OSR: Holy and Roguish Items, Pocket Debris, and the Ghastly Tomb Tinies

Here are another 7 draft pages from a potential "Treasure Overhaul" book. Combined with the previous PDF, that's 13 pages of free treasure.


Unique and legendary holy items (such as the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch) will probably go in a different section, or on a new page.

The Pocket Detritus page will go after a standard (well, relatively standard) Dead Adventurers section/chapter. The Ghastly Tomb Tinies are a fun list of 26 corpses (loot pending) in the style of Edward Gorey.


  1. Gold, all of it. If this does become a book, I know it's an instant buy for me. I love the Chick Tract reference, by the way.

  2. Hello! Cool stuff overall, but I especially like the relics. Speaking of which, there are two relics of St. Placida (the Rib and the Tongue). Is this intentional or an editing error?

  3. It is sad that the actually post with content got so few comments.

  4. D is for Dougal who falls to the floor?

  5. Hey Skerples, I'm not surehow to contact you so I'm writing here. I would have tried twitter but since you aren't that active there, I thought this was a better way.
    I liked your material here enough to make me want to buy the monster overhaul. However, the retailer I bought it with doesn't provide the pdf alongside the physical book. Is there a way you can help? I can send proof, but again, I have no idea how to contact you.

    1. Hi Simon, you can reach me at coinsandscrolls [at] gmail.com.

  6. I need to assign the thigh bone of St. Regulus to that drunk crab that mimics movement from the monster overhaul. I need to find meself some pirates. I think the stories of the relics are really evocative and I think the effects are very characterful and not overpowered.