpirtan will take the apprentice and provide the summoner with a detailed plan to locate and kill one mortal target of the summoner's choice.

22. Antrac, the Dark Flame
Enters in a flare of fire. Appears as a floating orb of dark red flame that emits no light. The orb is the size of a horse. Antrac can imitate any voice it has heard while summoned. It can shrink to the size of a marble. The flame causes no damage to living creatures or plants but otherwise burns as a normal fire.

23. Louchan, the Scythe of Bones
Enters silently, in the summoner's hand. Appears as a scythe of bones. Can be wielded with two hands (d6 slashing damage). Any creatures reduced below 0 HP by the scythe have a 50% chance to crumble to dust and rise as skeletons of appropriate size and HD in 1d6 rounds. The skeletons last for the duration of the summon, and obey whoever holds Louchan. Both Louchan and the skeletons it creates instantly crumble to dust if exposed to sunlight.

24. Sbendis, Helpful Vermin
Enters by burrowing from beneath the earth. Appears as a thin, flattened, asymetrical crustacean. Speaks in a whistling tone. If you boil and eat Sbendis (which she readily encourages), the delicious broth formed by her body can nourish up to 10 creatures for a day. If you consume her entire body without cooking it, you gain 10 temporary HP for the duration of the summon. Sbendis can burrow into the body of a creature that died no more than 1 minute ago and control its body for up to an hour. She is a very poor mimic and is nearly useless in combat.

25. Hypanian, the Land-Ship
Enters with a ruble of earth. Appears as a stone ship, crudely carved, with stone sails and a stone rudder. Can only be summoned in an area with solid ground. Will move at 2 miles per hour across land, cutting a furrow that folds behind it. Ignores trees, mountains, hills, elevation, and lava. Treats rivers and glaciers as reefs and islands. Ignores wind as well. Can carry up to 10 people or equivalent goods in moderate discomfort. Hypanian is intelligent and understands commands, but sometimes forgets to warn passengers of danger.

26. Goamloamer, the Warming Beast
Enters with a shuffle and a pop. Appears as a pig-like creature with no face. Gloamloamer is twice the size of a horse, moves as slowly as a person walking, and cannot attack. It has 20 HP, is always hit by melee attacks, and feels no pain. It is very warm. You cannot eat its flesh, but if you sleep next to it, you count as being inside a tent. If you place a healthy egg under Gloamloamer it will hatch in 1/100th the usual time (5hrs for a chicken's egg). You can put up to 20 eggs under Gloamloamer at once.

27. Lukian, the Eye of the Gatekeeper
Enters with a trumpet blast. Appears as a grey glass orb the size of a marble, flickering with faint shadows. Hovers and faintly chants hymns. No ghost or demon can willingly come within a 10' radius of Lukian. Any invisible ghosts or demons within 30' are fully revealed in their true form. Lukian can also tell false priests of the Authority from true ones.

28. Xeriandel, Whose Form is Agony
Enters with a hideous shrieking noise. Appears as a pulsing rift of light the size of a clenched fist. Targets looking at Xeriandel must Save or take 1 damage per round. Even if they Save, targets develop a splitting headache. Xeriandel will always remain within 20' of the summoner, passing through walls and barriers if needed. If not given instructions every 10 minutes, will slowly drift towards the summoner's line of sight. If the summoner falls unconscious with Xeriandel nearby, Xeriandel will descend into the summoner's ear and reduce them to 0HP.

29. Jentro, the Mirror of Life
Enters by stepping up from the summoner's shadow. Appears as an identical duplicate of summoner, save for some subtle detail, such as eye colour or a missing scar. Will act as directed for the spell's duration, with the summoner's stats or 10, whichever is higher. Is intelligent enough to carry out very complex tasks, but has trouble improvising. Cannot deal damage or cast spells, but can appear to do so via illusions. The illusions are always minor and short-lived.

30. Kylon, Discord Manifest
Enters with a clatter of stones. Appears as a dusty stone idol the size of a brick. Up to [sum] times per summon, Kylon can cause two people to Save or disagree on topic they were discussing. The disagreement may be resolved, or it may turn to violence. If the dust from Kylon is rubbed into a book or letter, the text will change to contain veiled insults and contradictions for the duration of the summon. Kylon can hear and speak, but prefers to remain smug and silent.

31. Uziam, the Creeping Death
Enters as a black stain on a surface. The summoner has [sum] minutes to flee the area. After [sum] minutes, a white figure with tar-like hand and footprints will crawl from the stained surface. Uziam will stalk and strangle (Strength 14) any sentient living creatures in the area, starting with those closest to the summoning point. Serious opposition will cause Uziam to vanish and select a new target. Uziam can pass through walls and turn invisible if required. It only targets the fearful, the isolated, and the weak. Uziam cannot enter areas of direct sunlight, but it can extinguish non-magical flames at will, provided it is hunting a target. It will happily hunt and strangle the summoner.

32. Krentos, Knight of Leaves
Enters with a storm of dried leaves. Appears as ancient suit of animated plate armour with branches growing from the joints. The Knight of Leaves has Attack 14, armour as plate, and HP equal to the hours of the day remaining until sunset (18 to 8, depending on the season). At night, or if not exposed to sunlight in the past 2 hours, the Knight of Leaves is completely dormant. While active, it will attack any targets you designate. It does not speak. Dryads and tree-creatures will be polite to anyone in the company of the Knight of Leaves.

33. Enti, Kite of Eyes
Enters with an accompanying host of winds. Appears as a tattered blue kite with painted eyes. In a good wind (not provided), Enti will rise up to 1,000 feet in the air over the course of the summon. While in the air, anyone holding the other end of Enti's kite string and spool will be able to see from Enti's eyes. You can use this ability at any time (to peek around corners or under doors, for example), but Enti is happiest while flying, and may provide insight into the things it sees while in the air. Anyone holding Enti's string and spool can cast spells through its eyes.

