OSR: Kidnap the Archpriest Print Version

Good news! The print version of Kidnap the Archpriest is now available. For a limited time, a PDF copy will be included for free.

Read about the history of Kidnap the Archpriest, along with some reviews, here.

If you have any issues with the print copy, contact Support here. One of the USA test prints was misaligned. Other prints had no issues.


  1. This is one of the best things in the OSR. I haven't been able to run it yet, so I guess I could be wrong, but I think it's pretty darn great.

  2. Pg 19... Cardinal Zorn morality: the tidal kind, it comes and goes.

    Lion in Winter Quote!!! My favourite play. Skerples, you should write an OSR Lion in Winter book!

    1. I can (and do) quote large sections at will, but I'm not sure how to make it an RPG. It's perfect as it is.

      My life, when it is written, will read better than it lived. Henry Fitz-Empress, first Plantagenet, king at 21, the ablest soldier of an able time. He led men well, he cared for justice when he could and ruled for thirty years a state as great as Charlemagne's. He married out of love a woman out of legend. Not in Alexandria, or Rome, or Camelot has there been such a queen. She bore him many children... but no sons. King Henry had no sons. He had three whiskered things but he disowned them.

  3. Too bad, could be an exciting murder mystery/roleplay type of game. Not an average hack and slash. So many great quotes,

    There's a legend of a king called Lear, with whom I have a lot in common. Both of us have kingdoms and three children we adore, and both of us are old, but there it ends. He cuts his kingdom into bits.

    I can't do that.