OSR: Reasons to Visit Endon

General Reasons

Endon is the place to:
  • Buy the latest fashions
  • Buy the most potent weapons
  • Meet the most elegant, refined, beautiful, seductive, poetic, educated, etc. people.
  • Meet people from any part of the world.

  • Sell magic items for the most money
  • Get leads on the most profitable ventures.
Sean Andrew Murray



  1. Your skills are in high demand in Endon.
  2. Your obscure traditions might provide new insights.
  3. Your projects could take an enormous leap forward by standing on Endon's shoulders.
  4. A mentor, tutor, or ally has asked for a report on state-of-the art magical industry.


  1. Endon has the best swords.
  2. If you play your cards right the people of Endon will treat you like a foreign prince.
  3. It's a good idea to scout a city before you raise a horde and burn it to the ground.
  4. All the comforts of the world can be bought in Endon.


  1. It's not just a city, it's the city! The Big Gryphon! The City That Sleeps With One Eye Open! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
  2. Your style of music might become fashionable.
  3. Perhaps you could infiltrate the Monarch's social set and find a royal patron.
  4. Enchanted instruments and music are underdeveloped in Endon.


  1. You received a divine apocalyptic vision. The details were fuzzy but Endon was definitely involved.
  2. Endon is largely without faith. You could make many converts.
  3. Holy books have a lot to say about cities that aspire to godlike powers. Someone ought to warn them.
  4. A senior religious figure from your order was invited to participate in an ecumenical debate on necromancy. You were sent instead.


  1. The balance between nature and civilization has gone to hell, to put it mildly. Endon is to blame. You're sure it will all end in tears.
  2. The unhappy spirits of rare animals are drifting across the land. How did they get here?
  3. Some wizards dug up your order's ancient standings stones and carted them away to use as magic-resistant gravel. Get revenge.
  4. If there's one place a new kind of urban druid could emerge, it's Endon.


  1. Endon's army is notoriously professional. Joining them, even on paper, would enhance your reputation.
  2. For a price, wizards in Endon will forge custom weapons of awe-inspiring power.
  3. A local ruler, worried about a rising power, asked you to send reports on Endon's progress.
  4. It's never too early to work on a comfortable genteel retirement.


  1. Where better to test your detachment from material wealth than the wealthiest city in the world?
  2. Some eccentric wizards believe the human body is capable of unconscious spellcasting. 
  3. Endon is twisting the hidden fabric of fate. Something momentous will happen here.
  4. Your order has ancient and powerful enemies. Could they be hiding in Endon?


  1. Something is wrong with the system. Endon prospers; her people suffer. Right wrongs.
  2. You received direct divine orders. Something will happen in Endon. Not right away, but soon. Stand by for further instructions.
  3. Powers in opposition to your faith seek to use Endon's prosperity for their own purposes. Thwart them. 
  4. Charity goes far in Endon, yet Endon's power could raise the living standards of the whole world.


  1. Rare animals and their handlers are fashionable in Endon.
  2. Your quarry hides in the most turbulent city in the world. 
  3. If you need a very specific kind of weapon or poison, Endon can supply it.
  4. The spells you learn are rarely studied or industrialized. Perhaps there's an opportunity to revolutionize a field.


  1. Paltry wizards and bookworm mages have no idea what true power is. You can show them.
  2. Endon's industries are slowly drawing raw magic out of the rest of the world and dumping it into the local environment. Sorcerers feel it first. 
  3. The air in Endon is saturated with raw magic. Your abilities may be enhanced.
  4. You are a living and stable magic battery. You can find employment anywhere.


  1. There's a lot to steal in the richest city in the world.
  2. Assassinations are unfashionable in Endon but someone will always want someone dead.
  3. Using the minor magic items Endon produces in unexpected ways could make someone very wealthy.
  4. It's a good idea to make contact with potential buyers before you raid a tomb or dungeon.


  1. You are drawn to power; Endon is very powerful. Any need can be satisfied.
  2. Many desperate or ambitious souls in Endon can resist anything but temptation.
  3. Your patron may want to nudge Endon towards a spectacular end or steer it away from an unripe apocalypse.
  4. If you regret your pact, the key to breaking it may lie in Endon.


The reasons should be obvious, but just in case:
  1. Study at Loxdon College, now the most famous magic university in the world.
  2. Learn peerless spells, breed new ones, or conduct magic experiments.
  3. Develop entirely new magical industries.
  4. Become famous or infamous.


  1. This is so cool! I especially love the Bards and Druids tables.

  2. Hell yeah. Would you plop down Endon in a different campaign world? Or have it be its own campaign?

    1. You could do either. The book is designed to be like Locking swEdish Geometric Objects. You can build the kit on the box cover using all the pieces, or you can make an entirely new kit using the pieces, or you can integrate it into an existing kit, box of parts, or display.