34. Ophinania, Rot Butterfly
Enters with a cloud of stinking air. Appears as an ordinary yellow-grey butterfly. Is invulnerable to harm. Constantly produces an odour so foul that a) no one within 100' can eat unless starving b) food rots or spoils in 1/10th the usual time c) white fabric or paint becomes discoloured and d) creatures with a sense of smell must Save once to enter the area, and once again to enter within 10' of Ophinania. The summoner is immune to the last effect, but allies are not. The last effect only applies if creatures are voluntarily approaching Ophinania. Walking towards a creature does not require them to Save or flee. Ophinania can tell how long a body has been dead, a flower cut, bread left since baking, or any other duration related to rot and spoiling. She will examine up to [sum] items per summon.

35. Banalor, the Light of Creation
Enters with a shimmer of golden light. Appears as floating sphere of golden flame. The sphere sheds light as a torch. Up to [dice] times per summon, Banalor can flare and illuminate, briefly, an area 100' in radius. Sighted creatures in the area who are not aware of Banalor's flare must Save or be blinded for 1d6 rounds. The flare temporarily cancels magical darkness, which will re-emerge at 10' per round from its source. Banalor's flare does not have the properties of sunlight, but unholy or unnatural creatures will instinctively flinch from it. Banalor knows a great deal about scripture, hymns, and glassworking.

36. Irukan, the Tick of Wakefulness
Enters by scuttling out from the summoner's sleeve or coat. Appears as blue-white tick the size of a thumb, with three beady black eyes. Once per summon, Irukan can attach himself to a living target. For the duration of the summon, the target cannot be fatigued or knocked unconscious, and does not require sleep for 10 hours after the summon ends. Irukan will grow gradually more bloated as the summon progresses. He has 1HP and, if burst, anyone within 10' must Save or fall asleep (as per the sleep spell). Irukan does not like being burst, and will give the summoner nightmares. If Irukan is burst 3 times within a week, he will lay painful (1 damage) eggs in the summoner's blood, and in 1d6 weeks a swarm of baby ticks will crawl from the summoner's tear ducts. If kept warm and flattered, Irukan can also purify a creature's blood, allowing a new Save vs Disease or Poison.

37. Thosban, Cloak of Beasts
Enters by falling into the summoner's hands. Appears as thick cloak of mixed furs, crudely sewn. Anyone who puts on the cloak and names a furred, flesh-eating beast they have personally killed transforms into that beast for the duration of the summon. They must Save each hour past the first or let the beast's nature take hold. They can remove the cloak at any time, provided they have Saved for the hour. Thosban provides guttural advice, suggesting mayhem, death, and gorging on flesh.

38. Leticular, Stairway Between Realms
Enters silently, subtly, and nearly invisibly. Appears as a faint stairway of glass, rising either up or down (randomly determined). The steps appear to be 1' high, but in fact raise anyone stepping on them by 1', 10', 100', 1,000', etc. respectively. By the 5th step up, the air becomes cold. The 6th step up causes nearly instant death by freezing cold and lack of air. Similarly, if the staircase, leads down, you can descend the first 1', 10', 100', and 1000' safely (though you will emerge into solid rock unless you step off very carefully). By the 5th step, the air is intolerably warm. Any further, and you are either incinerated by the heat or dragged from the stairs by the guardians of Hell. You can step off the stair at any time, and if you carefully judge your step, emerge at a useful height.

39. Zantaliar, Lord of War
Enters with a stiff march. Appears as a scowling man in heavy robes. Will consult and advise on any matters of military strategy, from the raiding of a camp to the invasion of a continent. His advice is useful to amateurs but redundant and irritating to experts or those unwilling to grasp the realities of war. He will refuse to assist in tomb-robbing, burglary, or other unsavory acts. His advice is no more than a year behind the cutting edge of the area or conflict he is examining. Zantaliar will not fight for you, and will occasionally shout advice to your enemies if they seem particularly disorganized.

40. Oswing, the Merchant of Delight
Enters from somewhere unseen by the summoner. Appears as a thin grey-skinned man or woman in a pale blue cloak. Up to [sum] times per summon, can touch a willing living creature to transport them to a rapturous ecstasy that lasts [dice]+1d6 hours. Only pain can wake them from their vision. Oswing will demand payment for the visions. At first, the payment will be trivial, but it will quickly escalate to outrageous sums, cruel tasks, or impossible items. The weak-willed, the desperate, or the poetic must Save after the first vision or forever desire another. Oswing will not give you a share of its payments, but will allow the Summoner to enjoy a 1hr vision, per summon, for free. If paid or flattered, it can tell you what visions its clients enjoyed best.

41. Iescophcos, Arrowhead of Sorrow
Enters in the summoner's pocket or boot. Appears as black stone arrowhead, shiny like glass. If placed on a horizontal surface, the arrowhead will rotate to point at the nearest newborn person, no matter the distance. Newborn, in this case, means within thee days of birth. If Iescophcos is brought within 10' of a newborn, it begins to shake. If plunged into a newborn's heart, two effects will occur: the child's heart will forever beat at a steady, slow pace, and on their sixteenth birthday, they will be compelled to seek out and obey (as a permanent charm person spell) whoever held the arrowhead at the time they were wounded. The infant is not otherwise harmed. If attached to an arrow, the arrow deals 1d6+[sum] damage on a successful hit, but the summon immediately ends. Iescophcos speaks a language no one can understand.

