OSR: [Prefix]gorgons

Everyone knows about the demogorgon, even if the name doesn't mean very much and is based on a mistranslation. Here are a few of the lesser known -gorgons.


People Monster
It makes sense for the most powerful demon in the Abyss to carry this prefix. They say hell is other people, after all. As the prototypical monster, all [prefix]-gorgons will be based on it. Presumably, all gorgons look similar, but the demogorgon is extra fancy because it's in charge.


Without Monster
The usual state of affairs. No gorgons about. That will change if the Demogorgon's plan succeeds.


Human Monster
Two horrible human heads, for horrible human arms, and two horrible human legs. A parody gorgon created in the Abyss for amusement only.


Negative Monster
If the demogorgon has 2 baboon heads, tentacle arms, and chicken legs, the Antigorgon must have no head, tiny human limbs, and regular legs. Some sort of peaceful divine akephaloi?


Away Monster
The messengers of the Demogorgon. Apostles. They look like tree-squid-lemur things. Not bright but very quick.


Rule by Monster
Or in this case, rule by demogorgon. One man, one vote, two heads, four lovin' arms and all them suckers.


Monster Measurer
An instrument for detecting gorgons. Sometimes referred to as "HP", "Sanity" or, "Hirelings".


Monster Measure
The distance from the demogorgon's torso to the tip of one tentacle. Fluctuates. Will be used as the new standard of measurement when the demogorgon takes over.


Monster Eater
Possibly an ally. Possibly you, if you kill one and want to gain strange powers.


Excessive Monster
A really big gorgon. The size of a village, with dozens of cillia-tentacles and two heads like excavator buckets. Also known as a macrogorgon.


Diminutive Monster
A really tiny gorgon. Gets into your bloodstream via your ear and starts eating your lungs and gallbladder. Causes some diseases. Can be lured out with fruit. Also known as a microgorgon.


Law Monster
When the demogorgon takes over and starts writing laws (!), it'l be a legigorgon. The lex gorgoni is going to be a very strange law code, and probably the only one to specify penalties in hectares of flayed skin.


Single Monster
One head, one tentacle, and one chicken leg. Wheels along on the ground like a demented fidget spinner. The demogorgon's half sibling.


Dead Monster
The ideal state for any gorgons encountered.


Many Monster
The worst possible state for everyone; the best possible state for the demogorgon.


Few Monster
If you can't have a mortigorgon or an angorgon or a demogorgon, an oligogorgon will have to do. 


Backwards Monster
Two tentacle legs, four arms ending in heads, and two grasping chicken-claws where its head used to be. The demogorgon's younger brother. Kind of a waste of space, but tolerated. Also known as the fratergorgon. Nobody's sure who the mater and pater gorgons are - nobody wants to find out.


Many Monster
A fractal gorgon. Each main branches into two necks. Each smaller neck branches into two more necks. Etc. Tentacles festooned with tentacles. Legs like scaled brooms. Incredibly wise, because it has infinite brains. Harmless, because its claws and teeth are infinitely small. Currently stuck in a cupboard in the Abyss, trying to decide if it will starve to death if it eats one biscuit with infinite heads.


  1. You missed the Gorgongorgon... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Wat. (But also funny)
    Is the demo-gorgon a gorgon for trial?

    1. Demo-gorgons are for display purposes only and should not be used in real dungeon.

  3. What about the demogorgonzola (two-headed blue cheese!). I hear it brings a salad together