OSR: Class: Summoner

Class: Summoner

Lost Crystal, Jakub Rebelka

Starting Equipment: robes, dagger
Starting Skill: [d3]: 1. Cultist, 2. Religion, 3. History
A: +1 SD, +1 Summon Slot, +2 Entities, Summoning

B: +1 SD, +1 Summon Slot, +2 Entities, Powerful Hold
C: +1 SD, +1 Summon Slot +2 Entities, Soul Vision
D: +1 SD, +1 Summon Slot, Master Summoner

You gain +1 Summoning Die and +1 Summon Slot for each Summoner template you possess, to a maximum of 4 each.

Summoners come from all walks of life. Some are fallen wizards seeking an easy route to power. Some are ancient servants of the Authority with goals and rituals all their own. Some are opportunists, who stumbled across power and seized it with both hands. 


There are 99, and only 99, Entities that can be summoned. Each has a name, a description, and a list of abilities. They are sentient, but their minds may work in strange ways. Summon an Entity by rolling your Summoning Dice. Dice return to your pool and can be used again on a 1-3, but are exhausted for the day on a 4-6. On doubles, a Mishap occurs. On triples, a Doom occurs. You can only summon an Entity once per day, and you can only control a number of entities equal to your Summon Slots at the same time. You can summon an entity for [sum] hours before it vanishes, possibly to serve another master. It takes one round to summon an Entity. You must be able to speak and you cannot be distracted.

You require its true name and a description of the mental acts required to call it to you. Seek ancient scrolls, temples, and cults to find entities to summon. Unlike Wizard spells, the information is does not disappear once it is learned. You can use the same instructional scroll to create an entire cult. However, as only 99 entities exist in Creation, most Summoners guard their knowledge jealously to avoid sharing power.

Entities are not angels nor demons nor elementals, according to the Summoners. Any similarities are purely coincidental, just as both silver and steel can be polished to the same hue.

Powerful Hold
Chose one entity you know how to summon. Instead of [sum] hours, the entity is summoned for [sum]x2 hours. Whenever you gain a level, you may change which entity this ability applies to.

Soul Vision
You can see the souls of living creatures. This allows you to guess the approximate location of invisible creatures. You can also immediately tell if a person is possessed, undead, protected by the Authority, or a spellcaster. The price for this gift is your connection to others. You permanently lose 1d6 Wisdom (as the constant scrutiny of souls warps your mind) or 1d6 Charisma (as you become callous and jaded).

Master Summoner
Roll for 6 additional Entities. Alternatively, name an Entity you already control. For as long as you live, the Entity that you name will always remain with you. You do not need to roll to summon it. It still occupies a Summon Slot.

1. Summon Dice only return to your pool on a 1-2 for the next 24hrs

2. Take 1d6 damage
3. Mute and Blind 1d6 rounds
4. Agony 1d6 rounds
5. Summon has a 1-in-6 chance of vanishing each hour after being summoned
6. Summon is not under your control. Will pursue its own agenda for the duration of the summon. May take on a different form.

1. Vanish for 1d6 hours to a strange world of blinding light and geometric shapes made of clay. Perform strange acts under the light of a thousand stars.
2. Vanish for 3d6 hours, as above. Return with 0 HP.
3. Vanish permanently.


You can find a list of Entities to summon here.

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  1. I like this. D&D summoning is so dull -- "I summon... a badger!" -- and this kind of approach is much better.