Currencies for Star Wars

This post is not canon.

Imperial (formerly Republic) Credits.

Credits are fiat currency, backed only by the enormous wealth and stability of the core galactic economy. They come in chips (like poker chips, but rectangular) embedded with digital safeguards. Some of the higher denominations light up to show the Imperial symbol. Modern credits are nearly impossible to fake, and will detect false credits if placed edge-to-edge with one. You can transfer credits between two adjacent chips, or a chip and a computer system. In a civilized system, fully computerized banking is normal. Further out, you have to carry stacks of chips with you. Expect to receive change in local currency.

Gold Kublars

Minted during the heyday of the Ardring Dominion, Gold Kublars are still used as the primary currency on many worlds. The Ardring are now extinct, but their fabled treasure-hordes live on in the memory of a thousand smugglers and vagabonds. Kublars are little wedges of gold, designed to fit into the vent-slits of Ardring legs. True Kublars are engraved on the nanoscopic level with Ardring battle-hymns and ancestor lists. False Kublars, of which there are many, are made of base metals.

Kyber Crystals

One of the more valuable gemstones. Basically, space diamonds, but with many practical uses. Few people know about their Force-sensitive ways, but local folklore might associate them with sorcery or mind-reading. Kyber crystals are cloudy and unremarkable, so if you don't know what you're looking for, you might mistake them for worthless quartz. Force-sensitive species instantly know false crystals from true ones. A piece of kyber the size of your fist could buy a starship on some worlds.

Escoparian Platinum Credit Sheets

Only about 2% platinum. Worthless anywhere but Escoparia, and next to worthless there as well. They can be rolled or folded. Their only interesting property is one of self assembly. Two sheets joined end to end become one larger sheet. Merchants used to carry rolls of them and cut off strips, like baking foil. Since the collapse of the Escoparian economy, money-changers use the sheets as bags or pouches.

Ghoul Stones

Used on several hundred backwater worlds, ghoul stones are tiny grey rocks carved to resemble alien skulls. Or are they tiny skulls from some long-extinct race with stone skeletons? Hard to say. The Jedi tried to suppress their use. Some say there are whole breeding colonies on some forgotten world that are "mint" new Ghoul Stones.


Druggats are a technocurrency. Each druggat is, effectively, a long sequence of numbers, supposedly representing a part of the blueprints of a vast superweapon from prehistory. If the weapon were ever assembled it could be used to extort the galaxy, and this gives the currency value. Few people know about this. Druggats contain crypto-checks and can't be faked. They are not accepted outside of the core worlds. 

Massage Tokens

It is said that the massages of the Jubalitorian Order on Telobar are the most delightful, spiritual experience a sentient being can enjoy. Each token represents a fraction of a second, and a vast hoard is required for a massage of any length. The Tyrant of Firenze paid his armies in these tokens, and they happily conquered six star systems for him. Droids also covet these tokens, for the droids that emerge from the blue marble halls of Telobar are extremely relaxed.


Unremarkable brass coins that, by some unknown trick, only have one side. You can mark them to prove it. They are nearly impossible to bend, but if you do, everything in a thirty meter radius is sucked messily into hyperspace. According to legend they were minted from the wreckage of an ancient ship lost in hyperspace centuries ago. Superstitions captains keep a weirdcoin or two in their pockets, to ensure their travels end safely.


Minted on Fantos, these coins are worth about a tenth of a credit on some worlds, but if you find the right money changer, they can be worth up to two credits each. This is because Grondo the Hutt is buying up all the Fantos he can get his fat little hands on. He plans to flood Fantos' markets with the coins, cause utter economic havoc, and purchase the world outright. He's very patient and very old. 99% of all Fantos that leave the planet make have made their way to him.  They're small, laquer-coated flat rings, like donuts mashed into a resin. Rodians use them as sex toys. Don't ask how.

Banking House of Roil Kane Credits

Unremarkable fiat currency, save that they self-accrue interest. Moneychangers hate them because they never, ever break into even amounts. Moneychangers also love them because they can make a small fortune through rounding errors and extra fees.

Oracle Markers

A currency that is now virtually worthless, but once dominated the galactic economy. Six centuries ago, the coins were backed by access to the Oracle of Zis, who could accurately answer any question about the future, up to twenty-six hours in advance. Obviously people made a killing on the stock market and disappeared into paradoxes, but the currency flourished. Then the Oracle choked on a bruinmelon and died. The ivory-coloured markers are very nice to look at, and you might be able to trick a yokel or drunk into thinking they're worth something.

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