42. Antoban, the Harbinger of Winter
Enters in a storm of freezing air, from a nearby door or window. Appears as a pale white humanoid of the same species and gender as the summoner, but stiff and frozen like a frostbitten corpse. An area 100' in radius around Antoban will always be uncomfortably cold. An area 10' in radius around Antoban will, provided Antoban is not moving, become painfully cold (1d4 cold damage per round, unless creatures are well insulated or immune to arctic temperatures). Antoban takes half damage from all weapons and spells, but double damage from fire. It can discuss the history of winters in the area, focusing on famine, madness, and murder wherever possible. Ice elementals fear and revere Antoban, but it will not command them for any reason. In battle, it wields a short iron sword (1d6 damage).

43. Noroyo, the Useless Fish
Enters with a loud plop. Appears as a horse-sized fish with green scales and whiskers. Sits quietly, slowly breathing and looking around. Despite being out of the water, will not die. Noroyo's flesh is edible but tastes foul and vanishes at the end of the summon, possibly with disastrous effects. If summoned in water, Noroyo appears as a stunted pony with short limbs, and swiftly sinks. The main use of Noroyo is summoning it in the air to squash your enemies (inflicting 3d6 bludgeoning damage on a typical summon, Save vs Dex negates).

44. Uskip, Protector of the Virtuous
Enters with a ringing sound. Appears as a purple disc of light, floating 2' over the summoner's head. Any objects falling on the summoner from above, no matter how heavy, are instantly stopped by the disc. If trapped by a rockfall or avalanche, Uskip will shield the summoner and create a small air space around their body. This will not help the summoner escape, but will prevent them from being crushed or immediately suffocated. Additionally, for the duration of the summon, the summoner gains a +2 to Save vs Magic. Uskip vanishes if the summoner utters any blasphemies or strikes a priest.

45. Warlence, the Perpetual Relative
Enters with a shuffle. Appears as a peasant in appropriate local dress, with a rucksack full of rags and rotten onions. Up to [dice] times per summon, Warlence can designate a target who is not aware Warlence is an unnatural creature. The target will treat Warlence as a distant relative. At a minimum, this will involve a simple meal (Warlence is ravenous) and a warm bed for one night. Warlence is happy to go along with any deceptions the summoner suggests, but cannot invent lies on its own. Will carry supplies and assist with other simple activities, but will not fight for you.

46. Loswach, the Universal Chisel
Enters in the summoner's hand. Appears as an iron chisel with a wooden handle. Loswach can separate any two layers. You can use it too separate skin from muscle, gold foil from wood, rust from iron, or bark from a tree. You can't separate things that are not fused, so Loswach couldn't chisel the armour off a warrior or the nose off a statue (at least, not any more than a normal chisel could). In combat, Loswach counts as a dagger. Loswach cannot speak, but it will carve answers to simple questions into stone, if guided by an idle hand.

47. Benlib, Door of Possibilities
Enters on a nearby wall. Appears as an ordinary wooden door. Will allow [sum] creatures plus the summoner to pass through it, once per summon, and walk through any other door the summoner has seen and marked with a tiny symbol. The door must be within [dice] miles, and must not be locked or magically protected. Benlib vanishes after [sum] creatures or spells have passed through it. Non-living objects pass through Benlib normally, appearing at the door the summoner designated.

48. Nauox, Tapestry of Lies
Enters with a thump and cloud of dust. Appears as a rolled up tapestry, 6' by 10', with ornate designs featuring scenes from the summoner's life as well as fictional scenes. All of them are slightly embarrassing to the summoner, but this is only noticeable on very close examination. Nauox can speak and insists it is a flying carpet. It is not. It also insists it can crush anyone wrapped in it. This is also a lie. The tapestry is animated, and can walk (very slowly) on its corners. Though it will claim otherwise, it cannot be harmed by acid, fire, or spells. A solid hit from an arrow or spell will knock it over.

49. Eb, the Tasting Lizard
Enters around the summoner's neck. Appears as a sleek yellow lizard with a bright blue tongue. Eb can taste poison gas on the air, and provide information about the source of odours, smoke, or fog. Eb always knows the local tides, and will tell you which hour in the day will be most propitious for sailing, fishing, or conceiving children. Eb desires warm stones.

50. Yigmarial, the Soul Cache
Enters with a glimmer of light. Appears as a tiny grey cloth effigy of the summoner, with strange wet-looking eyes. For the duration of the summon, the summoner automatically passes all Saves vs Death. Decapitation or extreme bodily harm will still kill the summoner, but almost everything else will merely knock them unconscious. The effigy has 1HP and, if torn, burnt, or damaged, immediately requires the summoner to Save vs Death, which is not automatically passed (of course).

51. Rix, Bisector
Enters in a shower of gold light. Appears as an old man with a long golden beard and a pair of comically oversized gold scissors. Rix will cackle and snip [dice] creatures objects in half, then vanish. Objects are not harmed in any way and will remain bisected for the duration of the summon. When the summon ends, the halves join back together, no matter the distance or implausibility. Both halves function independently. Halves of creatures have 1/2 the HP of the original. Creatures or objects can be as large as a castle.

52. Dave
Enters with a leaden thump, a brief fall, and a short scream. Appears as a bedraggled teenage human with brown hair and a dull brown robe. Dave was once a wizard's apprentice. A botched spell trapped him in a pocket dimension. Dave lives on, immortal, invulnerable, and extremely confused. He is perpetually being dragged into combat, danger, dismemberment, and extremely awkward situations. Dave will sort-of obey you for the duration of the summon, but he is only an immortal teenager. He's awful at everything. Dave only lasts for [sum] minutes instead of [sum] hours. If you summon Dave with 3 or more [dice], Dave's efforts are accompanied by appropriately dismal music.

