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The PCs need to pay taxes to someone, and most of the time, that's a baron. Local warlords given legitimacy and power, barons form the lower part of the upper Third Estate. They are supported by scores of local knights, landowners, and other members of the Third Estate, while facing constant pressure from their Count, Duke, or the Monarch directly. Barons have last names based on their barony's name. They are rarely referred to by their first names. This table is designed for a society of male landowners and their male heirs. Adjust as needed for your setting. 

Veteran Soldier, Dimlife

Roll as many times as you need to on each table, ignoring or adapting incompatible results.

First Name Appearance Dress, Style, and Other Information
1 Charles blubber lips keeps a whispering advisor close at hand
2 Charles deep, booming voice new, fur-lined robes
3 Charles languid, calm speech magnificent scarlet robes
4 Charles rolling gait thin, worn robes
5 Charles pig-like nose fashionable boots
6 Louis extraordinarily huge scar always has a trio of priests in the background
7 Louis tufts of irregular hair breeds peerless horses
8 Louis slab-faced drinks and eats constantly
9 Louis extraordinarily crooked nose fingers coated in rings
10 Louis one dense eyebrow long, winding, gold and silver chains
11 Robert half-asleep  incomparable court musicians
12 Robert ragged, patchy facial hair wise court physician
13 Robert extraordinary compressed  terrifying court wizard
14 Robert lazy to a fault accurate court astrologer
15 Robert vein-coated neck rumours of spies and spymasters
16 John wild, tangled hair hunting hawks beyond compare
17 John terrifying laugh unusual hunting hounds
18 John prominent, angular chin well-trained hunting hounds
19 John oddly effeminate unusual creature or monster as a pet/captive
20 John hideous grin and winking eyes hilarious, wise, truth-to-power-speaking jester
21 Claude surprisingly young so-bad-it's-almost-funny jester
22 William permanent grimmace beautiful tapestries
23 Alexis astonishingly old worn, threadbare tapestries
24 Jean irregular, yellow teeth silks from Foreign Parts
25 Rene little goggling eyes trinkets from Foreign Parts
26 Joseph crooked back minor magical item
27 Michael flat, pancake face magic sword or shield
28 Raymond waddling gait an extensive library of 2d6 books
29 Roland prominent mole or boil  dozens of well-trained servants
30 Constant widely set eyes very few, surly servants
31 Gilles missing fingers suspicious, whispering servants
32 George unusually large head  servants clearly chosen for their looks, not competence
33 Ingleram sagging lips silver bowls, cups, and trays
34 Owain flicking tongue, cracked lips life-like wood carvings
35 Phillip squat, short body immaculate hair, skin, and clothes
36 Geoffrey hissing, raspy voice stained, scarred, and well-used clothes
37 Henry stump-fingered half-collapsed manor
38 Gadifer no chin at all large, well-stocked manor
39 Olivier sweats profusely fortified manor
40 Pierre potato-shaped nose sprawling, decrepit manor
41 Yvain smiling, open face manor built on the ruins of an ancient settlement
42 Huguet almost bald spindly lookout tower on a nearby hill
43 Francis vein-coated neck garlands of honour won at tournaments
44 Peter small, tightly pursed mouth  disproportionately large kitchens
45 Luc loose skin religious icons in private chapel
46 Gilbert long, greasy beard a truly ancient family crest or shield
47 Arthur stiff as a board famous local hero buried in crypt
48 Jules thin like a reed indoor plumbing (cold water only)
49 Andre carbuncle many glass windows
50 Jerome furious eyes extensive orchard or personal garden
Plantagenet Family Portrait, Hark, a Vagrant.

Roll a few d50 times, or roll 1d20, 20+1d20 and 40+1d10

1 wife, young and beautiful
2 wife, young, beautiful, and deeply bored
3 wife, haggard and disreputable
4 wife, plain, extremely wise
5 wife, plain, heart of iron, really the one in charge
6 wife, lingering illness, rarely seen
7 wife, secretly a spellcaster
8 wife, very literate, of better stock than her husband
9 wife, cunning and treacherous
10 wife, devout, stoic, and well-educated
11 no wife (widowed, heartbroken)
12 no wife (widowed, too busy or old to bother)
13 no wife (widowed, vengeful)
14 no wife (desires a match to raise his status)
15 no wife (previous marriage annulled)
16 heir, infant, fragile. 1d4 years old.
17 heir, sickly. 1d10 years old.
18 heir, comically stocky. 1d10 years old.
19 heir, sly. 1d10+5 years old.
20 heir, lazy and languid. 1d10+5 years old.
21 heir, idiotic but loved. 1d10+10 years old.
22 heir, uncertain and doubtful. 1d10+10 years old.
23 heir, depraved. 1d10+15 years old.
24 heir, stoic and sensible. 1d10+15 years old.
25 heir, rebellious and covetous. 1d10+15 years old.
26 no heir (recently died)
27 no heir (exiled)
28 no heir (disowned)
29 no heir (died bravely in battle)
30 no heir (died of a terrible illness)
31 heir, infant, 1d4 years old, plus 1d4 other infant children.
32 heir, infant, 1d4 years old, plus 1d4 older female children.
33 heir, infant, 1d4 years old, plus 1d4 older male illegitimate children.
34 heir, infant, 1d4 years old, 2d10 scattered illegitimate children.
35 heir, infant, 1d4 years old, plus 1 much older male illegitimate child.
36 1 female child, studious, 1d10+5 years old.
37 1 female child, spoiled, 1d10+5 years old.
38 1 female child, bored, 1d10+5 years old.
39 1 female child, cruel and malicious, 1d10+10 years old.
40 1 female child, needs to marry, 1d10+15 years old.
41 1d4+1 female children, feuding.
42 1d4+1 female children, painfully religious.
43 1 illegitimate child, raised in the household.
44 1 illegitimate child, nearby but not loved, striking resemblance.
45 1 illegitimate child, scheming furiously, will recruit PCs.
46 1d10 illegitimate children (by reputable mistress)
47 1d10 illegitimate children (by disreputable mistress)
48 2d10 illegitimate children (by anyone, really)
49 2d10+2 squabbling children of all ages and legitimacies. Madness.
50 3d10+2 squabbling children of all ages and legitimacies. Utter disaster.
Battle of Bouvines, Horace Verne

EDIT: Also, this table is very good.


  1. My favourite: Claude, half-asleep and oddly effeminate, many glass windows, servants clearly chosen for their looks, not competence, and 32 squabbling children of all ages and legitimacies.

    I may make my next PCs the middle children.

  2. Available as PDF here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_0ONkhGdLg8WExCTGVtcFlKbXc/view?usp=sharing