OSR: Class: Underground Cannibal Gourmet

George Johnstone
Deep underground, beyond the light of the sun, cannibalism is a necessary sin. Calories are too rare underground to allow wasted meat. Suckle on eyeballs, crack bone and lick marrow. Kill strange creatures and devour strange meats. Savor every mouthful.

But mere survival is not enough. Some people eat to live; some people live to eat. Cannibal Gourmets seek the rarest ingredients, the finest flesh, the choicest giblets and juiciest parts. They carry rare spices and write exotic and unsettling books.
JiHun Lee

Class: Underground Cannibal Gourmet

This class uses the GLOG format.
Prerequisite: you must have eaten another intelligent creature and enjoyed it. You cannot choose Template A from this class unless you have Template A from another class (so, effectively, you can't enter this class until you are 2nd level).

A: Butchery, Gourmet
B: Cannibal Eye
C: Follow Your Nose, Cannibal Guts

You gain +1 HP for each Underground Cannibal Gourmet template you possess.


You can tell how many rations can be extracted from a person or corpse and where the most delicious parts can be found. If you prepare a ration where the primary component is meat, the ration heals +1 HP (in addition to any other effects). You are proficient with daggers.


You must Save to resist trying new dishes, meats, or spices. You do not have to collect spices, recipes, and cooking implements, but it is encouraged.

Cannibal Eye

You can tell (very approximately) what the effects of eating a creature might be. The GM will describe very approximate effects and their relatively likelihood. You can immediately meat is poisoned or diseased.

Follow Your Nose
If you have eaten a creature, you can track its species by smell. You can smell their exact location within 30', or follow an approximate smell trail no more than 1 day old by making a Wisdom test.

Cannibal Guts

If a meal provides a random effects (1d6 HP healed) or requires a roll on a table, you may permanently lose 1d6 from a Stat to reroll the effect. You can only do this once per day.
To Serve Man
Mechanical Notes on the Underground Cannibal Gourmet
The Butchery ability lets the Cannibal Gourmet heal the party and provide delicious treats to guests and allies. The class's core ability is Cannibal Eye. The Monster Menu-All (especially the Veins of the Earth Version) can provide some startling benefits. Cannibal Gourmets can gain new abilities very easily; they'll know the risks and can use the Cannibal Guts ability to reroll disastrous results.

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