OSR: Magical Industrial Revolution - UK/EU Copies

Good news! Print copies of the acclaimed Magical Industrial Revolution are now available with cheaper UK/EU shipping. Check out the SoulMuppet store!

Thanks to the power of bulk ordering, the price has been reduced from £50 to £40. Some minor typos were also fixed. Normally, people seem to fund reprints via a second Kickstarter or preorders. I didn't bother. Please don't make me regret turning several tens of dollars into a stack of dead trees... during the middle of a global pandemic...

And stay tuned for US/NA distribution news.


  1. From cautionary tale to master of his own destiny... by ordering way more Cha'alt books than I originally needed, I both saved and made way more money. Cha'alt has sold fantastically over the last 18 months. I have about 50 books left.

    Good luck with the 2nd printing, hoss!

  2. Any updates on US/NA distribution?

    1. Yup! Check the latest post or the sidebar.