OSR: Thomas Infolded

Straight from a nightmare I had.

Thomas Infolded is, by most definitions, a cannibal. He eats people. Technically, he infolds them. He weighs twenty two and a half tons, but he can fly.

And he looks just like anyone else.

Imagine the outline of a human being on a sheet of paper. That's a normal person.

Thomas has the same outline, but the paper inside the outline is crinkled and warped and extends backwards and forwards. There's more surface area. There's more Thomas. A lot more Thomas.

He eats people by touching them and folding them into his body. For a few seconds, they look like they're falling into his flesh, as if he's much farther away (and much larger), or they're shrinking. And then there's a ripple and warp and he's whole again.

He eats people to gain their memories and their powers. He's a polymath. He speaks most languages. He's a very powerful wizard (but keeps it hidden in his infoldings, so you'd be hard pressed to detect it from a distance).

Stab him, and fresh hearts swim to the surface. Thomas's outline is human, but the filling isn't. Not really. Not anymore.

Thomas has a lot of HP. Physical damage is irritating but rarely dangerous. He's eaten people who can regenerate; he heals very quickly. He's hard to assassinate; his infoldings have eyes in all directions. He's hard to poison and hard to trick. He can fake his own death (he's done it more than once).

It might be possible to kill him by letting him eat someone unpalatable or fundamentally unstable.

He's strong, but not overwhelmingly strong. There's only so much muscle you can cram into a human-shaped outline. He's smart, but his brains still take time to process information.

But he's been alive for a long time. He's eaten several immortals. He's not done eating yet.


  1. Sounds like a creature from World of Horror.


  3. I like it when you post the weird stuff!

  4. Fuuuuuuuuuuck..... i love it

  5. A lot of Junji Ito kind of vibes going on

  6. At first I thought this would be about Thomas the Tank Engine

    1. I am now imagining Thomas the Infolded Tank Engine

    2. I think there's a biomechanical horror series/short film about Thomas the Tank Engine somewhere on the internet.

  7. Okay, if I ever restart my horror game about perpendicular time, this guy goes in it.


    But seriously - I love this concept and am currently running a lovecraftian game.

  9. If Thomas ate to much, I'd think he'd collapse into a black hole. His inner most folds would not be able to reach the surface and he would die or at least become inaccessible to our world. This is a horrible solution because not only would that requires him to suddenly be very gluttonous, but it would be the death of innumerable people, possibly more then the amount of people he would eat on his own. The thing that I want to know is how do all the memories inside him effect his personality. If it were possible to defeat him from the inside that there is likely someone in there actively trying to do it and if Thomas is able to control himself that may imply that he found a way to disable those thoughts from having any control.