53. Clippet, Lord of Ducks
Enters with a regal quack. Appears as a white duck with a golden crown. Clippet can command all ducks (with reasonable success). He desires bread, tribute, flattery, and clean water to splash in. Up to [dice] times per summon (but at least once), Clippet will engage someone in conversation. Anyone speaking with Clippet must Save each hour or continue speaking. They can take other actions, but are distracted and possibly dismayed by the duck's fascinating wordplay. If he is well flattered, the summoner may be able to direct him to speak with specific targets. Otherwise, he will just pick interesting people at random.

54. Cerein, The Sword of Strange Girdles
Enters with a triumphant orchestral roar in the summoner's outstretched hand. Appears as an amazing enchanted sword. Its pommel is a crown. Its blade is mirror bright and covered in strange runes. Its hilt is two dragons devouring each other. The sword appears with [dice] other supernatural effects (flames, clouds of rose petals, lightning, etc.) and mythical connections appropriate to the era and location. It is a perfectly ordinary sword and deals 1d6 non-magical damage. The summoner cannot drop the sword. If spun or left to drift, Cerein can tell true kings and knights from false ones.

55. Elorham, Wand of Repulsion
Enters with a moist pop in the summoner's hand. Appears as a thin wand of willow wood covered in scowling faces. Constantly fires a 30' stream of egg-like projectiles that weigh as much as a scrap of paper. The projectiles deal no damage. They could fill three 10'x10'x10' cubes per hour. They could slowly knock a candlestick off a table. A creature struck by the full stream must Save with a +8 bonus. If it fails, it cannot move towards the wand's wielder this round.

56. Pentornax, Traitor's Friend
Enters silently with a slight drop in temperature. Appears as a faint humanoid shadow on a wall. Up to [dice] times per summon, Pentornax can step away from the wall and strike a creature with a concealed shadow dagger, dealing [dice]x2d6 damage. Creatures targeted must be friends of the summoner or have pledged loyalty to the summoner. Pentornax only betrays. Dogs can sense Pentornax but must Save vs Fear to approach it. Pentornax does not speak but it does obey commands, no matter how complex. It can move as fast as an arrow.

57. Fasin-Gelth, the Zone of Madness
Enters with a shimmer. Appears as a faint outline around [dice]x10' cubes, visible only to the summoner and owls. Anyone inside Fasin-Gelth cannot see out or affect the outside world. Instead, they see to a featureless white plain and a cloudless white sky. Creatures outside Fasin-Gelth can see and affect creatures inside. Creatures can pass in and out freely, but Fasin-Gelth will disorient them and Stun them for 1 round. Sighted and mobile creatures who spend more than 10 minutes inside Fasin-Gelth take 1 Wisdom damage every 10 minutes.

58. Nessalor, Cloudlight
Enters with a soft glimmer of light. Appears as a floating sphere of fine white hair lit from within. The size of a person's head. Moves as if underwater. Casts light as a candle. Up to [dice] times per summon, Nessalor can fill a 40' radius with dense fog. Alternatively, it can suck in and absorb a 40' radius of fog or smoke. Nessalor has 1 HP and, if struck, bursts and fills a 40' radius with fog (as above). 

59. Yorax, Avian Sommelier
Enters with a polite cough just behind the summoner. Appears as an elderly raven the size of a man. Yorax can shrink to the size of a wren, but prefers to maintain its full (impressive) size. It can determine the vintage, quality, and market value of any wine by tasting it and write a short review on a scrap of parchment using one immaculately sharpened claw. If provided with a bottle of wine worth at least 50gp, or 50 fresh eyeballs, Yorax will also set one object (not creature) on fire for you, provided the target can be reached within the duration of the summon and set on fire with a torch. Yorax will not fight for you, but it might be persuaded to carry you out of danger.

60. Fensington, the Consolation of Conscience
Enter with a shuffle. Appears as a middle-aged, bland, faintly concerned human. Further descriptions are impossible; Fensington's appearance evades memory. Fensington's voice is low and soothing. Fensington will assist anyone in justifying any behavior, plan, or crime. People who engage Fensington in conversation must Save or be calmed and freed from guilt or doubt. Fensington has no secret knowledge but may hint vaguely at schemes, accusations, religious authority, etc. Fensington will not fight for you, but any arrows or projectiles aimed at Fensington or anyone within 10' automatically miss.

61. Burchub, Bringer of Infatuation.
Enters from above in a shower of rose petals. Appears as a portly baby with dove's wings, a bow, and a quiver full of sickly pink arrows. Burchub will fly around giggling and poking things. He will shoot [dice]x2 targets, always in pairs, per summon. Each pair is must Save (once per pair, chose the highest Save) or fall in deep, romantic love for the duration of the summon (or possibly beyond it). Nothing physical, just bad poetry, longing gazes, shy conversation, and capital-F-Feelings. Burchub's bow has a 60' range and hits on a 19-in-20. On a critical miss, the shot strikes an adjacent creature or object. Burchub will also open any mundane lock provided it separates two people.

62. Pultrudia, Worm of Worry
Enters with a moist plop on the summoner's shoulder. Appears as an earthworm with a scowling face. Pultrudia induces anxiety. Anyone within 100' is mildly worried. Anyone within 10' is extremely concerned, paranoid, and doubtful. Anyone holding Pultrudia, or allowing her to nestle against their neck (her favourite spot), is immune to all mind-altering effects and cannot be surprised. They also immediately assume the worst in any given situation and cannot relax, sleep, or enjoy idle pleasures. Up to [dice] times per summon, Pultrudia can sing a horrible piping song that causes milk to curdle, leaves to fall from trees, and fruit to rot within 300'.

