OSR: Currency in Endon

Endon, the city at the heart of my upcoming Magical Industrial Revolution book, is Restoration-Georgian-Regency-Victorian fantasy, so I've created a Restoration-Georgian-Regency-Victorian price list. There are still items I'd like to add: magical reactors, potions, newspapers, printing presses, inns, funerals, etc., but I thought I'd put up the draft for review.
Dore's London

The Season

In Endon, the Season lasts from January to June: approximately half the year. It starts with the first balls of the season, properly wakes up with horse races and Parliament's return, roars through spring and early summer, then slowly winds down by June as the great families return to their country estates. For convenience, a Season contains 180 days.

Everything in Endon happens during the Season. During the rest of the year (the Off-Season), it's assumed life  just carries on. Poor, Lower, and Middle Class PCs are assumed to be working or nursing wounds, grudges, and/or infants. Some Middle and Upper Class PCs can roll on a giant carousing table to lose their fortunes at cards, gain insight into the future, etc, etc. In the Off-Season, nobody gains or loses money.

PCs go on adventures during the Season. Once a dungeon has been cleared, a crisis averted, a mansion burgled, a rival bankrupted, etc, the Season ends. The GM, probably between game sessions, then rolls to advance various Innovations and sets up the next Season.

Adventures in the Off-Season are possible (of course).

The prices below are based on notes from the Jane Austen Society, Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor, and T.A.J Burnett's The Rise and Fall of a Regency Dandy. The last source in particular was very useful for adventuring purposes. Scrope Davies lead a very interesting life.

1gp = 10sp = 100cp = (very approximately) £1 in 1800 = (extremely approximately) $100 modern American. The values should be within an order of magnitude of accurate. Given this information, it should be possible to adjust Endon's currency to suit your system.

Item Cost
Rags 3cp
Work Clothing (coat, underclothes, boots) 8sp
Proper Clothing (jacket or dress, shoes) 1gp
Extravagant Clothing 10gp
Wig 1gp
Fine Hat 1gp
Fine Umbrella 1gp

Cheap Meal (bread, drippings) 1cp
Basic Meal (bread, cheese, beer) 3cp
Moderate Dinner (cold meat, bread, beer) 7cp
Steak Dinner (steak, dip, bread, beer) 1sp
Sumptuous Dinner (steak, fish, fruit, wine, beer) 1gp
Bread (1 loaf) 1cp
Local Cheese (1lb) 4cp
Fancy Cheese (1lb) 1sp
Oranges (1 dozen) 1sp

Rental Housing
Lodging House Room (disreputable, per night) 2cp
Lodging House Room (reputable, per night) 5cp
Apartment (small, per Season) 30gp
Apartment (large, per Season) 60gp
Apartment (luxurious, per Season) 100gp
Townhouse (on the outskirts, per Season) 50gp
Townhouse (central, per Season) 400gp

Owned Housing
Townhouse (on the outskirts) 1,200gp
Townhouse (central) 10,000gp
Country House 5,000gp
Country Estate (moderate) 20,000gp
Country Estate (vast) 100,000gp

Gin (5oz) 1cp
Beer (1 pint) 2cp
Local Wine (1 bottle) 3sp
Fancy Wine (1 bottle) 8sp
Brandy and Water 1sp

Penny Theater 1cp
Coffee House Evening 8cp
Prostitute (appalling) 3cp
Prostitute (cheap) 1sp
Prostitute (expensive) 1gp
Admission to the Long Mall 1sp
Box at the Theater 5sp
Piano 30gp

Foreign Language Lessons (per Season) 2gp
Dancing Lessons (per Season) 4gp
Tuition and Board at Endon College (per Season) 15gp
Apprentice to a Wizard (per Season) 30gp

Transport and Mail
Local Postage 2cp
International Postage 1sp
Local Runner / Courier 1sp
Boat across the River Burl 4cp
Bicycle 2gp
Horse (Riding or Carriage) 20gp
Horse (Racing or Hunting) 100gp
Carriage (basic) 30gp
Carriage (luxurious) 80gp
Coach 100gp

