OSR: Class: Generic Cleric

There are no clerics in my game. They don't have a niche. Priests deal with day-to-day matters. Paladins enforce the word of the Authority. A good lunch heals you. If someone really wants to play a holy man, I'd probably use these excellent Mystic rules, or something like them.

But in the interests of filling in all the blanks, here are some rules for playing a "Generic Cleric" using Arnold K's GLOG system.

His name is Eric.
Class: Generic Cleric
Starting Equipment: chainmail, shield, mace, holy symbol
Starting Skill: [d3]: 1. History, 2. Scripture, 3. Commerce
A: +1 DD, +1 Miracle Slot, +2 Spells (1-6), Divine Intervention

B: +1 DD, +1 Miracle Slot, +1 Spell (1-8), Bodyguard
C: +1 DD, +1 Miracle Slot +1 Spell (1-10), +1 Attack
D: +1 DD, +1 Miracle Slot, Divine Inspiration

You gain +1 Divinity Die and +1 Miracle Slot for each Cleric template you possess, to a maximum of 4 each. You also gain a +1 to Save vs Unholy and +1 HP for every two Cleric templates you possess.
As you level, you will gain spells from the Generic Cleric miracle list. Instead of gaining a random spell, you may always chose to learn heal if you do not already know it.

Clerics do not need to prepare spells in the morning, as Wizards do. They can cast each of their spells once per day, provided they have DD remaining to power it. Spells return at sunrise. To cast a spell, select [dice] DD from your pool, and roll them to get their [sum].

Divine Intervention
You may take 1d6+level damage to cast a spell you have already cast today.

If an adjacent ally would take damage from a physical attack, you can choose to take the damage for them. This ability has a 4-in-6 chance of succeeding.

Divine Inspiration
Learn up to 6 spells from the Generic Cleric miracle list, or perform one significant miracle, on the order of raise dead or earthquake.

Inquisitor by rubengramos

1. By praying over a mixture containing water, you can cause the water to separate from the mixture. This requires at least a partial service (1hr), a consecrated container of up to 2L per cleric level, and no distractions. You will only distribute water to the faithful.
2. You brandish your holy symbol at an unholy, undead, or unnatural creature. It must Save to approach you on its next turn. This has no effect on most mortal creatures.
3. Once per day, you may smite an unholy creature and add damage equal to the number of Cleric templates you possess.

Miracle List:
1. Bless
2. Banish
3. Remove Fear
4. Water Walk
5. Speak with Dead
6. Heal
7. Light
8. Truesight
9. Hold Person
10. Sending
Emblem Miracles
11. Abominate
12. Soul Flight

: [dice]x10 radius T: area D: concentration
Declare one thing or type of thing to be Abominated. Examples: the Undead, people with bad breath, elves, the colour green
. That thing cannot enter the area of this spell. The spell is centered on the caster. Abominated things in the circle must Save each round or be pushed to its edges.

R: [dice]x10' T: creature D: 0
Make an opposed Charisma check against a demon, spectre, ghost, shadow, spell, spirit, or disease. If you succeed, you banish it
from an area determined by the dice you invest. 1 [dice]: immediate area (a room, a body), 2 [dice]: village or dungeon, 3 [dice]: province or nation, 4 [dice] Creation. The creature is banished for a year and a day. If you fail your Charisma check, you take damage [sum] damage. Holy icons, proper rituals, favourable circumstances, and firm convictions may add +2 to +4 to your Charisma.

these rules or this post for notes on banishing diseases.
R: touch T: creature or object D: [sum] rounds
Choose one effect per [dice] invested: (a) The target treats all critical failures as critical successes for the duration of the spell, (b) The target automatically passes their next Save (c) Creature or object counts as holy for the duration of the spell, (d) Target gets a new save against any ongoing mental effect.

R: touch T: creature or creatures D: concentration
Heal up to [sum] HP of creatures you touch. You may distribute healing among as many creatures as you would like, as long as the total HP healed does not exceed [sum] and you maintain concentration. If you invest 4 [dice] or more, you may instead heal a single target fully. Alternatively, you can chose to inflict [sum] damage, distributed among creatures you touch as long as you maintain concentration, or invest 4 [dice] to deal [sum] damage to a creature and force it to Save or lose a limb.