63. Robolotanobar, The Un-Cursed Sphere
Enters with a thunderclap. Appears as a bright red orb the size of an apple. Casts light as a candle. Makes a quiet but ominous keening, like someone using a bandsaw in a distant room. Robolotanobar will follow a target you designate for the duration of the summon, steadily drawing nearer and nearer. Its speed increases to match the target but with a few moments of lag time. It cannot be blocked, dispelled, diverted, tricked, or avoided. It will touch the target just before the summon ends. Nothing happens.

64. Kwis Bizmac, Swift Sustenance
Enters with the patter of running feet. Appears as a scruffy-looking person in an off-white, stained, and ragged uniform. Kwis Bizmac will hand the summoner a package containing [dice] rations, bow politely, and run off. The rations are bizarre and inconsistent. They are usually warm, highly spiced, and very salty. Seafood, strange cured meats, sweet sauces, unusual vegetables. The rations have all normal effects, but also completely remove hunger for the duration of the summon. Any items handed to Kwis Bizmac will be returned (contemptuously) the next time it is summoned as if no time has passed.

65. Lisnan, Solemn Guardian
Enters with a warp and ripple of flesh. Appears as a bulky, ogre-like humanoid with blue flesh and no head. Its face, small and crude and cruel, is sunk into its chest. Lisnan has a Strength of 16 and will carry things or lift heavy objects. Up to [dice] times per summon, Lisnan will roar, pose, or glower, forcing a reroll on a Morale check or a Reaction roll. This can be positive (your hirelings are encouraged by the giant blue enforcer) or negative (the goblins are dismayed) or confusing (the king isn't sure who you are but rethinks his position). Lisnan will not fight for you, but will block people attacking you with precise whip-fast blows, granting you +2 Defense. Lisnan wants to drop beautiful and expensive things from a very great height and watch them smash.

66. Orlinhorn, the Tree of Slumber
Enters with a draft of warm air. Appears as an acorn in the summoner's hand. The acorn will sprout into a sapling in 2 rounds, then grow into a 100' tall, 50' wide oak tree in 10 minutes. The oak will grow straight upwards from wherever the acorn was planted. It has an effective Strength of 20 when it comes to smashing walls, lifting objects, and pushing upwards. It will bend to avoid very strong obstacles. Its trunk is grey and its leaves are green and silver. Any water that touches the leaves becomes a sleeping draught. If ingested, Save or sleep for 1d6 hours or until the summon ends. If you can speak with trees, Orlinhorn will tell you everything its roots and leaves touch. Orlinhorn disappears when the summon ends.

67. Melwax, Protocherub
Enters with a moist plop. Appears as a ball of flesh 3" in diameter with a wet and toothless mouth. Screams and cries like an infant. Melwax has 1 HP, but can only be damaged by the summoner. It can be eaten to provide 1 ration. It can be thrown (as a dagger). If you summon Melwax with 2 or more [dice], it has tiny arms with grabbing hands. If thrown, it will stick to whatever it hits and remain their for the duration of the summon. If you summon Melwax with 4 or more [dice], it also grows tiny wings and will fly around screaming, pulling on peoples hair, and throwing a tantrum. You can feed Melwax a few drops of a potion to determine the effects.

68. Iplimble, She Who Denounces
Enters with a roar and a shouted accusation, 10-[sum] hours after the summon is initiated. Appears as a middle-aged woman of a suitable race and appearance for the area and situation. Iplimble will denounce the summoner in general terms (Coward! Thief! Adulterer! Poisoner!) and drag the summoner away. Iplimble's appearance may be enough to convince guards or authority figures of her right to take the summoner prisoner. If that fails, she can produce false documents, seals, food, and even bribes. She will drag the summoner out of sight and then vanish. Her Strength is 18. She will not rescue anyone else, return for dropped equipment, or heal the summoner . No barriers, magical or otherwise, can hinder Iplimble, but she will only take the summoner to the next unlocked and unobserved area.

69. Bhors, Fire Crane
Enters with a flash of orange light. Appears as a human-sized bird with long legs, a long sharp beak, and feathers made of flame. Bhors casts light as a torch. It will attack any frogs or fishes it sees without hesitation. It can be bribed (with fishes, frogs, or flattery) to attack other targets. Its beak deals 1d6 piercing + 1d4 fire damage. It can speak, but it isn't very clever, and mostly wants to talk about eating small wriggling things.

70. Gundobart, Vision-Keeper
Enters by hopping. Appears as a fat green toad the size of a housecat. Surly yellow eyes, many warts. Gundobart speaks with a hoarse, deep voice. Anyone who licks Gundobart must Save or vividly hallucinate for [dice] hours. Gundobart does not particularly enjoy being licked. Objects swallowed by Gundobart effectively cease to exist for the duration of the summon. He spits them back out before he vanishes. He will only swallow things that look delicious but he is easily tricked.

71. Knorlian, Beast Trapper
Enters from somewhere not observed by the summoner. Appears as an old man wearing a heap of furs. Carries a large iron cage. Up to [dice] times per summon, Knorlian will try to stuff a single creature into the cage. An aware and unwilling creature gets a Save with a bonus equal to its HD. Somehow, no matter the size, the creature fits inside the cage, though they may look compressed and unhappy. They remain in the cage for the duration of the summon. Knorlian will not drop the cage, throw it into danger, or allow people to attack creatures inside it. Knorlian can also track any creature by footprints, smell, or signs. He will also lecture for [dice] hours on a trapped creature's habits, biology, weaknesses, dietary needs, and unusual characteristics.

