OSR: The Mysterious Menagerie of Doctor Orville Boros

People keep asking me, "Skerples, your Epochrypha book is very nice and all, but what can do with it?"

Well, here's one possible use. I've written a free dungeon. It's a theme park disaster. It's 29 pages long and full of the silliest things you're likely to see this week.

The Mysterious Menagerie of Doctor Orville Boros

"It's a comedy Jurassic-park dungeon, the bits I've seen made me laugh out loud, I want more of this."
-Emmy Allen

"I lost it at the final verse of the fossil song."
-Tom McGrenery

"I know you're making this for free but honestly this sort of thing could get a little art and be sold. It just screams weird little module that people rant and rave about."
-An Anonymous Reviewer

"Is this for your Monopoly thing?"
-My relatives
Go check it out. Go tell your friends. It's in a very different style than either Tomb of the Serpent Kings or Kidnap the Archpriest, but it includes all the same ease-of-use techniques that you've grown to know and love. It has no frills, no art, no extras. It's perfect for con games, one shots, comic relief in a more serious game, and mucking up an existing setting.

Do I Really Need To Buy Epochrypha To Use This Dungeon?
Well, no. Most (but not all!) of the entries were put up on my blog, Dan D's blog, and Dunkey Halton's blog. If you're willing to scrounge around and write your own table you can get away without spending a cent.

But buying my books helps me make more free dungeons. If you've already bought
Epochrypha, feel free to use the Donate link on my sidebar. But if you really want to help, run this dungeon and tell me how it went, or tell other people about it, or write your own dungeon or module that uses the 100 fictional eras in Epochrypha.


  1. hi
    i need to talk to you about french radio reviews of your OSR books; can't find your email...

    1. French radio reviews of OSR stuff? Sure, just post it here.