OSR: The Monster Overhaul Is Now Available

The Monster Overhaul: A Practical Bestiary is now available for general sale!

Check out The Monster Overhaul Megapost for reviews, links, and other information. 

I'm at the stage of my DMing career -- in the neighborhood of 40 years, yikes -- where I want things to be immediately useful at the table. (I have inspiration for days at this point, thanks.) A book that instantly gives me a list of names for NPCs when my players would rather talk than fight, a random table of colorful descriptions, other things that answer the needs of an actual DM playing the actual game? Yes, please.

Too many books seem to have never been playtested and, moreover, have little to no connection to how they will be used in actual play. This is the exact opposite of that, and I love it.  

-Whizbang Dustyboots


  1. I got my Kickstarter copy, and it's A+

  2. Dude. Thank you SO MUCH for this project. I got my KS copy a few days ago and it's one of my favorite RPG books already. You literally did all the things I want out of a monster manual, plus a bunch of stuff I didn't know I wanted but totally do (cross reference encounters!). The standardization of everything makes the organization loving part of my brain feel warm and fuzzy. I'm strongly tempted to get a second copy just so I can write in it a bunch...

    Honestly now I want this same book but with each chapter (people, strange waters, etc.) split into little sub volumes in a smaller, notebook-esque form factor so I cam mix and match which ones I bring to a session based on the vibe of the game.

  3. The obvious care and effort given to make this book immediately useful, while ALSO delivering a solid, beautiful object -- I'm really happy with my copy. My thanks and compliments to everyone on the team!

  4. Only scratched the surface of this book, but it has already proved helpful both for running games and blogging stuff. Thank you.

  5. The only thing I find to reproach about this book is that is has elevated the standards I have for supplements and I feel very very few are going to be able to deliver something remotely close to this masterpiece. (I would looooove to be proven wrong though)