72. Xrim, He Who Desecrates
Enters as a pool of blood. The summoner has [sum] minutes to flee the area. After [sum] minutes, an alligator-like beast made of bone and congealing blood will emerge from the pool. Xrim will try to destroy any artwork, carvings, decoration, or written works it can see. It has 30 HP, Attack 12, armour as chain, and very good eyesight. It will not attack any living creatures (unless they are decorated) except for the summoner, who it particularly loathes. It is intelligent enough to use fire, sabotage, and threats to destroy artwork, and will progress from area to area smashing things and wreaking havoc until the summon ends.

73. M'tubana, the Wobbling Stone
Enters in the summoner's hand. Appears as a stone idol of a round, stylized, humanoid figure with a cheerful grin. Anyone holding M'tubana cannot be knocked prone, pushed, or tripped. If you would fall into a pit or off a cliff, M'tubana wobbles you back to safety at the last possible moment. It won't help if the building collapses, your airship explodes, your broomstick fails, etc. If you are about to be hit by an attack, there is a 50% chance M'tubana flings you 10' in a random direction before the attack hits. Additionally, any soups made with M'tubana in the pot are never poisonous or toxic.

74. Postidon-Pru, the Telescope Worm
Enters by falling from the ceiling in a heap. Appears as a white rope, 30' long, with a lamprey-like mouth at both end. The mouths can be stuck to any surface. Postidon-Pru can be stretched an additional [dice]x100'. Just before the summon ends, Postidon-Pru will contract to 5' long. It has an effective strength of 20. If properly coiled, it can lift heavy objects, crush people, or pull two things closer together. If Postidon-Pru's two mouths are connected together, it contracts immediately and the summon ends. If the both mouths are not stuck to a surface, small objects (coins or smaller) placed in one end appear at the other end in 1 hour.

75. Malofin, Cursed Instigator
Enters with a low whistle. Appears as a stick-thin monkey-like figure in ragged blue robes. Has a huge toothy grin and tiny red eyes. Up to [dice] times per summon, Malofin will taunt a target you designate. Malofin's taunts, capers, jeers, gestures, and wails are extremely distracting. Targets must Save or attack Malofin first. If they were previously neutral or friendly, they may need to Save or become hostile. Malofin is extremely annoying. It has armour as plate. It will run away from any fight to taunt again from a safe distance. Malofin can also climb and perform simple tasks with a monkey's patience and skill.

76. Soriel, Monstrous Bat
Enters with a flap of leathery wings. Appears as a mouse-sized bat with eight spider legs, three red eyes, and a fanged drooling mouth. Anyone who sees Soriel must Save or believe Soriel is gigantic, at least elephant sized, possibly larger if outdoors at night. Any inconsistent movements are explained away as "a near miss" or "unnaturally folding itself". Soriel likes to frighten people, but will apologize if anyone starts crying or screaming. Its voice sounds like glass being crushed, so apologies rarely help. Soriel can speak to bats and spiders and will translate for you.

77. Moriana, whose Word is Peace
Enters with a polite knock on a door or a quiet shuffle. Appears as an old woman in very clean black traveling clothes. Carries an empty scabbard but no sword. Once per summon, Moriana will read a story for [dice] hours. In order to begin the area must be relatively quiet and at least one sentient creature must be present. While reading, no violent actions can take place within 100'. Non-sentient creatures will quietly wait at the edge of the circle. Sentient creatures (including the summoner) who can hear must Save or sit down somewhere convenient to listen. If they pass, they can move freely, Anyone making a noise louder than a dropped coin will cause Moriana to shush them. Shushed creatures are affected by the sleep and hold person spells for the duration of the story. They can still hear Moriana speak. Moriana appreciates well-crafted books and well-told stories. She speaks and reads all languages, but won't read tales without artistic or moral merit.

78. Wilinspat, Chest of Torment
Enters with a loud crash. Appears as a plain wooden chest large enough to contain a person. Screams quietly when opened. Flickering red light comes from within. If a creature is placed inside Wilinspat, both it and the chest vanish for the duration of the summon. A creature inside Wilinspat loses 1 HP and 1 Wisdom (to a minimum of 1) for each hour they spend in the chest. At the end of the summon, Wilinspat returns, disgorges its passenger, then vanishes. Creatures remember nothing of their experience, but are feverish, nervous, and prone to nightmares.

79. Grenchan, Roving Limb
Enters with a wet thud. Appears as a blue-green arm and hand. If the shoulder is attached to a person (it sticks to skin), Grenchan will act as an extra limb. On a willing person, it grants +1 attack per round. It can wield any one-handed weapon, carry a shield or a lantern, or assist with climbing. If attached to an unwilling creature, Grenchan will punch them in the nearest vulnerable spot, dealing 1d4 damage per round. Grenchan has a Strength of 14 for punching or removal purposes. If detached, it can be stuck to [dice] additional creatures per summon.

80. Ieducomer, Cauldron of Uniformity
Enters with a clatter of iron. Appears as an iron cauldron with five clawed feet. Ieducomer is just large enough to contain a curled-up person. Up to [dice] times per summon, if completely filled (use water or sand to fill in the gaps), Ieducomer will grumble, grind, and mix everything inside it into a perfectly uniform slurry. It will then dump this slurry on the ground unless specifically instructed not to. One person can ride inside Ieducomer, but it only travels at a walking pace. 

81. Vorgar, Death's Harbinger
Enters with a sudden drop in temperature and a cold shudder. Appears as a deformed, eyeless skeleton in ragged black robes. Vorgar is visible only to the summoner, creatures near death (0 HP or below), and wizards. Once per summon, Vorgar can remove [dice] fatal wounds from a dying creature, or add [dice] fatal wounds to a creature at 0 HP or below. Undead creatures cannot willingly approach within 30' of Vorgar. If a creature has evaded death through unnatural means, Vorgar will fight them. Attack 15, defense as plate, 20 HP, 1d8+2 damage and 1 level drained on a hit. The summoner has 1/2 HP for the duration of the summon.