Hold Person
R: 50' T: creature D: concentration, up to [sum] rounds
Target creature or object is locked in place by divine force. You must maintain concentration for this spell to work. Target can breathe and move their eyes, but cannot swim, fly, or perform any other action. If the creature is particularly willful, blasphemous, or a spellcaster, it may Save each round to break free, with a penalty equal to the [dice] you invested.


Written up here.

Remove Fear
R: 100' T: creatures that can see and hear you D: Up to [sum], varies
Target creatures that can see and here you are immune to fear and automatically pass all morale checks for the duration of this spell. The duration varies with the dice invested. 1 [dice]: minutes, 2 [dice]: hours, 3 [dice]: months, 4 [dice] years. The caster cannot benefit from this spell. If the caster fails a Fear test or a Morale check in sight of a creature affected by this spell, the spell's effects end for that creature.

R: unlimited T: creature you have spoken to before and whose true name you know D: [sum] rounds
You send a message that can be spoken in [sum] rounds or less to your target. The message will appear in 24-[sum] hours. It may appear to them as a dream, as a waking

vision, or as a booming voice only they can hear.

Soul Flight
R: touch T: self D: [sum] minutes
You fall into a trance and your soul leaves your body. Your deity ensures no one moves into your body while you are gone, but cannot protect it from physical harm. Your soul can move as quickly as an angel's spear (200 miles per hour). Your soul is invisible, intangible, and unable to affect the world. You can attempt to possess a living creature with an opposed Charisma check. They gain a bonus equal to half their HD. If you successfully possess a creature, the duration becomes permanent. It resets to [sum] minutes when and if you leave. The target may Save at the end of each duration interval to expel you. 1 [dice]: minutes, 2 [dice]: hours, 3 [dice]: months, 4 [dice] years. When you return to your body, you must Save vs Intelligence to remember any details about your experiences and travels. Your soul remembers, but the meat does not.

Speak with the Dead
See the Necromancer

R: touch T: sighted creature D: 10 min / permanent
If you invest one [die]: Target can see invisible things. Target can see through illusions. Non-magical disguises are not penetrated.

If you invest two or more [dice]: This can only be cast on yourself. As above, except you can also see through magical darkness, and see the true forms of shapeshifters. There are also some permanent effects: (a) You can tell if someone is possessed by looking them in the eyes, and (b) You can always see the vague outlines undead, demons, or spirits, even in darkness, provided they are aware of you and are hostile.

Water Walk
R: touch T: [dice] creatures D: [sum] minutes
You can walk over water as if it were land. Very wavy seas may require you to Save vs Dex.

Other Generic Cleric miracles:

Create Food
R: touch T: point D: 0
You create enough food to feed [sum] people for one meal, along with clean water to fill one mug per person. Mugs, utensils, and condiments are not provided.

Raise Dead
R: touch T: corpse D: permanent
You cannot normally learn this spell. It should be the object of an epic quest. You ask the Authority to return target creature to life. The creature must have died no more than 48hrs ago. The corpse must be mostly intact. If this spell succeeds, the creature returns to life at 0 HP. Any life-threatening wounds are healed to the point where the creature can function, but missing limbs will not regrow and deep scars will remain. The raised creature permanently loses 1d6 HP, and must Save or lose 1d6 Charisma.

Any truly devout priest of the Authority can cast this spell even if they do not know it. Unless it is cast as part of a major miracle, it has a 99% chance of failure. If you are coerced or paid to cast this spell, the chance of failure is 100%.

Sticks to Snakes
R: touch T: stick D: 0
Target stick becomes a snake. The snake owes you no favours. It has a 1-in-6 chance of being venomous (improved by +1 for each [dice] you invest past the first). The stick must be small enough to lift with one hand.

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  1. Skerples, if you were to do a pseudo-Christian version of the mystic, how would you include the weirder Sunday School miracles (like insect plagues, sticks to snakes, summoning bears) without giving the PC blanket druid-like powers? A lot of biblical miracles lack the thematic consistency you'd see in Logan's snake priests or Iron and Ink's spider and coin mystics.

    [Third Liturgy
    In the order of calling bears to eat children who mock you, turning objects into snakes, and pestering everyone with mosquitoes.]