Open Call for Illustrators - The Monster Overhaul

I wasn't going to post this until I had everything completely written and organized... but quarantine measures are wreaking havoc on all sorts of income streams. This might come back to bite me, but I'm putting this call out a month early.

I'm working on a massive bestiary project: the Monster Overhaul. 200 classic D&D monsters and a bunch of new ones, with functional stats and useful tables. It's going to be a massive tome of a book, and as such, needs some excellent interior art.

If you are an artist, send a portfolio link to coinsandscrolls [at] gmail [dot] com, post a comment, or send me a direct message on Twitter.

I'm a big fan of simple lines and clear direction. If you primarily work with watercolours, sculpture, or interpretive dance... this probably isn't the open call for you. Feel free to send in a portfolio anyway.

I am very picky. I can't art, but I know what I like. I typically hire artists whose style and abilities I can trust, give them a few broad pointers, and cross my fingers. If I don't reply to your message, please don't feel bad.

I don't care if this is your first project or your thousandth project. I don't care if you know what you're doing or figuring it out as you go along. All I want is good art.
Logan Stahl
Current artists on the team: Frenden, Dyson Logos, Lucas Rousell, Robin Carpenter. Example pieces can be seen in this post.

Other artists I have worked with: Luka Rejec, Scrap Princess, Logan Stahl, Jonathan Newell.

Luka Rejec
-1 full-page chapter cover illustration (2000x2600 pixels, A4 sheet with margins, ~6.6" x 8.6" at 300dpi)

-4-10 quarter-page creature illustrations (~960x960 pixels, ~ 3.2" x 3.2" at 300dpi)
-black and white or greyscale.
I can't art, so I generally pay artists what they ask for. We'll figure it out in direct messages.
Delivery Timeline:

Will vary depending on when I get you the list of illustrations, but a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

Questions? Leave a comment or send a direct message.


  1. Hi, I'm an artist. You can see my stuff here: https://www.deviantart.com/artikid/gallery/

  2. Hello, and Yes quarantine has kicked most of our plans in the face, i believe. Here's my portfolio as well. :) Stay healthy and safe. https://www.artstation.com/nikolemcdonaldjones

  3. Hi! I just emailed you a link to my portfolio. Hope everyone is doing well out there.

  4. Hi! I haven't done a ton of specifically D&D stuff, but I do a good deal of brush and ink work with fantasy influences.
    My portfolio can be found here:
    If you want more samples of work, feel free to email me.

  5. Emailed! Stay safe y'all

  6. Hi! If this is still available, I'm a black and white graphic illustrator and would love to contribute. You can see my work at www.katemchugh.co