82. Barlinfort, Spirit of Delight
Enters with a poof of magic sparks. Appears as a tiny glowing humanoid the size of an apple. Barlinfort constantly makes a noise like quiet silver bells. It can fly and speak in a high-pitched whine. Barlinfort will sprinkle glowing dust on up to [dice] creatures. The creatures will fly for the duration of the summon provided the constantly compliment Barlinfort. If they stop complimenting Barlinfort, they will begin to sink. If they insult Barlinfort they will fall. Barlinfort has 1 HP and no sense of shame or irony. If bored, it will cast light as a candle, fly around the summoner's head, nest in their hair, pick flowers, or chatter inanely.

83. Caperlin, Avatar of Debauchery
Enters with a cheerful roar and a drunken hug. Appears as a portly monk with brown robes, a tankard full of beer, and a rosy complexion. Caperlin is absolutely smashed and very cheerful. Unless provided with a party (at minimum, snacks and two happy people), Caperlin will fall asleep in [dice] hours. If a party is provided he will continue to drink from his ever-full tankard, tell wild tales, propose mad schemes, sing songs in all languages, give very solemn yet very shallow advice, and occasionally vomit. He cheers up any low-class social event and scandalizes anyone tasteful. Caperlin can locate up to [dice] things per summon, provided they are party related and can be reached within the duration of the summon. Examples: more beer, a safe place to crash, a person of negotiable virtue, musicians.

84. Subansu, the Rose of Luck
Enters with a shimmer in the summoner's hand. Appears as a red rose with a silver stem. Anyone wearing Subansu above their heart gains +[dice] to their Save and may reroll up to [dice] d20 rolls for the duration of the summon. If a random effect would target one person in a group of people, someone wearing Subansu is not selected. Subansu induces confidence. Anyone wearing it must Save vs. Wisdom when presented with a risky but thrilling plan or accept it. If Subansu is stabbed into the heart of a dying person, that person remains alive for the duration of the summon. They gain no other benefit.

85. Yingilnip, the Three Fingers of Regret
Enters with a cold swirl of air. Appears as a withered three-fingered hand and wrist lying on a convenient surface. Yingilnip grants wishes. Bend a finger back and speak a wish and Yingilnip will grant it. Effects last only for the duration of the summon. Yingilnip will twist wishes in every possible malicious way, including ignoring the original phrasing. Wish for gold and a huge block falls on your head. Wish to be a king and get kidnapped by political conspirators. Wish for a friend to come back to life and they rise as a revenant. With to travel to a distant city and Yingilnip flings you through the air or drags you through the earth. Etc. You may be able to convince someone to use Yingilnip. You probably won't be able to convince them to use it twice.

86. Ootremak, Unquiet Spirit
Enters with a rolling fog. Appears as a swarm of tiny ghosts, nothing more than an acorn-sized head and a faint trail of vapour. There are [sum] ghosts. One vanishes each hour. A single ghost can push a sheet of paper, rustle a curtain, or roll a coin along the ground. They can barely coordinate their efforts. Any number of Ootremak's spirits can possess dying or mentally shattered creatures of [dice]x2 HD or less for the duration of the summon, controlling them until the summon ends. They are monumentally stupid and easily distracted.

87. Murlspeth, Slaughtercaller
Enters with a sizzle in the summoner's hand. Appears as a red stone the size of an apple, carved to resemble a snarling tiger biting its own tail. All damage dealt within a 30' radius of Murlspeth is doubled. If Murlspeth is thrown (as a dagger) or dropped it returns to the summoner's hand in one round. Murlspeth is warm enough to melt wax. It growls just before ambushes.

88. Koilcren, who is Lost
Enters with a polite shuffle. Appears as ragged and tired middle-aged man or woman with bright blue eyes. Anyone who engages Koilcren in conversation must Save or give them directions to a location Koilcren names. The summoner can designate up to [dice] locations at the time of the summon. Directions given will be to the best of the target's knowledge, and may include the location of locked doors and keys, traps, hazards, patrols, supernatural effects, etc. Ask a peasant how to get to the moon and he'll shrug and suggest a mountain. Ask the Grand Archmage of the College of Elderstone and you might get a very different answer. Koilcren will not fight for you, and will watch with disinterest if a fight occurs.

89. Joolsorel, the Ravenous Maw
Enters with a rumble and grind. Appears as a 2' wide ring of bone and teeth floating in the air. Anything that touches Joolsorel takes 1d6 damage per round. It moves at a slow walking pace. The summoner can designate a point and Joolsorel will move directly towards it, chewing everything in the way. You can define [dice] points in the route (so 1 is a straight line, 2 is an L-bend or a patrol, 3 is a triangular patrol, etc.). Joolsorel will slowly chew through wood but will just noisily grind against stone and metal. Soft objects thrown into Joolsorel are immediately shredded.

90. Koskalbanodan, First Among Horses
Enters with a clatter of hooves. Appears as an ordinary-looking but very tidy grey mare. Koskalbanodan can speak to horses and will translate contemptuously. She will not fight for you. She will permit one person to ride her, but will travel at a slow trot unless racing another creature. She will win all races over any terrain, no matter how terrifying or improbable. The race can be to a destination or to exhaustion. If you invest 3 or more [dice], Koskalbanodan will consider racing inanimate objects, spells, the weather, etc.

