Dickensian NPC Generator

Suitable for use in most games, novels, and genre parodies.

First Name Last Name Appearance Demeanour
1 Benjamin Ayresleigh widely spaced eyes pious
2 Bayham Badger gawping, slack mouth proud
3 Solomon Bagnet drooping jowls reserved
4 Ezekiel Bambler uneven nose suspicious
5 Ian Pross wild, tangled hair prying
6 Barak Bazzard profuse sweating vicious
7 Cain Plummer off-putting stare vindictive
8 Dariel Bevian charming, smiling eyes casually rude
9 Enoch Brunlow sloped forehead rebellious
10 Gaius Carker missing limb polite
11 Garvel Barnacle beautiful obsessive
12 Jericus Cromwell pointed and widely spaced teeth off-world affectations
13 Mordeci Wolfe closely spaced eyes simpering
14 Pontiu Wollsey duelling scar paternalistic
15 Reestheus Noggs rheumy, raw eyes spouts half-blasphemies
16 Thaddius Carton fierce eyebrows witty
17 Titus Brandybone high, finely wrough cheekbones kind
18 Varnais Claypole deeply scarred arrogant
19 Callidon Murdstone dirty or dusty, as if unearthed pretensions above their station
20 Castus Creakle drunk or seeking drink obsequious
21 Gallus Manette shakes and tremors nearly comatose
22 Kaltos Dartle remarkably small head smug
23 Ravion Diver splayed, wide-nostrilled nose pretends to be feeble
24 Trantor Gammerage sunken head and short limbs meddling
25 Venris Roller nervous tic over-familliar attitude
26 Victus Gargey pinched, pointed chin territorial
27 Barbosa Harris well-worn, yellowed teeth stern
28 Constantius Neckett unusually tall and slender permanent expression of disgust
29 Havelock Langley deep-sunk, lidded eyes habitual liar
30 Iaction Noggs uneven limbs sneering
31 Lionel Radfoot slouching prone to fainting at excitement
32 Serghar Thribbs greasy sarcastic
33 Tybalt Bimbler consumptive and deathly ill brow-beaten by associates
34 Vern Maylile prominent mole or boil wrapped in fast glories
35 Orlick Stiltstalker woefully mismatched features dashing and flashy
36 Uriah Havisham sad, pouting mouth mutters curses or comments
37 Mortimer Nubbles porcelain skin  prattling, wheedling voice
38 Jarvis Prattler no chin to speak of gourmet
39 Peter Jaggers unusually large head verbose
40 Dolge Squeaks pleasant smile unfaithful
41 Augustus Kastobar broke-fingered hands crafty
42 Silas Blambercarriage short, badly cropped hair boisterous
43 Horatio Rackbourne lantern jaw thinks they are witty
44 Albian Hopcraft domed head cackling
45 Quintus Figg waddling of a famous line
46 Sextus Krenridge fluttering, always-moving hands paranoid
47 Septimus Dombey dark circles under the eyes bombastic
48 Octavius Tackleton small, tightly pursed mouth superior
49 Nonus Wringer viciously parted and combed hair weary
50 Marta Oddsprocket very fine long hair slow-witted
51 Bertha Pancks exceedingly be-wigged deeply religous
52 Akadia Hooper oddly effeminate, or masculine excitable
53 Cyrine Potts haggard and haunted indifferent
54 Ephrael Kenwigs half-asleep soft-spoken
55 Galatia Nupkins unusually large nose scripture-quoting
56 Hazel Omer furtive eyes addict
57 Lyra Dwimmerlight long, skeletal fingers hums snatches of music
58 Ophilia Smidgely hooked, dribbling nose vain
59 Atella Turveydrop slab-faced bitter
60 Odessa Watts fashionable, but decrepit menacing chuckle
61 Megehra Ortell faint smell apathetic
62 Ada Doyce large, vein-coated ears desperate
63 Fan Sweedlepipe darting, narrow tongue politically savvy
64 Nixia Rouncewell arched, thin eyebrows lover of conspiracies
65 Estella Traddles bloated stomach pompous
66 Sarah Flintwinch rictus grin holds irrational grudges
67 Helena Voles protruding, uneven teeth studious
68 Charity Tulkinghorn smoothed, as if made of clay surrounded by props 
69 Mercy Blurt mismatched eye colours cautious
70 Chastity Hawk swollen goiter hesitant and stuttering
71 Harriet Mordans great shock of white hair extraordinarily hypocritical
72 Lucretia Littimer cracked and yellowed skin ambitious
73 Bountiful Elphenstone extraordinarily wrinked fanatical
74 Salome Westlock rheumatic or gout-plagued joints devoted to procedure and rule
75 Carlotta Crummles thin, pale lips wrathful
76 Eugina Barnaparnassus perfect, smooth teeth predatory
77 Kara Pelever blotched complexion gambler
78 Devotional Langdale hissing, raspy voice cantankerous
79 Superlative Trundle crippled limb philosophic
80 Prudence Lorry crossed eyes swaggering and pompous
81 Francheska Wackford long-necked utterly senile
82 Sophia Bombard extraordinary compressed deviant tastes
83 Severine Staggers dotted with warts reckless
84 Belinda Skiderslew youthful, but unsmiling face incompetent
85 Clara Rugg aged and wrinkled ruthless
86 Rose Wormsby bedecked with jewelery  braggart
87 Maggy Vickston bulbous nose morbid 
88 Lynn Durdles spindly, knob-jointed limbs contempt of lower orders
89 Amy Harmond careworn features corrupt
90 Prima Swidger tufted, cloud-like hair romantic
91 Secunda Litwickler bespectacled and blinking faithless
92 Tertia Capula cruel, cold features melancholic
93 Quarta Orlick placid, widely spaced features raving mad
94 Quinta Slummley speckled with sores quick-witted
95 Sexta Wickfield  dandyish, thick makeup indecisive
96 Septima Shrewcatcher cold, dead skin benevolent, but manipulative
97 Octavia Gramsby uneven, half-collapsed face greedy
98 Nona Didcot wiry-haired flirtatious
99 [No given name] [No family name] androgynous  dispenses aphorisms
100 [No given name] [Roll Again Twice] bucolic and wholesome cowardly


  1. Hey, would it be all right if I put part of this table on the OGRE generator at ENWorld? (http://www.enworld.org/forum/dnd_portal.php) This does me a lot better than most NPC trait lists I've seen. Thanks!

    1. Sure, go ahead! Just credit me somewhere.