Tip 1d6cp
Urchin (hourly rate for simple tasks) 2cp
Servant (per Season) 4gp
Fancy Servant (per Season) 12gp
Superlative Servant (per Season) 20gp

Misc. Supplies
Brass Barometer 2gp
Candles (1lb) 3sp
Cheap Book or Notebook 5sp
Coal (a day's worth) 1cp
Glass Bottle 1cp
Plates, Cups, Cutlery (6 sets) 1gp
Silver Watch 5gp
Teapot 2sp
Soap (1lb) 1sp

Bloodletting (unskilled) 3cp
A Course of Drugs 1gp
Pulling a Tooth 5cp
Amputation of a Limb 1gp
Difficult Surgery 30gp
Extremely Difficult Surgery 100gp
Advice of a Physician (per visit) 10gp
A Fleet of Physicians (per day) 50gp

Dagger 1sp
Sword or Rapier 3sp
Dueling Pistol 5gp
State-of-the-Art Fowling Piece (shotgun) 70gp

Magic Items
Minor Magic Item (pg. ##)  [   ] 5gp

[   ] [   ] 3gp

[   ] [   ] [   ] 2sp
Minor Magic Weapon (pg. ##)  [   ] 15gp

[   ] [   ] 8gp

[   ] [   ] [   ] 4gp
Magic Sword (pg. ##)  [   ] 100gp

 [   ] [   ] 50gp

[   ] [   ] [   ] 30gp
The brackets [  ] indicate the Tempo of Endon.

Income Revenue
Unskilled Manual Labour (per day) 1sp
Unskilled Manual Labour (per Season) 2gp
Skilled Manual Labour (per day) 2sp
Skilled Manual Labour (per Season) 4gp
Shop Clerk (per Season) 50gp
Merchant Banker (per Season) 200gp
Reputable Physician (per Season) 500gp
Sale of a Novel or Work of Poetry 10x1d20gp
Interest on Wealth (per Season) 2% of wealth deposited*

There are four social classes in Endon. The minimum costs for each are listed below. If you can't pay the costs,  you drop to the next class down (or, at the very end, starve to death).
  • The Poor must support a Cheap Meal per day and a new set of Rags each Season.
  • The Lower Class must support a a Lodging House Room and a Basic Meal per day and a new set of Work Clothes per Season.
  • The Middle Class must support a Moderate Dinner per day, a Servant, an Apartment, and a new set of Proper Clothing per Season.
  • The Upper Class must support a Steak Dinner per day, two Servants, a Luxurious Apartment, and a new set of Extravagant Clothing per Season. They must also own a Carriage, a Riding Horse, and a Country House.
The costs are the absolute bare minimum required to scrape by. Overspending is encouraged. Sharing housing costs with other PCs is also possible.

Cost to be Poor (per day) 1cp
Cost to be Poor (per Season) 2gp
Cost to be Lower Class (per day) 5cp
Cost to be Lower Class (per Season) 9gp
Cost to be Middle Class (per day) 3sp
Cost to be Middle Class (per Season) 45gp
Cost to be Upper Class (per day) 8sp
Cost to be Upper Class (per Season) 138gp

*Traditionally, this would be 5% of wealth deposited per year, but the Season is only half the year and I'm including taxes and fees wherever possible. Invest wealth at a bank. Assuming the world doesn't end (and what are the chances of that), the bank will provide a nice stable income at the start of each Season.


Need money quickly? No problem! Loans are available at 100% interest per Season, due at the end of the Season. Take out a loan for 1,000gp and you'll need to pay back 2,000gp. If you only pay back 500gp, you'll need to pay back another 3,000gp the next Season, etc. Debt can rapidly spiral out of control. If you can't pay, the lender will accuse you of Theft (pg. ##) and put you on trial.

You can take out new loans to pay off old ones but eventually the lenders will get together and come after you with a vengeance.

Loans from friends, relations, and patrons charge 5-10% interest per Season but typically come with strings attached.


  1. This is really great, I look forward to seeing more on this setting!

  2. I really like the entries, very thematic and appropriate.

    Can you make a post describing your view on the kind of adventures that would occur in Endon? I'm having trouble imagining typical dungeon crawls in a Victorian/Regency Era pseudo-London.