91. Narthiel, the Sight that Binds
Enters with a thunderclap. Appears as a floating white eye with a pupil of black fire. Up to [dice] times per summon, time stops in a 30' cone in front of Narthiel for [sum] rounds. Anything that moves into the cone gets sucked in and freezes on the edge. Living creatures partially struck by the cone, or creatures that move into the cone, take 1d4 damage. While stopping time, Narthiel cannot move. Narthiel's sight also reveals any invisible creatures and illusions in a 30' cone.

92. Alifane, the Hat of Marvels
Enters with a brief burst of light on a person's head within 100' of the summoner. Appears as a magnificent hat, crown, turban, etc. appropriate to the wearer's desired social status and Alifane's whimsy. Wearing Alifane grants +2 to Defense. Spells specifically targeting Alifane's wearer have a 25% chance to fail. Alifane can hear the wearer's thoughts. It despises murderous intentions or cruel behavior and will shout warnings (in a nasal, peeved voice) to anyone the wearer is thinking of attacking. It will also judge fashion shows or evaluate the worth of clothing.

93. Quis-Quispon, Immaculate Draughtsman
Enters with a polite cough. Appears as a young man in very fine clothing. If provided with suitable materials and a work surface (anything from paper and a pencil to blood and a stone floor will do), Quis-Quispon will accurately and meticulously draw anything it can see. It takes 1hr for a basic sketch, 5hrs for a detailed drawing, and 10hrs for a drawing that resembles life itself, frozen.  Quis-Quispon's drawings are worth at least 10gp per hour invested. Anyone who views them and Saves vs Intelligence can discern hidden allegorical meanings and hints. Quis-Quispon will not fight for you and will try to seduce any nearby beautiful people. He hates distractions, wind, birds, and coarse things. He will offer mocking etiquette lessons.

94. Prokiglov, Master of the Dance
Enters with a merry burst of music. Appears as a person in red robes. Age and appearance vary, Prokiglov's expression and clothing rarely do. Prokiglov will play casual but refined music on any instrument provided. One per summon, Prokiglov will draw its own instrument (varies) and play a tune. Everyone within 200' must Save or be compelled to dance. They can still move normally, but some actions may be difficult. If combat occurs during the dance, any odd numbered attack rolls succeed or fail as normal, but any even-numbered attack rolls automatically fail. All participants have a pool of points equal to their Dexterity that they can use to modify rolls by +1 or -1. Prokiglov cannot abide disobedient or noisy children, cats, and lavender.

95. Husbap, Sea-Speaker
Enters with a moist slap and a smell of seawater. Appears as a cat-sized purple octopus. Husbap can speak with any body of water larger than a cup. Husbap's touch inflicts 1d6 poison and 1d6 electrical damage, but Husbap moves very slowly on land and does not like being thrown around, attached to weapons, or put in danger. It will shock the summoner if it feels threatened. It can fit through 2" wide gaps and report on what it sees, though it tends to exaggerate. Up to [dice] times per summon, Husbap can emit a horrible keening noise as loud as a church bell. No one knows why.

96. Krepsobar, the Laddermaker
Enters with a shuffle and a polite greeting. Appears as a disheveled middle-aged man in brown overalls. Carries a tool belt and a very large canvas bag. Up to [dice] times per summon, Krepsobar can pull a wooden ladder from his bag that reaches between to points the summoner can see. This might be convenient (up a cliff, across a chasm), improbable (through a portal, to the bottom of a river) or mythological (to the sun). The ladders created are only made of wood and vanish when the summon ends. They will not fall on their own but they can be broken. Krepsobar will also offer advice on carpentry, map-making, and, incongruously, dark sorcery.

97. Valsbur, the Throne of Power
Enters with a trumpet blast. Appears as a chipped wooden throne with eight wooden legs. All the gold has been chipped off, taking most of the red paint with it. Anyone sitting in the throne can project their voice clearly up to 200'. They are also immune to all mind-altering effects. 
Halsbur moves at a slow walking pace. If threatened with fire, Halsbur can run as fast as a horse, though it will try and toss anyone sitting on it into water. 

98. Bowoworth, Primordial Slime
Enters with a sulphrous burbling. Appears as a grey goo boiling up from the ground, filling [sum] 10' squares to a depth of 1'. Bowoworth will very slowly digest plant and animal matter. It has effectively unlimited HP but deals no damage. Anyone moving through Bowoworth must Save vs Dexterity or fall prone. If ingested by a creature, Bowoworth reverts them one evolutionary step (elves become humans, humans become apes, lizardmen become lizards, etc.) for [dice]x10 minutes. 

99. Yeltran, Bearer of the Cups of Haste
Enters with a billow of steam. Appears as a silver tray with six spindly silver legs. Carries [dice] cups of a miraculous liquid. Anyone who drinks the liquid acts twice per round for 1d6 minutes. They are jittery, excitable, and unable to focus. Yeltran will follow the summoner, acting as a mobile tray or carrying light burdens. Any poisons poured into Yeltran's cups have a 50% chance of being neutralized. If they are not neutralized, the poisons become doubly effective.

There are only 99 entities in all creation. If a 100 is rolled, roll again twice and allow the summoner to select an Entity based on the name only.


  1. Who is Joolsoreth? also new at blogspot sorry.

  2. if there are only 99 entities in creation what stopped being an entity for dave to be one of them

    1. Not sure, but it's loose in the world now.
      That's probably not very comforting.

    2. maybe it's joolsoreth (see #87)

  3. My good sir, these are phenomenal! Makes me think of Personas from the videogame series of the same name. Quite dramatic entrances from several of these guy. Please make more paid-for books so I can compensate you for all the amazing content you put out for free!

  4. Don't know how I missed this when it came out. Simply brilliant, I am filled with joy and wonder reading these.