Star Wars: Adventure Seeds

The Elegant School from a Civilized Age

A drunk guy stumbles up to one of the PCs and falls over, dead. In his hand is what could only be described as a lightsaber. It's not though - it's clearly an imitation. It does produce a flashy plasma blade but it can't do much more than scorch and the batteries last a few minutes at most. The stamp on the bottom says "Takahata Industries". They're manufacturing cheap knock-offs, telling losers that "anyone can be a Jedi!" and "training" them in the arts of the "Force".
It's a scam, obviously. But it's a scam orchestrated by an ex-Jedi. His plan is to distract the Empire away from him and keep them busy hunting down foolish, completely untrained, Force-insensitive dreamers and vagrants.


You will need: PCs, one drunk guy, the need to ask questions, desire to either get in on the scam or expose it for what it is.  

Encounter One: Being accepted into "Jedi Training School Academy - Beginner Class"

Encounter Two: Goons shaking down a classmate for his "tuition" and "fees". Do they help? Do the goons shake them down too? It's a fight!  

Encounter Three: The "boss" and his goons, who actually know what's going on. Do the players try and intimidate them? Kill them? Bribe them?


A Price On Your Heads

Gurzo the Vast, crimelord, bully, cad, and thief, has put a price on the player's heads. Not their lives, their heads; he wants all of them as a complete set. The PCs have no idea why. They've never even met Gurzo. The price on them could buy a Stellar Yacht.

They meet and fight a bounty hunter, but they don't kill him. See, he has a plan. He knows a guy who can do turbo-cloning - short-lived body part clones used for medical testing and emergency surgery. He can clone the PCs heads and send them to
Gurzo . They all get to be rich. Problem is, the cloner is in prison...

And the real reason
Gurzo wants their heads? Up to you. Maybe they saw something so amazing he just has to eat their brains. Maybe it was all an elaborate scheme to get the cloner to sample their blood, so Dengo can clone a perfect partner. Maybe Gurzo is just senile. Maybe one of the PCs' enemies framed them. 


You will need: PCs, a nebulous crimelord like Gurzo, a prison break plan, and a few bounty hunters.

Encounter One: The PCs find out they are being hunted. There's a fight (to the death?) with a bounty hunter. From her body they find out how much they are worth to
Gurzo, and about his oddly specific request.

Encounter Two: The PCs fight another, smarter bounty hunter, but this time he manages to talk to them. The cloner is introduced.

Encounter Three: Breaking the cloner out of prison, getting their heads cloned.

Encounter Four: Selling their own heads to
Gurzo and - if all goes well - splitting the bounty with the bounty hunter.

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